Saturday, April 26, 2014

What's for supper......shrimps?

I come in from shrimp'n out in Galveston Bay. I had me 2 baskets of fresh catched iced down shrimps. Each hold'n right bout a hunnert pounds.

Ya ain't never been shrimp'n ???.....well let me tell ya bout shrimp'n. Way before the sun even think'n bout come'n up, you got your shrimp'n clothes on sip'n up a big cup of steam'n brew. You're chew'n on what ever ya can find to tide ya over till noon time. It's gonna be a long day.

The boat needs fuel. Pump'n bout a hunnert gallons (40 to 50) of fuel before the sun comes up is a chore in it self. The decks need washed down. Nets need readied for their daily haul. A hunnert pounds of ice is purchased an' loaded on board. Navigation instruments are checked. "Where the hell is my deckhand"???

I had purchased me a shrimp'n boat back in bout 1968....or therebouts. A 32 foot wooden hull with a little 6 banger Chrysler marine engine. I'm gonna be a millionaire I betcha. Well, first problem was when I turn left, the boat go right. I'm think'n "that cain't be right". A trip under water an' all was well after replac'n the rudder stop thingy. Dang, I could'a had me a wreck. Did I mention I had to rebuild that knock'n Chrysler marine engine? Right there on the back deck was a gazillion motor parts. It run like brand spank'n new. Go a full 20 mile a hour full throttle. Yeee haa, I'm gonna be a millionaire.

I hook on to something....come to a dead stop. The net is hung up. Two hours, I swear it was two hours to get that big ass cable out of my net. An' then, it is got big ol' holes in it. One bout 3 or 4 feets wide. I learned the age old art of shrimp'n net repair. Kind of like knit'n or quilt sew'n. I bought me a brand spank'n new 42 foots shrimp net. I'll not even mention the 6 foot moray eel what got in the net. Just think swing'n a axe. More holes.

Just north of Galveston an' Moses Lake...that where I park my shrimp'n boat, is the capitol of sailboat heaven on Galveston Bay....Clear Lake Shores an' Seabrook. Sailboats don't give ya no way if'n ya didn't already know that. They have right of way over other vessels....motor boats...stuff like that....and my shrimp'n boat. That is unless the shrimp'n boat has his nets in the water, then he has right of way. Ya don't shrimp these waters on Saturday an' Sunday. My god, hunnerts of sail'n boats all over the place. Rich bastards.

Shrimp'n ain't all that hard....while the net is in the water. Just sit back sip'n up a cup, steer'n a straight course an' not a worry in the world. But.....let's bring in the nets, see what we caught. My god, we talk'n bout 4 hunnert pound of stuff...rang'n from beer cans, old tires, fish with teeth, pinch'n damn crabs....an' a few shrimps. All run'n about the back deck. Sort'n, called culling, takes the most of a hour or more. Ya gotta ice down the shrimps, crabs go in a tank of water, eat'n fish is placed in buckets with ice. Another two to four hours of shrimp'n.

Back up to the first paragraph....we got two baskets of shrimp. They got to be sold. Five pounds here ($5) an' a couple pounds there ($2), before ya know it, ya only got a hunnert pounds of shrimp to sell....tonight. Ya call restaurants, drop by beer joints, grocery stores, where ever ya think you can sell them shrimps....at a discount ( 60 to 75 cents a pound). Anything ya got left over, ya freeze for personal use. Like my lunches. Shrimp burgers. Boiled shrimps. Butterflied shrimps. Shrimp stew. I got to where I hated shrimp....eat'n it ever day. Thought I done went to heaven one day when I found a real hamburger in my lunch sack. Bed time usually bout 10 to 11pm at night. Shrimp'n sucks.

Ok, why did I write bout shrimp'n this morn'n? Well ya see, I was sit'n here think'n bout what I would eat for supper today. Shrimp came to mind.

Bout this cat. I was sit'n there last night an' I got to think'n...."I could keep this cat". Well, yeah I could. Go to Walmart an' buy up a bunch of cat stuff....spend a hunnert dollar bill. Then I sit there shak'n my head...."are you nuts Billy Bob"? As much as I like cats an' I worry bout what will happen to this one, I'm think'n....this cat is got to go. Little bastard shit all over my shower, what I got to clean up. Piss all over my pillow thingy on the couch, what I got to warsh. An' this cat ain't but 4 or 5 weeks old. *Think'n ahead* STRESS....cats cause stress. Sorry little girl, but you got to go.

I know ya don't want to hear bout it, but yesterdays golf'n game with OFM Barney was a fun an' excit'n day for me. An' then, bout that Mexican meal we ate. Holy cows, it were wonderful.

Speak'n of yesterdays golf'n day, on bout the 14th hole, something click in my back. Almost go to the ground. I thought I would die last night fro that click, but long bout 6pm, I didn't have hardly any pain at all. Went to bed an' I still ain't got no pains. I was get'n all excitis. Until this morn'n....all bend over again. But I feel pretty good right now. I'm think'n I need to play golf more often. Add add add...subtract subtract subtract....I get bout half a mile walk'n when I play golf. Bend'n over to pick up my ball....or a club I throwed, moving tree limbs, trips to the sidelines to pee.....stuff like that, very good exercise.

Just one more thought for the day.....do ya like rich people? Some the blogs I read, I get the impression I'm read'n a rich mans thoughts to impress his readers. You know what I'm talk'n bout...."got the motorhome back from the shop today....only costed $5000 for repairs". "We prepared T-bone steak an' lobster for dinner last night with a bottle of French wine". "One of our three computers went out .....gonna buy a new one". "I only got $13,000 back on my income taxes".
Ok ok, I know everbody thinks that if you own a RV, you are a rich man. But that ain't true by any sense. I know many RV'ers, drive'n junk, that live strictly off their monthly SS check. Don't eat no T-bone an' lobster. We eat hot dogs purchased from Walmart.   


  1. Welll geezzz, what do you expect? No litter box. Show any kitten a litter box, they will start scratching and there you go. No more messes. They are born that way.

    1. But but.....I don't want no litter box. They stink ya know.
      You ain't try'n to talk me into keep'n this cat are ya?

    2. Ha, Ha, Ha! I laughed all the way through this storytelling. You should be on a stage; seriously, youse a nut; the kinda nut that folks pay big money to listen to. Got a brother pays big money OFTEN for comedians in Gatlinberg,TN

      Jonesborough, old town few miles from me, has "Storytelling Days" for many years; crowds come thick. It is now known worldwide - I read once. Think $Millionaire, Billy Bob. lol

      Oh, by the way, we got a big betting game in progress here; I'll tell you what about later; right now it's a secret from You.

      Yeah, a litter box as Trouble says. Amazes me how fast they take to a litter pan No poop in the shower and a companion for Sadie Mae which'n will make Sadie young and happy, happy, happy, full of energy. I've experience with solitary animals vs animals w/ a companion. Even my parrot got happy with new companion. Hmph, I would too!

      Want you to know: I really do love kittens; better'un pups. Best laughs I ever had, watching their antics. But long as I keep saying: I hate cats, I will avoid the strong temptation to have one. Ya see, Billy B, I'm using my psychology! Betcha dint know I'sa doctorun degree, dijj ya?

    3. Ha ha Sissy, you think I don't know what that bet'n game is all about? Don't bet too much though. I holler out the door 3 times this morn'n...."KITTY KITTTY".
      Again....I ain't buy'n no stink'n litter box.

      By the way, the little cat has figgered out he/she likes the floor. Now where did he/she go?

      An' bout tell'n stories....I ain't worth a crap verbally...stage fright, or something like that.

  2. Cats too much stress, I know had a whole bunch of them over the years.
    Yep people think we rich too, coach 15 years old car 12 years old, don't pay no income tax (no income), so don't get a refund. Eat steak, shrimp, chicken and pork, drink beer and wine that I got on sale. Don't usually pay for camp'n either. But we rich alright can travel where we want to go in our house.

    1. I weren't talk'n bout you George, I was talk'n bout that guy parked next to ya in that big ol' Prevost wear'n hunnert dollar Dockers an' look'n down his nose. .

  3. The internet is full of people who like to impress. A cat would cause me stress. besides, I can smell cat as soon as I walk into a house even when the owners say their cat doesn't stink.

  4. I just got 2 new ones. Not as young as yours. The first one was purfect, except he slept and ate too much and was getting fat in the month it too for the second one to be ready for a home. Little one is small, skinny, full of wayyyy to much energy. Keeps both the other cat and I jumping. I have had second (and third and forth) thoughts about taking the younger one back. So far he is settling down a bit each week. Hope the 3 of us make it until he grows up a bit. So far its been a month or so. I'm conflicted on what to advise you after my experience. I'm happy to have cats again, but geeze.

  5. You made a good point about those folks who like to brag and try to impress. Really kinda dumb, you would think they would have grown up a bit more by now. Guess if it makes them happy, to most of us it's a turn off. We should appreciate the life we have been given, try to make the most od it, and show kindness to everyone, not look down our nose. It doesn't take great amounts of money, in fact it can be rewarding stretching our dollars and appreciating what we have. Wayne