Monday, March 3, 2014

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? That's a good question. First off, 'cause it's so cold outside (42 degs), I ain't go'n out there. Secondly, 'cause I don't feel like do'n nuttin, I probly won't. It's that simple.

I watched that golf'n game on TV yesterday. The guy I was root'n for didn't win. Dumb ass was hit'n bogies an' a double bogie...lost by one stroke. Anyhows, I got the urge to go outside an' swak me a few golf balls. It was almost 5:30pm by the time I set out the door. I grab some golf balls, a few tees an' my Cobra driver. It was 79 degs out there an' very little wind. Are ya ready for this.....????

I hit me a couple balls. They look pretty good. Miss where I was aim'n by bout 20 yards or so. That when I feels this cold slight wind on the back my neck. I turns around....and holy crap, the sky is black. The wind picks up some more an' I'm headed for "da house". Now remember, this is right bout 5:30pm. By 6:00pm, the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour (bout 25 or so), the temp has drop to 62 degs....an' go'n down fast. By 7pm it was cold, wind still blow'n.....45 degs. By 9pm, the Walmart special temp thingy settled out at 39 degs with only a slight 10 mile a hour breeze. That's a 40 deg temp drop ya know. Sadie Mae only take bout 1 minute to go out an' pee. Jump'n on the step want'n back in. Last nights low temp was 31 degs.   

As far as being at a low point in my life, I've been there before. And I somehows pulled out. I do realize that I ain't get'n no younger an' one day I'm gonna go on "that trip" an' never be seen again. I cain't predict the day I will board that last train, nor am I too concerned. Ya see, I already done bout everthing I could ever want to do. My last dream was throwed in the dumpster 'cause I'm too freak'n old to build a mansion (RV shelter and patio). I have no dreams left.

I know.....some of ya already seen my dream photos, but some of ya ain't.

There's still  possibility I could have my RV shelter, but it would have to be constructed by somebody else. It would no longer be a dream. So I just throwed it away. What days I have left, I would like to be in a comfortable location. Not too hot in the summer an' not at all cold in the winter. Jamaica???

Ok, I called the dentist office. Yes, there is a possibility I could get dizzy an' light headed mix'n my drugs (meds). But I only had that one day....I'm good to go.

Boy howdy, I had me a terrible dream last night. "Sally da house" catched on fire. What do I grab as I head out the door? Laptop computer, .357 an' my Henry rifle. Add all that up an' I got a total of bout $1300 in my hands. Up there in my secret hid'n place is $5000 in hunnert dollar bills. I left it. My safe, what contains my titles an' other important papers, is still sit'n in the closet. In the dream, there was a water hose sit'n outside. I put the fire out with it.

This got me to think'n....what if'n this was to really happen? You do know that fire is the biggest fear for RV'ers....right? At the present time, it would take me a good 15 minutes to round up all the important stuff. Some is in the front an' some is in the back....with only one door to exit. Yes I have emergency exit winders. One in the front an' one in the bedroom. Maybe I should rearrange stuff so's I can get out in bout 15 seconds an' have all the important stuff in my hands. Today, since it's cold outside, I'll do some think'n on that. What don't hang on a wall, will go in the little safe an' it be placed close to the door. Oh wait....what about my Mississippi river boat?
"Pssssst Billy Bob. Ya got a big ol' remote control airplane too".

That's a year of put'n together there ya know. An' it still ain't completely finished. Had to do some modification to convert it to remote control an' build a work'n smoke generator for it. Smoke come out them two stacks when it's underway.
Did I ever tell ya bout the time I sinked it.......
It's been repaired an' sit'n on it's shelf in "da house".

I think this is bout all I care to write bout today. Although, I could write for another hour with all the stuff roll'n round in my head. Camp'n. Fish'n. Dig'n dirt for gold. Go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour. Stories of my early years. You know what I'm talk'n bout....a mind what never sleeps. 


  1. Surprised to see no comments."Dumb ass was hit'n bogies an' a double bogie.." I don't do golf but it must be like anything else, somebody's got to take care of the Bogies.
    Nice looking boat, the upright one.

  2. I was always concerned about fire when I lived in my 5th wheel. Now I'm in a mobile home (1962 model) with those windows that crank out and the window panes are only 10" deep. As skinny as I am, I can't get through a 10" opening! It really worries me and i need to get my windows replaced, but do I pay the dentist or the window installer, or the roof installer, or just forget 'em all and go on a trip somewhere.

  3. Fire's a worry for all of us, well, a concern. In my mind, i've planned how i would get out, not what i would take, lol. The getting out is my concern.

  4. I worry about a fire when we go to town and leave the dogs at home alone.

  5. To quote Alfred E. Neuman "What, me worry ??" No cold down here in SW Florida. Glad we're here, especially this year. Keep up the great bloggin' my friend!

  6. If I didn't need this job I'd come and help you build that mansion BB. I really would!

  7. Tell Dizzy to take the smokes and the lighters with him when he goes to town...Oh and the fireworks too.....The dogs will just have to take another nap....

  8. Billy Bob don't give up on your dreams!

    You and Barney are the only ones that know how old my mother is. She has had a lot of health issues in her life but she came to life when she turned 77 (when she became a widow). You are younger than that...so get to building your mansion and don't give up on your dream.

  9. I think you have some great plans there, Billy Bob... hope you can get the danged thing built. Then you can roam when you want, but be able to pull in and "sit on the porch and sippa cup" when you want too!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  10. That sure is a quick temperature change, really hate when that happens, keep warm there.

  11. It is a good thing that you put the $5000 in hunnert dollar bills in the bank this morning.