Thursday, May 1, 2014

Updated: Back feel'n gooder.....Yeee haa

Guess what we gonna be talk'n bout today? I cain't help it, I got to tell ya bout the game of golf.....*great big possum grin*.

Before I hit the golf course yesterday morn'n, I sit here an' got to think'n...."ya got to relax Billy Bob". Ya see, when ya go golf'n, the object of the game is to hit the lowest score ya ever did hit. Well, that ain't never gonna happen again in my life time. I done figgered out in the last month that I can still hit a round in the lower to mid 90's....fair for a amateur golf ball swakker. So why not just go out there an' enjoy yourself....no matter what your score is. No cuss'n, throw'n clubs an' stuff like that. We ain't play'n for money ya know. Now all I got to do is figger out how to beat the OFM Barney.

Anyhows, yesterday's golf'n game was a success. I enjoyed it. An' I even hit a decent score. But that weren't the most important thing what happen. My back feeled much better than the other day. Shall we say something like a 4 on the scale of 1 to 10? Maybe a little exercise does work.

It ain't quite winter time in south Texas, but I got me a long sleeve shirt on this morn'n. In south Texas, a long sleeve shirt is called a "coat". I mean like, just two days ago it was 100 degs. What happen???

I had something on my mind this morn'n. Hang on for a bit, maybe I'll remember. Do ya ever do that? I mean, like crap, "what was I talk'n bout"? I ain't even got no story to tell this morn'n.
Oh wait....now I remember. Ammonia. I use ammonia for a cleaning agent. Mostly winders, but it's also great on clean'n up spilled stuff. I use a mix of bout 20 to 1 water an' ammonia, think'n that's a good mixture.....and safe. But then, I ain't no scientist or nuttin like that.....what do I know?

I been go'n over that dad gum "to do" list again. Been put'n Robert's name in front a bunch of 'em. That makes it much easier for me by do'n that. Now, will "Sally da house" make it all the way to Georgia so's Robert can help his daddy?

Now, bout my trip to Georgia. Have ya been watch'n the news? Weather over there is terrible. Flood'n all over parts of Florida. Cold here an' there. Not to mention tornadoes an' such. I ain't in no hurry to leave perfect weather an' end up in a ditch or something somewheres along the way. Have ya ever stepped your feet in red Georgia mud? My god, worse than step'n barefoot in cat poop. 
 So's anyhows, just stay tuned for a excit'n trip to Georgia with the adventurer Billy Bob an' crew. Ha ha, I just said that 'cause it sounded cool.

Ok, where the hell is my shoes? You do know that Barney twisted my arm into another golf'n game today....right? Dang, I can hardly wait. You people need to learn how to play golf....sheesh!!!

I should have knowed it. I didn't check my blog to see if it was updated on other blogs an' stuff....nope it weren't. So we gonna try this.....a update.

Speak'n of update, today's golf game sucked to high heavens. Damn, ain't nobody play that bad. But....just in case my son Robert see's this, today's score was still better than what you hit....Hee hee hee!!!!  "Ya gotta break a 100 if'n ya wanna beat yer daddy".

Lunch today was at the "greasy churn". We ain't eat there in a while. It's still not "that" good, the reason we quit go'n, but I was want'n me a salad. ILS....I like salad.


  1. daddy you funny...heading home Saturday morning... all finished up here... my be back in about four weeks... every glad to hear your back is much better. ok love you later..

  2. When I golfed I was really bad, but just went out and had lotsa fun, For me thats what it was all about.
    Nice to hear your back is feeling better. looks like you got 4 weeks to get to Georgia and go golfin with Robert. Take your time.

  3. Good to hear that the back is a little better! Should be cool enough to be very comfortable on the golf course for the next couple of days!