Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sometimes I ask myself "why". But I never get a intelligent answer.

Don't be 'spect'n nuttin excit'n in todays post. All I did yesterday was a little cabinet clean'n, clean the computer table an' sort'n an' toss'n stuff. Throwed out bout a hunnert dollar worth of stuff I ain't used in a few years. *sit'n here look'n at a $300 camera....do I toss it or not?*
"Take the batteries an' card out it first Billy Bob".

Speak'n of cameras.....I was bout 13 at the time an' I wanted me a camera. Take pictures of all kinds of stuff. I were all excitis. I walked into the photo-graffy shop in Twenty Nine Palms, Ca. an' sit'n on the counter was this neat look'n brand spank'n new camera.
Look something like this one......almost exactly.

On the price tag was a "special" price of.....think'n here, $12.95. I didn't have that much money back in them days. $2 was bout my limit on pocket change. I give the man that $2 an' promise him I will sweep yer floors, warsh yer winders an' take yer trash out.....anything, until the camera is paid off in full. Work'n saturday afternoons, I paid that sucker off in less than two months. Now where the hell I gonna get me some film? A couple more saturdays an' I had me some film. Then of course, the film had to be developed. Back to saturdays again. Sure do wish I had those photos today. Would be some great memories.
I've had cameras in my life ever since. Of every description, size an' color.

My first....top of the line, digital camera was a $379 1.2 megapixel something or another. Boy howdy did I ever think I was uptown. Truth be knowed, it was a POS junk camera compared to what ya can buy now days for less than a hunnert dollar. My present camera is a pocket model. Canon A1300 5X optical zoom, 16 megapixel root'n toot'n shoot 'em up gobberdoo.

I just got to remember to take it with me when I go somewheres. Shoot, I got pockets, what's the problem? Ha ha....throws me off balance when I walk.

Last night....do I dare talk bout it? I went to bed right bout my usual time, bout 12:30. Then I lay there, mind go'n a hunnert mile a hour, caffeine keep'n my eyes wide open.....my back hurt like hell. The last time I look at the clock, it was 4am. Sheesh!!! I ain't gonna get much sleep tonight. By the time I waked up, it was 9am....an' I had to pee like a race horse....or something like that. My feet was all tangle up in the covers an' I hit the floor with a bang....a pile of covers an' my poor old body. It was not a good night. 


  1. I am fascinated by cameras and have 4 of them sitting around. The one I like best is also the largest and not easy to carry around. I still think I took better photos with the old film cameras than I do with digital. But digital is so convenient and you can see right away what it's going to look like, so most folks will say it's a better camera. Just more convenient in my opinion.

  2. I'll tell one thing these new I-Phones do take some very good pictures I even have a pic of a fish I caught and I take a pic of it C/R like BB and when I posted on the fish website I belong to some noted that you see the droplets of water coming off the fish. And it always handy in by back pocket or the top of my waders. Also you can talk or text now you can't beat that...

  3. wishin' I had a camera. Heck, I'm wishin' I had a computer that works. Send any spares you got this way and I'll say thankee much.

  4. Got my camera and all my stuff in my fishing vest I wear. (don't fish though) Don't link to carry stuff in my pockets.