Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ranch'n an' farm'n.....gone, poooof, just like that

Well shoot, I been sit'n here for hours an' I still don't know what direction we gonna go in this morn'n.

If'n my kids an' grandkids read my blog, there are stories in it all bout their daddy an' papaw all the ways back to bout 2008 when I started this blog thingy. At that time, my mind was clear an' I 'membered stuff from when I was bout 5 or 6 year old. But in 2014, those memories an' that clearness of mind is bout gone.

Last night, after I turn the TV off an' sit there on the couch think'n, I recalled the times me an' my grandpa Victor would sit around an' he tell me stories. But I was only 10 years old, so he told me no "juicy" stories. You know, wimmins an' stuff like that. He did tell me many stories bout Pancho Villa though. About when my aunt Ruby Evenln, aged bout 4 or 5 year old, fell in a dug well an' great grandpa saved her. Well, maybe not that many stories, 'cause he often repeated himself. My favorite was bout the time Pancho Villa an' his crew rescued grandpa out of the corn field. *I've tole this story a few times already*

Ya see, my relations, on both sides, grandpa Piepmeier, his daddy John Piepmeier, his sister Ada Piepmeier had homesteaded property south of the Florida (pronounced Flo-ree-da (or ta depend'n where ya was rasied)) mountains, just south of Deming, NM. Next door was one of the many Birchfield ranches that raised cattle an' did a little prospecting in the mountains. Grandpa married one of the Birchfield girls.

This was my grandma, Clara Ann Birchfield, I never got to meet. She died early 1918 ( Born March 21, 1891 and died April 9, 1918) shortly after giv'n birth to my Uncle Luke at the young age of 27.

Ha....I went back in my old blogs to find the story of Pancho Villa rescue'n my grandpa from the corn field. Two hours later....I am back. Man that was fun....(in the blogger search thingy, type in "corn field"). Good read'n.

Now where the hell was I go'n with this blog post? Sheesh!!!!

Ok, bout the weather....88 degs accord'n to my Walmart temp thingy. The AC is go'n full bore, the wind is blow'n, an' there ain't no sunshine. Sadie Mae is up under "da house". Damn cats.

Sept in this morn'n. Watched boxing until bout 1:30 or so. Bammm, knock 'em out John. Well actually, the guys name was Juan....that's John right? Anyhows, I hurted like hell this morn'n. I ain't do'n nuttin.

Ok, happy Easter to all of ya. Save me a couple them boiled an' colored eggs. 


  1. So many women died in childbirth. A woman at the grocery store said only prayer kept people alive. That statement is a terrible condemnation of others. I think she is suffering from dementia.

  2. BB,love to read your family stories...I thought last year I would be able to find family history for my great-grandmother but every internet search ended with give me your credit card number and 40.00 a month and we might be able to help you.Maybe someday but I am really curious...Easter without little ones around is not the same.Good memories from years past so guess that will have to do.Tell more about family some day.Good stuff. Vada from Dublin,TX.

  3. I was wondering if you still had the cats. I guess Mama has found herself a nice home where she can raise her brood and many others in the future.

    I like hearing family stories, especially about the old folk way back when - they sure didn't have an easy life most of the time.

  4. Little tidbits of family history is always fun to remember.
    Sop nice to be able to recall those memories.