Saturday, March 22, 2014

A new crisp hunnert dollar bill....energy

Wow boy howdy, I feeled like a hunnert dollar bill yesterday. Well, for part of the day I did. The rest I feeled like a old tarnished quarter....worth bout 18 cents.

I think I mentioned housework yesterday. Well I got started on that little project an' spend the entire afternoon. Well now wait a minute. By entire afternoon I'm mean'n bout 3 or 4 hours....along with a few breaks. So, in that few hours, I may have worked a full 2 hours.

Ya see, the real reason I didn't work all day long an' get everthing done, was that I spent too much time on the internet. I was research'n an' research is a good thing. I didn''t start work till bout 1 or 1:30. I vacuum up a hunnert pounds of dirt, dust, sand, grass clip'ns an' miss'n food stuff. But that was only a small part of what still has to receive the same treatment. The small area I did was up under the dash an' around the foreward seats....right bout 8 feet of floor an' a little carpet (covering the dog house (engine cover)). I got on my hands an' knees an' warsh the flooring. Then I put some wax on part of it. I done figger out "hands an' knees" is a thing of the past.

I sure do miss Sissy an' a couple others that always showed up for morn'n coffee. I'm harmless, some the things I say don't come out right.

Got us another little front headed this way. Be here tomorrow some time. A slight drop in temps is predicted. Now ya know what that means right? The Monday hunt'n trip will have to be put off for a few days. Dang, I don't know why I go hunt'n in the first place. I cain't run fast enough to grab holt to a dad burn skeered squirrel, so squirrel hunt'n is put on hold. Have ya ever been feral hog hunt'n? Lots of 'em up there in the wooded area close to the golf'n place. I hope none ya think I would kill a critter after I catch 'em.

Speak'n of critters, I love all of 'em ya know. I leave my door wide open most the time. Critters come an' go....fly'n critters that is, mosquitoes, flies an' weird look'n insects. I was camped up there at S.F. Austin State Park, I'm think'n that's where it was. I lay down over there on the couch an' take me a nap. I wakes up to some strange noise on the steps....it were a freak'n raccoon....look'n in "da house" from two steps up. I got 5 steps. Now I ain't a bit skeered of raccoons or nuttin like that, but I don't want them suckers in the house. Had a javelina do that one time, but he didn't climb no steps....just look'n inside.
Speak'n of critters.....I know I done tole this story a couple times before, but...why not? It was 1958. Me an' a buddy went on a hitchhik'n tour from southern California to almost Canada.....bout 30 miles to the north. We hitched across Washington state bout 4 or 5 times. In Libby Montana we was sleep'n on the front porch.  We was waked up by bark'n dogs an' some strange sounds com'n from the garden. There was two big ol' bears in there eat'n up stuff. An' the garden wasn't really that far from the front porch. Buddies aunt come out on the porch with a shot gun. Shoot two time in the air. Skeer hell out them bears an' they was gone.....pooof, just like that. We sleeped in the house the next night.

Ok....I suppose that bout enough for today. I got things to do ya know....finish the floor. Come on hunnert dollar bill, I need help.


  1. You may have scared some off, but I still think you are sexy.

  2. I sure don't feel like no hundred $ bill, more so about 2 cents worth --yesterday, that is, although I dug about a hundred Iris roots; yeah, I'm hoping to sell and get RICH. Today I'm at 19 cents worth. Just thinking about you while studying on my spine. Hey, here is a link you might like to really check out...if only my insurance would cover, I'd go for it! http://www.northamericanspine.com. Phone 1-877- 329-4605. Can't hurt to learn about their procedures, eh?

    Makes me feel good to hear I've been missed. It pyorely do, BB. , Thank Ye. Some times I have no comment; sure can't comment on your golfin' since I'm 100% ignorant 'bout that stuff (fact matter is I'm ignorant 'bout lots of stuff) but surely will not skip your posts....for anything!
    yeah, I hate to see that cold front too. This week has been A perfect; spring has sprung, you know.

    I confronted a coon (baby bear size)at my back door, inches from me. He was beautiful. Brother had pet coon for years. That sucker could stripe his arm but he'd just laugh, even with the pain. I baby coon stalked me one night last summer, then headed straight for the one garden bed with some fresh "foods". Hah. Smart critters in this world for sure. Got a feral sneaky cat residing underneath the floor; now what am I to do about That?

    I've read about those javelinas! Big problem in places. Glad they aren't here and about. I have mountain lion and coyote issues here.
    Stay cool, Billy Bob.

    I gotta go and get my haunches in gear; it's looking like rain, doggone it.

    1. Ok Sissy, sorry you don't feel like no hunnert dollar bill. I'm think'n they only come bout onest a year an' if'n ya don't take advantage, you ain't gonna be worth much tomorrow.
      Ok...the link ya sent me. It's micro surgey to only correct one thing at a time. More than one may be required. I did a lot of research on this procedure and on laser surgery. Very few doctors recommend it. Reviews from those that had this surgery was not very inviting....mostly negative. Before you commit to North American Spine for relief, google reviews of the company. I did an' they ain't good. NEXT!!!!

      The last "cold" front we had, I said that was the last one. Man boy howdy was I ever wrong. But it ain't gonna be bad. Give ya a day to lay back an' take it easy for a day.

      I remenber one time, my neighbor had two pet raccoons in a big ol' cage. Ha....I go up to that cage an' them damn coons try to eat their way through the wire. Skeer hell out me. I could tell ya bout one my customers what had a pet alligator in the back yard. Ha ha to the sneaky cat. Sneaky cats bite ya know, so be careful.

      I've never had a problem with javelinas. I always stay in the car.

  3. I sure wish you could explain how you get the energy to clean anything. I sit here looking at clutter everywhere and floors that need cleaning. You may not have caught any squirrels but I heard that you had a pretty good golf game. Good luck with the feral hogs.

    1. I'm think'n I got that energy from my squirrel hunt'n trip....two times in one week. I heared one time that exercise is good for ya. My right hip an' back also feels a little better.
      Can ya eat feral hogs??? Should be easier to catch since they don't climb trees.

    2. Yep feral hogs are really good eating. Taste just like lean pork.

    3. daddy I wrote a bunch of stuff and push the publish button and poof its gone, how do you get it back. internet here works when it want to. i'll just send emails,at least it would be saved and can re send .love you.

  4. You having so much energy, get that cleaning done while you can.
    Watch out for them bears.