Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Updated....again....Road time....git up an' go

Let not your dreams, thoughts and actions be guided by others. Be yourself.
Give that some thought for a few minutes.

Ok, I don't have much time. An hour to do the final hook up chores....time is get'n close.

For me to drive the intended 250 plus miles today, I need to depart an' hour earlier. Like bout 10 or 10:30. I drive a hunnert mile a hour (60), so that means, with me rest stops to pee an' such, I'll be on the road for 6 to 7 hours. More than enough wheel time for anybody. Should I have to shorten that time, you can find me camped out at Walmart in Rockdale, Texas (200 miles).

Feel much better this morn'n than I did yesterday morn'n. But...."somebody please pull that knife blade out my back". There is NOT a smiggin of excitement in my heart as I make these final preps.

Somewhere's up the road, I'll attempt to let ya know how things are go'n. Hopefully good.

1:30 pm update
So far, there ain't been nobody right when they said I would have me a barrel of fun.. I did go get me 25 gallons of propane an' I did go get me 25 gallons of gasoline. Was on the road by 10:40....or there a bouts. Set the cruise control on a hunnert an' let 'er eat (58 to be exact).

The miles pass by, not many mind ya, but....dang, my back is kill'n me. An' that right foot I was tell'n ya bout for the last few years, it's numb like a mummy. Not what I would call hav'n fun. But....mentally, I feel a bunch better.

And then, on the Victoria, Texas bypass, I miss my turn. Dad gum road construction. I'm at Hwy 59. I ain't supposed to be there. Hwy 59 goes to Houston an' I ain't go'n to Houston. I turn around an' backtrack for bout 7 miles....there's my turn off. Yeee Haaa!!!

Ok, Remember I said something was gonna happen? Well it did. The dad gum dash air start blow'n just cool air, not cold. It's get'n hot in "da house". This sets my mind to some serious think'n. Do I have a can of refrigerant? Should I wait for nightfall so's I can see the leak (infrared leak tester)? Should I turn it off an' open a winder? Can it be fixed TODAY? And then....bout 20 minutes later.....Hey, cold air. I'm not even gonna try to figger it out right now.

And then....me an' Sadie Mae pull into a Walmart so's she can pee, I can take me some aspirin an' eat me up a "on the road" sammich. Bread ham an' ketchup. "Turn on the generator Billy Bob to run the a/c. Ha....now let me tell ya bout that. It don't run....at first. Black smoke com'n out it. Hmmmmm, it won't start up under a load. I turn everthing off. Crank up the generator to full speed, an' we got air cond.
And I still got 860 miles to go.
4:50 update....
Me an' Sadie Mae are at Rockdale Texas get'n ready to pull onto hwy 79 northeast. It's been a rather nice trip for the last couple hours. No problems....other than a hunnert 18 wheelers want to pass. I'm go'n a safe speed, they ain't.

By past experiences, I am 45 minutes ahead of schedule. On a typical day on the road, I travel the 200 miles in 6 hours. Not behind the wheel time, but with my numerous breaks included. I know how to take breaks ya know.

It's hot by some standards...92 degs. But in "da house" it feels like 102 degs. But it ain't. If I can hit my "sleep'n" camp site just before sundown, it should be much cooler.....fingers crossed. If my calculations are right, I've used right at 26 gallons of high dollar fuel. Will fill up tomorrow in Shreveport.....or there abouts.

So that's bout it, another day on the road with nuttin excit'n to spice up an' tell ya bout.

Last updadte....
I'm here. 273 miles down the road. I'm tired. Won't do that no more. See ya tomorrow.  


  1. Travel safe!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Don't forget to wave when you pass by.

    1. Ha ha....where the hell did my comment go??? Dad gum Google.
      Anyhows, I'm gonna be so far away from your house....hunerts of miles, you wouldn't see me if'n I did wave. Maybe you missed my posts where I said I was tak'n I-20 an' not I-10. But then, if'n I was tak'n I-10, you wouldn't see me for all the trees in your yard.

    2. Hope all goes well. Glad you are on the road. Hope you'll find a smidgen of excitement somewhere!

  3. You are kidding...right??? Although, it sure would be nice to have me some fun along the way.

  4. I hope the excitement picks up as you get on the road. I'm so excited for you to be goin' somewhere it's almost like I'm going on a trip myself!

  5. Excitin' is good makes for a fun trip. Did ya know Home depot has free wifi too.An a huge parking lot.
    Travel safe Billy Bob.

    1. Read the updates twice didn't see anything about you staying in a Home Depot. Is that what you did and after 273 were so wore out you just thought you said that was where you were staying. Or did you simply want George to read the update?

  6. Yes, travel safely. You have intestinal fortitude; I would never attempt such a trip (yet there is a bit of that green glow pulsing off me just thinking of zooming along at 100mph). Of course, I've become a wimp in my golden years. I just dream, wish and glow. HA!

    1. Well Sissy, it's like this....when ya retire an' buy ya up a motorhome/5th wheel/travel trailer, ya get on the road. If'n ya get up to a hunnert mile a hour.....you glow, many different colors.

      I'm being safe. Wide awake an' glow'n.

    2. By "green glow" I meant I envy you ....and all those other folks leisurely traveling all about the country.

      Ha, Ha, Ha. At 100 mph I'd glow colors alright ...but mainly Stark White ...out of pure terror. Old folks don't speed; neither do I. So apparently you and I are very responsible drivers. Yes?

      Hmm, it is sad that in aging we lose that sense of immortality and endless daredevil adventures? Heck, just walking around the yard becomes a daredevil feat for me sometimes. Mole Holes in the most unexpected places; overnight, mind. Those vicious-looking critters have a vendetta against me, I'm a thinkin' - making holes in most unexpected places, just sos I might step in one and break an ankle. Little $Bas1&-# uh, uh, I mean Beasties

      Glad you have that many miles behind you. Hope you get out often and walk a bit. Doctor always telling me it is important to do so when I've traveled to prevent my getting blood clots. Ye gads! What next, I ask. Yes in-deedy, old age 'sucks' for sure ...if one has squandered/abused their health. My smoking - ya know.

      SOS, I need oxygen. Soon I'll be hollerin "Help! Help! Call the medics".

  7. Buster stopped at Walmart diesel here in Meridian, MS $ 3.559 per gallon. Walmart is giving the fuel discount from the posted price,gasoline and diesel using the shopping card ($0.10). i left
    Austin area Monday morning. stopped in Palestine, Texas and got diesel there on Loop 256 Walmart - Murphy and the discount.



    1. Well shoot George, you're only a day or two ahead of me, using the same roads. I go through Palistine tomorrow on my way to "Cajun" country. Well, a little north of Cajun country, but it's still LooseAnnie.

  8. It's getting on to 6pm here & I'm just getting to the blogs... I'm glad to see you got moving! Have a pleasant night & a god drive tomorrow!

  9. Hope you sleep well & wake up rarin' to go!