Saturday, May 3, 2014

Simple cook'n...one pot at a time

How short can I make a blog post? I don't know, but let's give it a try.

I didn't feel too bad when I got out of bed this morn'n. A little bend over an' some pain. But first, let's go back to yesterday. Not to dwell very long on golf ball swak'n, but I had me a excellent game yesterday. I was get'n the ball on the green in two hits, some by accident....or just plain dumb luck, an' I was a putt'n fool. The finer details I'll leave to your imagination. I struck a very nice 87....that's a 15 handicap if'n ya didn't know.

But anyhows, that weren't the direction I was gonna go this morn'n. Ya see, golf ball swak'n has been make'n my back feel better, but only during my "out of bed" time. I get up every morn'n all bended over....cain't straighten up till I have me some coffee an' sit here for a while. "The bed Billy Bob, the bed is hurt'n your back". Well shoot, that's what I been think'n too. So last night, I let some air out my bed. Probly too much, but I had to give it a try. It helped. NEXT!!!

Oh no, I got places I need to go. But not today....maybe, undecided. Walmart is top of the list, but if'n I run out of smokes before I make it to Walmart, the liquor store in Port Aransas will be top of list.

Since I no longer get free food ($100 contribution) from the house, I will be do'n some cook'n in "da house". An' that got me to think'n...."what ya gonna cook Billy Bob"? I like to cook simple one pot meals. Ones that will last bout 3 or 4 days. Less dish warsh'n ya know, an' you know how I feel bout warsh'n dishes. So last night during a long period of nuttin on the TV, I drawed me up a cook'n list. Just to be do'n something ya know. Dag gum it Billy Bob....ya hit the wrong button.  Published too soon.

Now that's what I'm talk'n bout....simple an' easy.

Speak'n of eat'n. Remember a while back I tole ya I needed to go on a diet 'cause I couldn't button my britches no more? Well I can now. My diet worked an' I saved bout $200 for new bigger britches. Bout one more inch off'n my belly an' I'll be a perfect specimen. "Ha right Billy Bob....you messed up think'n like that".

Then I sat there an' got to think'n bout my Georgia trip. Dang, I got to get excitis or something. I'm almost perfectly happy just sit here in Sinton....on a scale of 1 to 10, a 6...an' I don't have to drive a thousand miles.

Ok, that sounds like I don't even want to go....but I do....I just ain't excited. Little by little I'm get'n some stuff done....little stuff. Oh crap, I still got to go get propane an' fill the fuel tank. I hate gas stations. Poor design for great big ol' long motorhomes. This trip will require 3 gas stops if'n I don't want to run out before I get there. And then, I'm still undecided where I want to camp. I am welcome to camp at "Yo Mama RV Resort", but dad gum it....I just don't know. Parked in the driveway, water hose don't reach, limited electric (15 amps) an' no sewer connection. I'm get'n too old for this kind of stuff. But I'll camp there anyhows. Family ya know. Problem solved.   
Note: Closest dump station is over there in Alabama at the Alabama Rest Area.

Ok, this is bout as short as I can make this post. I got things to do. What I get done is another question, but what ever it is, it's a success. See ya laters. Oh wait, what time does golf'n come on the TV?


  1. Lists. Good things to have; if'n you can keep track of them. I can't. Yeah nice weather DO NOT suck. I'm loving it!

    No meals coming my way means one thing - doggone it, I have to cook, or else expire, which isn't my choice yet. Then again, howse about a peanut butter sammich in the meantime?

    1. Dang Sissy, I hope ya come back....I pushed the wrong button a while ago.

      Oh yeah, I like my peanut butter.

  2. I hope letting a bit of air out of the mattress is what your back needs. Congrats on the golf ball swak'n.

  3. Don't see anything on that list for your Weber Q.
    Steak, chicken, taters, veggies, pork roast, pork chops, meat loaf, hamburgers, fish, no pots and pans and can even have leftovers.
    Right here we got 15 amp electric, 150 feet water hose and a guy that will pump our sewage for 20 bucks.

  4. You can't beat family so maybe a longer hose? BTW what exactly is a golf handicap?

    1. Problem with longer hose....it gets run over by cars.
      Ha ha....you asked a golf'n question.
      Ok, a golf course has a set number of stroke to complete 18 holes. Usually 72. A player that hits over that number is known to have what is called "handicap" for the number of extra strokes. Normally, I hit 20 to 24 strokes over the 72 number with a disgusting 92 or 96 round....on a good day. Averaged out over many games, I have a 22 handicap. Well, I used to a couple years ago.

    2. Ah thanks have heard that word a zillion times and never knew what it meant

  5. I need to cook more one-pot meals. It seems they always taste the best! Wave when you come through AL. Stay with your son and let him take care of the details. He would love to have you there!

  6. That would be great if you solved your back/sleeping problem!
    About your trip... you don't need to get excited, you just need to do it. Excited always helps.

    I hope your Sunday goes well....