Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cinco de Mayo blues......no golf ball swak'n

Ok, every time I think I'm gonna write a excit'n post, something goes wrong.

Yesterday I was all excitis bout check'n stuff off'n my "to do" list. I had it lay'n right over there with a fresh sharpened pencil for the check marks.

I grab holt to a couple items lay'n on the floor an' out the door I go....put them where they belong. Oh crap, the rear compartment door is fall'n off....or something like that. I look it over. Poor design (Elmers glue), very poor design. There ain't nuttin hold'n the top of the compartment door to "da house" but some kind of glue stuff. "Can ya fix it Billy Bob or do we break out the duct tape"? Well yeah I can fix it. Where's my drill an' some screws? Two freak'n hours I'm tell'n you....two freak'n hours. Chores such as this are much easier when ya got somebody to help hold stuff in place. I didn't.

Anyhows, my "to do" list is no shorter than what it was yesterday. Ya see, professional golf came on the TV at 2pm. Ya don't work when professionals are play'n golf.

I hope some of ya can understand when I say stupit stuff. Like I did yesterday. Today I am excitis. Mood changes happen when ya don't feel too good. You know, like when ya cain't hardly walk an' have a ton of stuff to do. Damn this back problem. Or when you're watch'n boxing on the TV an' the guy you're root'n for is get'n his ass whooped. Or when ya spill a full cup of coffee all over the couch. Yes I did all them things yesterday. Took me a freak'n hour to clean the couch.

Bout the less air in my Number bed. I'm think'n I slept pretty good last night. I waked up bout 7am an' feel good all over. "I'll get up in 15 minutes, brew me up a pot of delicious coffee an' get some stuff done today". WRONG....I fell back to sleep....got up at 9:30. Back hurted, coffee sucks, an' I don't feel like do'n nuttin.

Today an' tomorrow is "cinco de mayo", a Mexican holiday, celebration, beer fest, fiesta throughout south Texas. Reach in your pockets, break out some change....somebody gonna get rich. That's what it's turned out to be, just like all the other holidays in America....feed the rich. That's the American way ya know.
Google "cinco de mayo" for the true meaning of this celebration of the masses.

What about Walmart? Sheesh, I don't want to go. What about smokes? Sheesh, I don't want to go. Ya see, there are thousands an' thousands of party people all over the place. I don't want to get involved with that crowd. Wait'n in lines, get'n all grouchy, say'n stuff.....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Maybe tuesday would be a better day.

Today's number one priority is to check the battery water in "da house". If that's all I get done, I've had a successful day. Been put'n it off for too long. Damn I hate check'n battery water.

I'm done......have a nice "cinco de mayo" in your hometown. 


  1. I can remember when I thought Cinco de Mayo was fun to celebrate, but I don't really feel like celebrating anything these days - birthdays, christmas, 4th of July, and all the rest. I guess I've done enough celebratin' in my lifetime, but I hope you enjoy the Cinco de Mayo festivities in your area.

    1. I ain't into holidays Gypsy. Well, I do like Easter 'cause I like colored hard boiled eggs. The 4th of July for all the explosions. Thanksgiving for the full belly an' a long nap. That's bout it for me.

  2. Believe it or not, until I moved to Texas bake in 1980, I had never heard of Cinco de Mayo. Was taught about quickly after I got here.

  3. Nothing much going on here in Canada for Cinco de Mayo at least around here. Mostly german and Mennonite population. Biggest parties here be Quilt auctions and Oktoberfest in a real big way.

  4. I love holidays, but not all the stuff I did when I was younger. Hey, a scaled back version is good for me. I love the joy of holidays, seeing decorations before or after. I just don't get out in the crowds and wear myself out. I am particularly happy on holidays, just no one to share the way I feel. When the Fair Parade is going on here, I stay home all day because the stores are jam-packed as well as stores and the roads. I cannot walk to a place where I can see the parade and I don't have kids in it, so small town parades are not for me.

    You just need someone to cheer the grumpiness out of you...lol.

  5. ok daddy, I'm catch-ed up on the blogging. yesterday we left Lewisville, Tx and drove to Memphis ,Tn. then to Douglasville, Ga. 868 miles just under 13 hrs. talk about a back hurting.

    cinco de mayo, was when the Mexicans whooped the French back in some time ago. sent them sailing back to France.

    you need to get another coffee pot. it's time to retire it, it done it's job. out with the old and send $100 bucks. lol...Good to hear you had a great golf game, keep it up. Ok love you later.

    1. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the First Battle of Puebla on 5 May 1862 when the French were defeated during their attempt to capture Puebla. They were successful in the Second Battle of Puebla on 17 May 1863 and ruled Mexico until 1867.

      It is not a national holiday in Mexico and generally not celebrated there except in the Puebla area.

      It is a Holiday in the United States because of marketing much like what Halloween has become and most of the other Holidays that are celebrated in this country. Most people in this country have such a poor understanding of History that they do not know what the Holiday represents they just know it is a day off and they can Party.

  6. Back in the late 80's I had to go get a signature from the Vice-President of Finance (my bosses boss) and he asked me if I was going to be "celebrating tomorrow"...I looked at him I guess in a daze, so he said "tomorrow is 5 de Mayo" it took me a while to assimilate what he was trying to say.

    I looked at him and said "No, why would I ?" No response...he quickly signed what I needed and did not say another word to me jajajajaja!

    Back in the 80's Cinco de Mayo celebrations were not as common as they are now in the U.S. In Mexico this day is not celebrated except in the state of Puebla.