Saturday, April 5, 2014

A front???

Oh no, God have mercy, Billy Bob has done got that feel'n again. Golf ball swak'n.....YES!!!!

Ok, so ya don't want to hear bout no golf ball swak'n again. Well, I'm sorry to say, but I'm gonna talk a bit bout golf ball swak'n. It's not really what particular interest ya want to talk bout.....you know, fish'n, hunt'n camp'n, shoot'n guns, shop'n at Walmart...even golf ball swak'n....stuff like that, ya just got to talk bout it. Ya get all excitis when ya think bout things ya like to do. I get all excitis when I think bout swak'n that damn golf ball. Even if'n the damn thing don't go where I'm aim'n. That's really bout all I wanted to say....I'm excitis. An' I got me some brand spank'n new golf'n balls. Look out Barney!!!

I'm think'n I mentioned that the "billy jeep" has a radiator leak....somewheres. Well, I went look'n for it yesterday. That meant I had to climb up under that thing....not once, but bout 4 or 7 times. Where the lower radiator hose connects to this doohicky an' it bolts up to the water pump thingy, there was a wet spot. A little green spot....to match the color of the antifreeze mixture. This is also where the engine thermostat is located. Sooo....sometime in the next few days, the old Billy Bob will be up under "billy jeep" replacing the thermostat an' repair'n that tiny leak. God I hate lay'n on the ground.

Then later, I went look'n for them damn cats under "da house". Nope, I didn't find no damn cats. But I did lay on the ground a few more times up under there. Damn my back hurts.

While I was lay'n under "da house", I decided I would put a couple screws in a 2x6 I had installed a week ago. The 2x6 was slid under the sewer line to raise it up so's I can hook up the drain line easier. The screws are to keep the 2x6 from fall'n to the pavement when I'm go'n a hunnert mile a hour down the road. If'n I wrote that correctly, you should have a clear picture of this repair.

Yesterday the wind blowed pretty darn good for a while. Bout mid afternoon it slowed down somewhat....to a south Texas slight breeze of bout 15 mile a hour. In Deming NM., a slight breeze is 25 mile a hour. But anyhows.....today sucks outside. Ain't even 70 degs yet. An' guess what? Them people that live up north are shovel'n big ol' piles of snow. Can ya believe that? Ain't no way in hell I would live up north.
Holy crap....... And people are leav'n the south to go back to that stuff...????

How many days do I have left before I have to file my income tax stuff??? Income tax sucks. Especially when over 45% of America don't have to pay taxes. My taxes support them people. Buy 'em beer an' wine, cigarettes an' chew bakki, Coka Cola an' Pepsi,.....you know what I'm talk'n bout. I say Grrrrrrrrr.



  1. We are hopin' that snow be gone when we get back up north.
    Keep that golf ball swakkin going, is too much fun for some people, good exercise too.

  2. You're fixin' to get down on your back on the ground a couple too many times, and that's gonna mess up your back! But you know that. Isn't it about time those cats come out into the open? I've been wracking my brain trying to think of how you can get them to come out, but so far, no brilliant ideas.

  3. ok, I'm home... love being home, have things to do, places to go, people to see. have plenty of internet, no reason not to write you and yes I'm gonna call you too. have any idea when your gonna come this way? I know you haven't did your Sunday blog yet, so I read it later. going to moms today spend some time with the rest of the family . ok love you , later.