Monday, May 19, 2014

Updated.....Yeee Harrrr!!!!. Are we grumpy yet???

No Karen, I ain't remember yet....but I know it was something very important.

Oh boy, I surely should'a stay in bed this morn'n. Who's that crookit guy walk'n down the hall? All bended over. Why is he rub'n his head? Only one eye open. Hollered at poor little Sadie Mae....."git out my way".

Well dang....it was nice while it lasted. Them last 4 or 7 days was heaven at "da house". This morn'n, I'm in hell. Man my back hurts. An' I didn't do nuttin to make it hurt. That makes me all grumpy all over again. Have ya ever see a grumpy old man at 7 am??? Sheesh....stand clear.

And then....this morn'n, I got to think'n bout this dad gum trip to Georgia. What can be done to make it a "fun" trip? Just get'n on the road again, I'm think'n that ain't gonna do it. But I only think that way when I'm all grumpy an' grouchy.

Remember a few days ago I said something like..."something is gonna happen"? That was my first thought as I was brew'n me up a pot a while ago. I spilled a scoop of coffee grounds on the floor. As I was clean'n them grinds up off the floor, I raised up an' swaked my head on the coffee pot shelf. Weren't no stars an' planets or none of that stuff, but this is not a good start of a day. I'm think'n somebody is tell'n me something.

Did I tell ya bout that dad gum damn goat? Well he was sick for a few days. Just lay there on the ground an' look at me with them sad moist eyes....."help me please Billy Bob". Man....that goat was sick. Nephew Joseph pour bout half a bottle of Pepto Bismol down his throat. This morn'n that damn goat is walk'n round the yard look'n for food.

Then I got to think'n....I fed that damn goat half a pot of Billy Bob chili the other day. You don't think do ya? Hmmmm....it didn't make me sick.

Had to add two more items to my "to do" list. How can ya forget to check the tire pressures? That's very important ya know. May as well check the water in the engine battery while I'm at it. Now if'n ya got a big ol' motorhome an' ya never go nowhere, tire pressure don't make no matter. I blowed a tire one time ya know. Skeer hell slap out me.

Now....for today's last golf'n day. I'm all set. Got me some extra aspirin in my pocket, all fired up for a decent round. Look out OFM Barney....here come the Billy Bob. My intention is to hit in the low 90's or maybe in the 80's. That don't happen very often.....but, golf'n is better than...as the OFM Barney says, dig'n a ditch. I digged a ditch one time. That ain't no fun.

Ok....that's it....I'm done. Got a golf'n game on my mind....I'm gonna cuss that dad gum golf'n ball.

And that my friends, was a excit'n game of golf. Me an' OFM Barny finished the game one stroke apart. That's some good play'n. An' yes, I cuss that golf'n ball more than onest. Damn ball!!!

Then we went an' had us some of that great Mexican food again. We was both pretty hungry....I ate almost all of mine....with extra spicy red salsa. Then out on the porch, we talked bout where an' when we gonna meet up again....stuff like that. Was a good talk'n.

We parted company....me with feelings. Gonna miss the old cuss. 

Now I'm back at "da house" an' I got me some stuff to do. The stuff I was tell'n ya about.  


  1. You must make some gad awful hot and spicy chili if it made a goat sick. Remind me to never eat any of your chili. Tell the goat to go back to eating tin cans.

  2. Good luck with your golf game. Sometimes when nothing goes right in the morning, like spilling coffee and hitting your head, it's a good idea to go back to bed for a while.

  3. That be some wild chili to make a goat sick, you have a cast iron stomach.

  4. Daddy had to chuckle a bit at your misfortune this morning, had a picture in my mind as how it all unfolded. but sorry it happened and your back hurting. Sad that you have to leave Barney, sounds like you two have lots of fun playing golf and talking about what ever comes to mind. But on the other hand I'm glad that your at your final approach and get here to get some back work done. you be carful as you travel. Ok Love you later.

  5. I never heard of making a goat sick. And, you told me your food was not hot! Good luck on your trip.