Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I like....do'n nuttin

Ok, I know it's late to be start'n a blog post, but what the hell, it's got to be done.
"Now what ya gonna write bout Billy Bob"?

After yesterdays be'n bended over most the day, I was expect'n to be in bad shape again this morn'n. I got up an' I was straight as a stik....a 2x4. An' speak'n of yesterday, that dad gum cold front was just that, a cold front. Now accord'n to my Walmart special themp thingy, it got down to 37 degs last night. I just looked at it an' that what it says. That folks is cold for tropical south Texas.

Today was supposed to be cloudy an' rain by the bucket full. Well it ain't. Sun is shin'n in my winders, there ain't no wind an' there ain't a cloud in sight. Stupit weatherman don't "no nuttin". Hmmmmm, wonder what tomorrow will be like....golf ball swak'n anybody?

Speak'n of golf ball swak'n.....I like golf. It's just like any other sport ya might have a like'n for....ya get all excitis just think'n bout it. Not everbody likes golf though. An' they don't like to read bout it. But I do, an' this is "my" blog, so I write bout it.  In fact, I remember one time me an' old "pesky neighbor" Wayne showed up at the golf course with snow on the ground. It was cold too. We both scored in the low 90's an' only lost bout 3 balls a piece (little white balls an' white snow). Went golf'n with two my sons over in Georgia during a rain an' lightning storm. Well, it didn't happen until bout the 8th hole. Spent bout a hour at the club house wait'n for the rains to pass. Then we went back out an' finished the round. Another time me an' my son Jesse went golf'n up on some mountain (Tally Mountain). It was 40 degs or less when we got there. Ice everwheres. Yet we played 18 holes. Yes I like golf'n. An' I'll play as long as my body will let me. I might even go fish'n in the "bubba boat" if'n I want.

My hopes are that in the very near future I will be writ'n bout "go'n down the road a piece"...see'n trees an' stuff. Alligators bask'n in the sun. Racoons steal'n stuff off my picnic table. Cook'n hot dogs, an' catch'n T-bone steaks on fire on my Weber grill. Boy howdy do I ever miss that. In the mean time, just hang on to yer hat an' listen what I have to say bout "do'n nuttin". Do'n nuttin ain't really all that bad. It's much better than dig'n a freak'n ditch or something like that. That's work, an' I don't like work.

Oh yeah, before I forget....I got me a new project. I'm gonna remove the kitchen table what I use for my comput'n stuff an' replace it with a long homemade table that reaches all the way from the refrigerator to the entrance door (bout 6 foots x 2 foots). Build me a homemade cabinet to replace the Walmart special POJ (piece of junk) one I use now. I like work'n with wood.   

Boy howdy, that boy of mine sure do make my day. I don't like to choose a #1 son, but I got me one that fits that category to a tee, my oldest. I love my Robert. Now go find my dad gum golf ball over there in the woods.

It's Walmart time. What meds I thought I was low on is gone....poooof, just like that. I ain't got none. Ha....I just called Walmart an' they be ready in 2 hours. But then, I remember the last time I called in...they weren't ready. Hope they don't make me "cuss an' swear" again when I go there to pick 'em up.

Hired nephew Frank to do my laundry. He needs the money an' I need to mark it off my list. Last time he done 'em for me, he did a perfect job. Much better than I do. He folded them.

I really ain't got nuttin to talk bout today, other than I feel pretty darn good.....consider'n. See ya tomorrow.


  1. Good to hear you are over yesterday's issue with the back. Yesterday was summertime here; today winter with snow is back. 26F tonight - there go all my infant plants. Dagnabit!

    Of course, write about what you like to do; especially so, since it IS your blog. Wishin' my computer was fixed but car battery is now at the top of 'needs' list. Stuck without wheels for a month makes an impatient sissy - sides that, I need bread.

    Having a favorite pick of one's progeny can easily hurt the rest of the gang's feelings, and it doesn't go away even when the youngins are grown. Goes to show our 'little child self' is always within each of us. Take heed and take care.

  2. I think the #1 son referred to Robert being the firstborn son.I refer to my oldest grandson as my #1 grandson.Billy Bob,everyone that gets to know you by reading your blog everyday is glad to hear you are having good days.If you love playing golf and that pain stays away for you to get out enjoy your day,then tell us about your golf!

  3. I agree, it is your blog. Write what you will. People can just go away. It seems you are handy with many things. I can imagine that any homemade table has got to be better than a WM table.

    That's great you can get your laundry done and FOLDED. That made me smile.