Thursday, May 29, 2014

Updated....Layed back an' do' nuttin

Almost word for word. I knowed what I was talk'n bout when I said it.

This morn'n ain't all that good to be opening my mouth an' say'n stuff. There comes a time in a mans life that he should just shut up.  an' go with the stride....what ever that may be.

Computer time.....I been hav'n a hard time get'n online lately. Oh I got a good signal an' all that stuff, but I just ain't been want'n to Google nuttin. I spend my 2 hours every morn'n do'n my "git ready for a excit'n day". You know, read the blogs, read emails, check out drama on Facebook, read the news. An occasional Google search on ..."what the hell this word mean"? An' then I turn the computer off.

Yes I read the comments an' no I don't reply to each one. I read each blog an' no I don't comment to each one. *I just deleted three sentences of excuses why I don't make comments an' replies*. It all boils down to my daily computer time.....what ain't near what you may think.

In dire need of exercise yeasterday, I walked outside to the Onan generator compartment. Took a fold'n chair with me too. I pull the cover off'n that Onan an' that sucker look brand spank'n new. Other than a few oily spots....normal air cooled motor leaks. I check the oil level first thing....air cleaner. They both fine. All the linkages are slick as a whistle. I push the start button an' that sucker fire right up.....black smoke an' all. It don't come up to full speed. On the third try, it sound just like a bradn spank'n new Onan generator. Google search is no help.
Note....after warmed up, every time I cranked it, it start right up....no problem.

I checked with USPS by tracking number. My part is still in Portland Oregon. It was sent 2 day priority mail. That means I'll get it some time next week.....like maybe Thursday. I remember one time I sent myself a letter from Port Aransas to Port Aransas. Three days....it took three freak'n days to get it. It went to Corpus Christi, 30 miles. Then it went to San Antonio, 200 miles. Then sent back to Corpus Christi an' delivered to Port Aransas the next day. No freak'n wonder the postal service is out of money. But anyhows, I ain't in no big hurry....Robert won't be back till next week.

Just lay'n back "do'n nuttin" an' relax'n ain't at all as easy as some people think. Oh I'm get'n pretty good at it, but it ain't help'n a thing. Do zombies have wings? That's what I feel like....I got to do something. This sit'n round on my ass all day is kill'n me.

Oh, while I think of it. Nephew Frank told me down in Sinton, Texas that my headlights on the "billy jeep" was flash'n on for a few seconds. I told him he was see'n things. Last night I was see'n things too. The damn headlights was come'n on an' off. I never in my entire life had headlights come on like that. I'm think'n something is out of kilter somewheres. Now where the hell do I start look'n? 

Nothing, absolutely nothing planned for the day. Well, I could break out the broom an' sweep the floor. Or maybe wash the ceiling. Ya see, I have a super dooper detail clean'n of "da house" planned. Some folks call it spring clean'n, but I'm talk'n a "super dooper" clean'n. I'm talk'n, not a speck of dust, dirt, sand, sticker burrs, pieces of grass clip'ns, sea weed....dead flies an' spiders, stuff like that is all gonna be gone. Empty all the overhead cabinets, sort an' toss stuff, vacuum an' wash the insides like brand spank'n new. Dang, I need me a clean'n woman.

So there you have it, another excit'n day for the old Billy Bob. He ain't "do'n nuttin".


Just so's ya don't think the old Billy Bob sit around all day long do'n nuttin....I been busy....if'n ya wanna call turn'n a switch an' sweep'n the floor busy.

I made the long walk'n journey, bout 50 feets, out to the "billy jeep". Gonna fix that headlight problem. I look at the headlight switch. It's set on automatic. I turn it to off....an' go back in "da house". Tonight will tell the tale if'n that fixed it or not.

My god, I want you look all this dad gum dog hair. "Sadie Mae, you need a hair cut". I sweeped the forward section of "da house". Then I had to take me a 10 minute break. Sheesh....I work too hard.

Stacked up some dishes to wash. Ha, probly gonna have to do them myself since nobody come to visit. Took out a whole big bag of trash. Now I need a nap.


  1. Had a Lincoln one time, headlights would do that, no one around.
    Every time i start sorting thru things in my pantry, i find leaking cans, swelled up cans,, old stuff everywhere. A mess!
    I used to do cleanings like that,,, notice the USED TO,,, lol

    1. Think'n maybe I fixed the headlight issue. Headlight switch was set to "auto"....turned it to "off".

      Do you grocery shop like I used to? Buy a hunnert cans of stuff at a time?

      Ha....I ain't NEVER do clean'n like that. Probly won't this time neither.

    2. I think i just buy cans and forget about them.
      After i retired, i would so one room, top to bottom, and just whenever i felt like it,, do another. NOT ANY MORE...Barely get basics done,, sometimes.

  2. Good lord, I' plumb wore out thinking about all that work you might do. I got plenty to do but try not to think about it.

    1. Oh you don't have to worry bout get'n tuckered out. You know how I talk bout all the stuff I'm gonna do....an' then don't do nuttin. Easy to talk bout, but hard to perform.

  3. ..." go with the stride"...
    Go with the flow?

    "black smoke" - had me a little Dodge one time; took me everywhere, no problems. One day it quit on me and smoked black, terrible black clouds, all messed up. I'd mistakenly put in diesel moments before at a different gas station but with the pump in usual place that I always used. Leave it to me, a spaced-out chuckle-head! The 'mystery' was soon unraveled by a mechanical minded man. He fixed matters, advising burning high octane for a few miles. That's not YOUR Black Smoke issue, seein' as how you got better awareness than I did. No fear - you'll fix it in no time, I bet. Whoops, I swore off bettin' awhile back, didnt' I?

    Wishin' I had energy and ambition to do my spring cleaning; it being almost June, I lost my opportunity. Funny how the mind Can Do but the old 'bod' stubs up and rebels; 10 work minutes will require lying flat in bed for 60 minutes! Dang old age and worn out bones. 'scuse me now; I gotta go dig holes for my squash and gourd plants ........................................Dang rocky soil! Yep, soon be 60 minute-bedtime.

  4. We found with our genny, gotta run it about every month under load for about an hour or so, all this stuff they put in gas now, gas goes bad and sits in the fuel line to the generator. Makes noises and smoking then warms up works good.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion of help George, but bad gas has been eliminated from the equation. Sitting for a long period, the Onan is cranked every 3 to 4 weeks.....always was fine until this trip. On a trip or boondocking, it's cranked every morn'n to brew up a pot.

  5. .Billy Bob all that talking about washing dishes and cleaning and sweeping the floor has do tired me slap out, See what you done I got and take a Nap now.

  6. That sounds like a pretty busy day right there!

    Hope that cured the headlight problem. Otherwise I was gonna mention a loose ground somewhere?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. billy , i must quote , or i should say copy and past what you wrote on the very top of your blog it says
    You have entered the (world of travel) and nonsense with Billy Bob and friends.
    that makes me think you are a world traveler , and i want to, through your blog go traveling the world with you ,so you should get your passport to travel other countries . if you asked all of your other followers, what do you think they would like to see happen for you ? when your back is fixed and you fell like you are 21 years old again . i personally hope to hear that your next winter because of the cold temperatures in south texas is not making you suffer ever again ,i know how much you hate the cold .and we all hate to see you in pain either because of you back nor cause it's too cold . basically for me ,i think it would be so wonderful to hear from you that every day is pain free , no suffering . and you just have more and positive ,happy , fun , things to report every day as if you were in paradise. okay take is easy be happy and have fun.

  8. I finally got caught up with your blog. I am glad you made it safe and sound to Georgia. I also like your new header picture.