Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy merry Labor day...

Brisket has been in the smoker since 7:30 this morn'n. Robert is such a good boy.

Robert is experimenting today with "Texas recipe" brisket. Not a recipe from all of Texas mind you, 'cause up north, they do it different than they do in south Texas. But we won't get into that.

Everbody grills differently. Take for instance now, I grill my pork ribs on a open pit wood fired grill. I install a good dose of brushed on "modified" bbq sauce throughout the entire cook'n process (cooked in flavor). Fires are promptly extinguished with a water hose. Now that I have the propane fired Weber grill, I no longer "open pit" cook. An' the fun of put'n out fires is gone. The taste is bout the same, but the process is much different. And twice as fast. In beer time, it would be 4 beers versus bout 8 or 10.

I ain't got nuttin to do this morn'n....bored, so's I measured my coffee grinds into a measur'n cup. One level scoop an' one overflow'n scoop. Then I measure from a tablespoon. Two heap'n spoons per scoop. Now we come to the question, is one table spoon a level spoon full or a heap'n spoon full? Ok, ya don't want to talk bout coffee? What else can we talk bout this morn'n?

The batteries in "Sally da house" was thirsty. I give 'em a drink. My god, right at a gallon an' a half. That's 4 deep cycle golf'n cart batteries....16 cells to fill up.

Then I worked on a little yard clean up. My god, where all this stuff come from? Ya see, I had this big trash bag out there filled up with a bunch of trash stuff. A huge wind come by an' blow that stuff all over the place.....or the neighbor dogs got in it. Did a little glue job on the "spud gun from hell" so's that sucker don't blow apart when we fire a tater with it. Removed, fixed an' cleaned a bedside light. Boy howdy, that thing was full of dead bugs. Looks like a brand spank'n new one now. Two items were checked off'n the "fix it" list. Ha, that leaves only 14 to go.

Was bad when I got up this morn'n. Barely make it to the coffee pot. I cain't stand up. I swear, this old back is get'n worster every day. Then I got to think'n bout the appointment for 8am. How the hell am I gonna handle that if'n I cain't walk that early? But then I got to think'n bout a couple "good" days I had. I rekon for the condition of my back, all this is normal.

Did you know, that when I removed the furnace from "da house" I also removed the only heat source to my water tanks an' water lines? Them suckers could freeze when the temps get into the teens. I'm gonna be in Georgia in cold weather. I'm think'n a couple 150 watt light bubs. One for the fresh water tank compartment an' one for the water pump. Home Depot, here come the Billy Bob. The water hose lay'n on the ground will surely freeze up. Dang I hate snow.

Speak'n of water hose an' stuff like that...I think I have contamination. When I last had my water tank filled, the hose was not properly stowed (it's hooked up full time now). Not completely emptied an' open to air. Do ya know how to sanitize water hoses? Ya throws them in your neighbors swim pool over night. The house water lines have not been sanitized in bout 2 or 3 years. My coffee sucks. Something needs to be done. But not today.  



  1. After the hot weather we've been having I would love to be in snow! I sure do miss it. I use a coffee scoop to measure my coffee - one rounded scoop for every 2 cups of coffee. You probably would complain that mine is too weak, but yours would definitely be too strong for me.

    1. If I'm think'n right, a regular coffee scoop is 1/8th cup. I throwed mine in the dumpster an' use a 1/4 cup scoop.

      Think'n bout snow....when was the last time I was in snow? Mount Whitney back in 02 an' 03. Was a little bit at the Grand Canyon in the same years...same trips. Did I ever mention, I don't like cold?

  2. With all the cleaning up (I read it every day) you must be quite a neat freak!

  3. Two level tablespoons = one heaping tablespoon. A regular/standard coffee scoop contains two level table spoons = one oz.

    You are thinking right Billy Bob. One regular/standard coffee scoop = one oz = 1/8th cup. A 1/4 cup scoop = 2 oz which I think it just right for one 8 oz cup of coffee. Now you got me thinking about making me another cup of coffee!

  4. Dublin,Tx. where I am was frozen over a lot last winter.If it gets like that in Georgia,I would think you would need some kind of awesome insulation for those water lines.Your ribs would be a big hit with my 15 year old grandson that lives with me.That boy does like meat...Vada

  5. Think I will throw our hose in the pool here get it sanitized, not using it right now.
    Ribs on the Weber does cut down on beer drinking time quite a bit. And they still taste pretty good.

  6. "The taste is bout the same, but the process is much different. And twice as fast. In beer time, it would be 4 beers versus bout 8 or 10."

    Loved your time analogy :D