Friday, April 18, 2014

What is a el número tres

What is a el número tres (#3)? Well, it could be anything depend'n on which Mexican restaurant ya eat at. At the one me an' OFM Barney eat at, after a grueling round of golf, a el número tres (#3) consists of a fat cheese enchilada with the best enchilada sauce ya ever eat. A great big ol' crispy shell taco filled with bout a pound of ground beef seasoned just right, a hand full of lettuce, chunks of maters an' topped off with more cheese. Of course I put a good dose of red salsa on it. On the other side the platter sits a delicious look'n tostada with refried beans, lettuce an' maters an' some more that cheese. I red salsa that sucker up too. A big ol' pile of refried beans an' another pile of spanish rice, ya got yourself a wonderful meal.

Dang, that made me hungry.....

My one day (1) of "back don't feel too bad" is a great memory. It didn't last. Although, I am better off than I was a week or so ago when I was all bend over every morn'n try'n not to pee on the floor an' brew'n me up my first pot of coffee. If'n ya ain't got a bad back, ya don't know what I'm talk'n bout. It sucks the life right out of ya. Mentally an' physically. I suppose if'n you was on a walker or in a wheelchair, that would do it too. An, that thought skeers the hell out me. Think'n get'n in a walker fight with MsB from Del Rio.

Now if'n these 500mg aspirins will do their job.....Ha, flat chance of that, I'll get some more stuff done today. Just sit'n here look'n at it, it don't look so bad....a few items what need stowed, sweep goat poop out the door.....actually grass an' dirt from Sadie Mae in an' out all day long. Clean the stove, take the trash out. Basket all the dirty clothes up what lay'n on the floor. Ya see, I cain't do very much at a time. I got to go sit down....take me a break. Not much gets done, but it's a plus.

An' then I sit over there on the couch think'n.....I'm gonna be a new man. When I get this back fixed.

I used to do stuff ya know......

Bout 2003....or 04. Me an' my old school buddy Gerry in Ridgecrest, Ca.

US Hwy 90, somewhere's in Texas on a trip to Ga....New Orleans included. I park "Alice" right downtown the French Quarter. No ticket.

This was when I was tam'n the west back in the 1800's....or something like that.

Dang, I knows how to catch me up some pretty good fish

A day in the life of a sailing boat captain......bout 1996

Who says I cain't row a boat????

After a year of construction, this was the result....under power go'n a hunnert mile a hour

 Yup, I was a dirt digg'n fool......thars gold in them there hills....

Have ya ever ride in  Billy Bob golf'n cart???

An' then....I got old.....



  1. I like the fish one best! :)

    1. Yeah, I had to work really hard to catch that one.....LOLOLOLL

  2. Hey BB..My back has been out since last October..Just got another shot in the back 2 days ago.
    I can for sure feel your pain....Just hang in there..I am....Dang it hurts...I was going to hit the road this next week then I found an oil leak in a cooler line I had replaced 6 months ago today..
    Guess I'll wait till that is fixed..they pay for it this time.
    Take care,

  3. "Think'n get'n in a walker fight with MsB from Del Rio."

    jajajaja...guess you do read the comment section of my blog, lol :D

    Billy Bob you aren't old!!!

  4. Love that river boat! Remember ya building it too cool.