Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A new day has arrived....a good 'un

Holy smokes......I don't believe it.

Because I was totally bored with TV programming last night, I went to bed early. And I went slap to sleep. Weren't none that toss'n an' turn'n I get every other night, I was sound asleep, off in another world. I thought that was rather cool.

Well it was cool up until I got cold somewheres bout 4 am or somewheres round there. "Where the hell is my blankie"? But what was really cool, when I got up this morn'n, my back feel like a hunnert dollar bill (.20 to .30 cent worth). But it was cold in "da house". Turned me on some heat. My god, my Walmart special temp thingy says it got down to 34. There ain't no way that can be right. I'm think'n I need a new Walmart special temp thingy.

Ok, enough bout the weather. "What ya gonna do today Billy Bob"? Well I suppose I'll run up to the golf ball swak'n place an' hit me a few golf'n balls. That's always excit'n. Gonna use a brand new swing technique today as I attempt to get my ball on the green in 3 or 4 strokes. Then I can putt that sucker bout 3 or 4 times into that little hole. That's the way ya play golf.

Made that trip to Walmart yesterday. All I did was pick up my meds an' then go back home. Frank says...."I smell antifreeze". I says...."I smell it too". Dang I hate crawl'n up under the "billy jeep". Thermostat needs changed ASAP. But I ain't gonna do it today.

Look'n at my "to do" list. Dang, I got lots of stuff to do. Some the stuff I did a week ago needs done again. That is not progress.

Ok, I'm out of here. Wish me a successful day at the golf course. Maybe I'll beat the OFM Barney today. Fat chance of that happening. These young kids just hit a golf ball toooo far.


  1. Hope you and Barney have a great game of golf, and that you sleep like a baby tonight and wake up feeling toooo good.

  2. 96 degrees here. Summer has sprung in Phoenix.

    1. For Phoenix, 96 degs is NOT summer. It's nice cool spring time temps.

  3. What is the forecast for fishing this weekend?