Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just more gibber jabber this morn'n

"Where ya gonna go this morn'n Billy Bob"? Shoot, I don't know. Seems everwhere I go, ain't nobody there. Had a pretty good time with them cat puppies though. Lots of suggestions bout what I should do with 'em. I did most of them suggestions....except go to Walmart an' buy a litter box thingy. Hope I didn't piss somebody off 'cause I give 'em back to their mama an' turn 'em back into "wild cats" by do'n so. 

Do I miss them cats? Well hell no.....Yes, a little bit. That little calico would'a make somebody a perfect pet. In fact, she decided I would be that somebody. Foller me all over "da house", lay on the couch with me, cuttle an' hug on me....an' shit on the floor. Scratch that last word an' insert "poop".

Sure would like to hear how many $$$$ Sissy lost on her bet'n game. Speak'n of Sissy, hope ya didn't get too much of that terrible weather what come through there. Dang....when "mama nature" talk's, she talks with a loud voice. "CAN YA HEAR ME NOW"?? Tornadoes an' dead people....stuff like that. That sucks.

The areas receiv'n all this terrible weather, is the same area I will be headed for in the near not too distant future. The weather over there is what has me over a month behind schedule....will it ever clear up over there? Will I ever get out of south Texas? Well I sure do hope it's pretty soon. It's summer in south Texas now ya know. Had us a couple days of the lower 100's.....that's hot folks. But typical for July an' August. You do know don't ya, that any time the temps get in the hunnerts, ya don't go golf ball swak'n, ya don't go fish'n, an' ya don't even go outside. Although I do know a few "hard cores" that will head to the liquor store for some ice cold beer an' a bottle of Boone's Farm.

Now, speak'n of golf ball swak'n, yesterday started out rather hard on the old Billy Bob. The air was "heavy"....with humidity. That caused two problems. The first, I couldn't breath worth a crap an' the second, an' most important, my golf'n ball didn't go where I was aim'n. By the 13th hole, I was wored out to a frazzle.....but, if'n I finish the round, I got a chance to beat the OFM Barney....a slim chance.

Frank warshed "Sally da house" yesterday. Well, he started to wash "da house". He ain't finished. Painted my dad gum tires shiny black. Now how the hell I gonna get that stuff off my tires???

Remember that new project I was tell'n ya bout? The new computer/dining area table. Well, here's what I got in mind.
I'm think'n this will be a fun project. Luann door for the top, with oak trim. Oak cabinet. Now where the hell did I leave my table saw?

My "think'n time" each night ain't go'n in the same direction I had intended. Instead of think'n bout what I'm gonna do with the rest of my life, I get into thoughts bout fish'n, golf ball swak'n an' build'n an' fix'n stuff. All of what I like to do. But....what I'm gonna do with the rest of my life is more important. What if my feet get so bad I cain't walk no more? My back cain't be fixed? I have to carry a oxygen bottle everwhere I go? I cain't do none that stuff no more? That is some scary thoughts. An' I get all skeered think'n bout that kind of scary stuff. Health issues suck.

This morn'n, I'm hang'n on to a bout 4 or 5 on back pain. That's wonderful news on this end. Maybe today I'll break out the "to do" list an' scratch a couple items off. Although, I have added a couple in the last week or so. Sometimes I think retirement sucks. If'n I was work'n, I could just hire somebody to check off my list. Oh wait, did I just say retirement sucks? Just forget I ever said that....sheesh!!! Old age ya know.....make ya say stuff ya don't mean.


  1. I'm not telling you! I'll start blushing from remorse at losing so much. Poor little beautiful kitties having to live on the wild side ...and poor lonesome Sadie Mae.

    (Wink, wink. I'm trying hard to make you feel guilt; though I know it isn't fazing you!) :)

    The key to keep from worrying about future situations is: Don't. Just cope with whatever is on this moment's agenda, Billy Bob. We don't know and can't do anything about a future. Live to the fullest the moments we have now. Besides, worry kills! I've seen this firsthand from so many now gone on.

    Soon I'm going to write specific directions (3 copies) to kids, in case they walk in and find me down and unresponsive, no pulse - DO NOT call EMS.

    No matter if there is a living will or not, those characters will forcefully try to bring a body back to life, sometimes causing bad injury. There will be more directions, like "visit with me awhile" before calling the coroner for death verification.

    Yeah, I worry about "Poof" like this. Who wants to be a burden for others? Not me.

    Every thought we have affects EVERY cell of our body; seriously affects. Negative ones harm; good ones cause us/every cell to Thrive. Don't you thrive every time you start pondering an excitin' golf game? See?

  2. I am still bleeding from the golf ass whooping you gave me yesterday!

  3. Sissy got it right. Positive thoughts keep us going and all excitis....

  4. My ole Mom used to tell me that "growing old ain't for sissies", and boy was she right. I think we are all finding that out.

  5. I retired a couple months short of being 56, and have never regretted a day of it. Most of the time my health has been really good, and now it isn't as good, but I still love being retired. I've had a lot of part time jobs in those years that I enjoyed but nothing I "had" to do. Maybe you will eventually see a surgeon or two about your back. Recuperating isn't easy, but at least you can have some hope. Good luck with whatever you do.

  6. holy crap, I'm in Lewisville,Tx. only til Saturday. man I was hoping I was closer to Sinton. I come pick you up and we be gone. just got here today, 12 1/2 hrs and 800 mls of hard driven.
    glade to here that your back is doing better 4 or 5 instead of 8 or 9. Ok, save all projects for Ga. I would like to help you , ya know! Okay love you later

    PS. going to super target get me some food.