Monday, April 14, 2014

I was excitis I betcha a dollar

Am I gonna write bout food again this morn'n? Probly not......but, I do like eat'n food.

Now.....let me tell ya bout get'n all excitis.
"Be careful Billy Bob what ya say".
Yesterday morn'n me an' OFM Barney had us a tee time at the local golf course. We were both there on time with smil'n faces. After I hit a few golf'n balls, I began to feel pretty good. No pains an' I was excitis as hell......it's a good day. By the time we reached hole #9, my score sucked.....hit'n balls like a girl. But I was still excitis. That don't happen very often. The back 9 was a bit better than the front, I was hit'n 'em straight an' true. Ended the round with a decent 93, even with a hunnert mile a hour wind blow'n an' a terrible score on the front 9. 

A quick decision was made for where we would eat our normal "after game" meal. In Sinton, Texas, there ain't many choices. We chose Dairy Queen. It was so so. Then we sit there an' talk for bout a hour. "No...I don't know when I'm gonna leave". "No....I don't know what I want to do". "Yes....I still think bout my dream". Stuff like that....we had a great conversation.

This morn'n I got up barely able to make it to the bathroom. I'm all bend over again this morn'n, an' "damn, I got to pee". Other than that, it's just another day.

Oh wait.....remember yesterday I said it was gonna be cold here (in the 40's early morn'n)? Ha....screw the weatherman. Before bed time it was so hot in "da house" (78 degs 85% humidity) I attempted to turn the bedroom AC on. Nope, the damn thing just sit there hummmm'n up a tune. The fan motor don't start. Wasn't it bout a year or so ago I said I was gonna fix that? Well, maybe it's now time.

That sucker is almost brand new, why is the fan motor not starting? When I say brand new I ain't talk'n like I bought it last week or nuttin like that. It's 9 years old go'n on 10, but I ain't got but bout two months run time on it. That motor should start right up. "Didn't you used to be a AC expert a few years back Billy Bob"?

Ok, lets see what happen when ya head to the RV repair place for a reasonable cost. The guy turns the AC on. The fan don't run. "Ya need a new motor". Then he looks in a book. "The AC is obsolete, ya need a new AC". They do the same thing when ya got a battery what needs a charge. "Ya need a new battery".
I know what that fan motor needs, an' it ain't replaced. Climb up there on the roof, take the cover off an' "oil" the motor bearings.But not today.

Oh damn, I'm bout out of meds again. That means a trip to Walmart, where I always spend a hunnert dollar or more for stuff I don't need...or even want. I've found that the older I get, the less I want. That should be a good sign. But I still pull a hunnert dollar bill out my wallet every time I go through the check out. New golf'n balls? Well yeah, ya cain't play golf with dirty balls. Figger that one out.

The news? Damn I get all piss off when I read the news. Throw'n rocks, bicker'n an' bite'n, call'n each other names......nuttin good gets done. Grrrrrrrrr. I'm think'n there needs to be some changes made 'cause this ain't work'n. Don't think this is a political thing. It's a American thing. No comments please.

Ok, I got a few things I need to do today. "Sally da house" needs some attention. Oh crap, I can take warsh'n "da house" off the list.....rain start'n up. Oh man....high winds pick'n up. An' they kind of cool.....cold front? Yup, that what it are. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?


  1. You probably really surprised the guy when you talked 'fix' instead of 'replace'. Does not compute nowadays.

    1. Today Shadow, Rv Repair Technical schools teach their students to replace motors, not put oil in them.

  2. NO golf today, rain... bit I did take a bunch of stuff back to Lowe's and Home depot. got me some money back. I thought you replaced the A/C last yr? will it bump start? 93 is good on the game, hope you still have it when you get here. 93 might beat me. lol... ok love you... later

    1. Ok Ok Ok......ya got money back. What did ya spend it on?
      Last year I replaced the front AC. I verified it needed a motor, what I could have paid for, but there were other issues. Like the condenser fins were smushed up an' caused hi head pressure. An' then there was the rust. But the back one.....it's brand spank'n new 9 years ago an' only needs a little oil.
      I'm think'n if'n I was to hit a 100, I would still beat ya.

  3. I just hate when someone barely looks at something and offers to replace it. These guys always say they will "help" me when I have a problem. "Help" is always replacing it. If they pay for the replacement and put it in free, that is "help." If I pay for the replacement and "allow" the guy to replace it, I am HELPING him. They don't get it.

    They think because I am a woman and hear they are going to "help" me, I will fall for whatever they have in mind. Oh, no!

    My first thought was "oil" the ac. Heck, I will oil anything. It can't hurt....maybe,

  4. That sound like me trying to find hinges for my entry door. Nope can't by then anywhere. Even the company that makes the door. But they will sell me a new door with the right hinges on them.

  5. If your luck is anything like mine, there's a big old wasp nest growing under the shroud and the bugs have glued the fan blade to the cooling fins. No amount of swearing and epinephrine is sufficient to cope with the problem when they are chasing me down the ladder for disturbing their serenity. Then there's the hospital bill for reducing the throat swelling and jump starting my heart, too.