Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quick Update....Mind filled with crap....Grrrrrrrr

I've done the best I know how....I just didn't try very hard.

Last night, it was hotter an' hell sit'n here wait'n for a friendly little breeze to cool things down a bit. It never occurred. Last nights sleep was a terrible experience. Were'nt no fun or excitement in that.
In fact....it was 2:30 am. I got me one of them dad gum backards leg cramps. I'm talk'n a bad'un. At the couch I sits down, lights me up bout 4 smokes an' twists an' turns my back in ever direction look'n for relief. Ahhhh, that feels better. It's 3:45am. This is the kind'a shit I want to get fixed in Atlanta.

Shall we discuss "mind issues" this morn'n? Holy crap, my mind is all fulled up with depress'n stuff. You know bout some of it...generator, engine won't start, too damn hot to sleep, people look'n in my winders...and the most important, where I gonna get gas. I'm gonna need bout 4 days just to wind down when I arrive in Ga.

Google Maps. Let me tell ya bout Google Maps. This new version is a super dooper fine mapping program. Way much better than to older Classic version. But it's missing one important item....the mileage ruler thingy to find distance between two spots.
You can zoom in from above sooo close ya can read Peterbuild on the front of a truck. It has a street view where you are stand'n in the street look'n at stuff. That's how I am able to locate a gas station I can fit in. *First exit on 459 at Birmingham* Will update ya on that when I arrive. Now my question is , how much $$$$ did Google spend for some guy to ride around tak'n all them photos?

Speak'n of Google $$$....my ATT stock has dropped over a dollar in the last week. Ya see, ATT is buy'n DirecTV for the purchase price of....*drum roll*...48.2 billion dollars. That was the deal a few days ago. Don't know it it's a done deal today. I had plans for that money.

The Mississippi picnic area. That's water under the bridge....no further discussion. Really ain't a whole bunch more to tell that would interest the world population. The guy give me a girlie wave an' swagged his ass at me,,,,what's the big deal?

I'm gonna cut this short since I got up so late this morn'n. Generator made it on the 4th try.....damn black smoke. But....that black smoke is a indicator ya know. After this morn'ns coffee brew'n, I won't be need'n it again till it's fixed.

I got me 4 big strong boys in Georgia. I have jobs for each one of 'em. What's the chance of get'n them to drop by for a visit? When we did the floors in "Sally da house" two years ago, they was there. But....all they did was sit outside under a big ol' oak tree an' shoot the breeze. I know 'cause I was there.

Oh wait wait wait.....yes I got me TWO electric fans under the hood. I check 'em to see if'n they turn. One does, the other don't....froze up stiff'n an' a board. I don't recall EVER hear'n them fans run. Another job for a loving son. 

Ok.....that's it. Got to get on the road again. Put some miles behind me.

"Oh you're really good Billy Bob. You was gonna tell bout that wreck".

From yesterdays last update in case ya missed it.....
 And then....almost disaster. Well wait a minute, almost two disasters. Traffic in front of me was slowed to a crawl, something happened up ahead. I'm cruis'n long bout 10 mile a hour in the right lane....an' here come a 18 wheeler in the left lane go'n a hunnert mile a hour. Cars in left lane have no where to go. Truck driver slams on the brakes, smoke com'n out every tire on that truck. He swerves into the median....saving the lives of who ever was in them cars. It could have been bad I'm tell'n ya. In the median, the truck come *this* close to turn slap over an' he come to a stop not 50 feet from a great big ol' overpass concrete doohicky what holds the bridge up. A couple of us stop in the traffic to see if he is Ok. He waved us on. I suppose he pooped his pants an' didn't want nobody to know.

Slow 'er down Billy Bob....something happen'n.

There goes that 18 wheeler do'n a hunnert mile a hour......lucky guy.
That pile of rubble is what is left of a 18 wheeler cab. On the other side the highway was a demolished car in the ditch.

Quick Update......I'm in Georgia

Ok, just crossed the Georgia state line. Have to look on my Rand McNally GPS to find the exit number for "Yo Mama's RV Resort". Bout 30 more miles.


  1. Sometimes the Interstates can be like a war zone. Be careful out there BB!!

  2. Horrible looking wreck and a miracle if the driver lives. Yep, you have plenty intestinal fortitude/guts to take on such a trip. I'm such a chicken these days.

    That long snake at the foot of my back steps even shook me up today. Watersnake, harmless, I'm sure but still ....gasp. My door stands open; now what will I do if I find it inside? Well, I know but I ain't gonna tell you.

    Had a nice cat one time, good mouser - except for the fact that she would also catch snakes and bring them in the house. Twice, BIG. I screamed!

    Dang, I'm seeing lots of snakes here this year ...what gives. My dachshund, Choco, hurt his leg and hip this week trying to capture one. Didn't work, 'cept he tore the 15# rocks loose along the branch until....
    ....Now he can't walk except down. Oh, my aching back, lifting that 35 pound hound up the steps a dozen times a day. He has to pee, he says!

    Billy Bob, I'll sure be relieved when you arrive at your sons' and can rest and relax. Put those kids to work; find yourself a shade tree and kick back.

  3. No ac is just a killer in the South. Exit 459 in Birmingham is an exit I have taken at least 1000 times, and I am not exaggerating.

    I need to rest. I had a chicken go on a grand adventure and stay out all night. Then, I had to walk through dew in freshly mown grass from the day before and in my sandals. So, I had dirty feet. That wore me out, but nothing like all this driving you have done. I agree with the four-day rest.

  4. Whoopee! Only 30 miles to go. What a long trip!
    I'm slap worn out; been out mowing. Now I will crash and rise cranky. I hate sleeping in the middle of day but invariably must so often. If'n your eyes aren't crossed and blurry by now, I'm amazed.

    1. Georgia, the closes place to Texas for now that is selling Tim's climax moonshine as seen on the show moonshiners! It will add 50 yards to your golf stroke and cleans the shoes to a shine!

    2. Ha, Ha, Ha. 50 yds, eh? Ha, Billy Bob, this could be the ticket for a big winning streak out there on the greens.

  5. I hope you don't have to get too close to Hotlanta! I'm looking forward to when you are in or around Dahlonega and hope you post some pictures of it.

  6. hi billy , are you relaxing in a/c at your destination now ? billy, you are a brave soul traveling across country on the busiest hwy traveling weekend of the year (memorial day) all the time knowing that your engine might not start up ,your generator might not start up ,your engine temp gauge reading 220 + probably your brake fluid is empty cause i never heard you once mentioned that , did you even check your tires pressure ? i am just so happy to see you made it alive . please get your wonderful son robert to fix everything so that your motor-home is not a death trap for you and every other victim out there on there road .but most important ,be happy and have fun .

  7. oh ya i forgot please send us lots of pictures

  8. Lots of readers are taking a deep breath of relief b.b. You took us all for quite a ride! Vada in Dublin

  9. Happy your trip is over now I can take it easy.
    To get those boys to work is just cook up some good food and one of your cakes.

  10. Great that you are now there, rest up and get that back fixed up.

  11. Sure hope you got into, and out of, that gas station. You did fill it all the way up?

  12. What a ride! And all in one piece. lol, glad you're there.

  13. Glad you made it. Hope you'll keep us posted on what goes on. Hope you get the back problems resolved. Have a good time with family.