Monday, January 10, 2011

What ya mean...sunk???

Well, of news for the day, the Mississippi riverboat did not sink. But I had my wonders.

Ya see; it's like this. I throwed the boat in the back of "that jeep" and headed off to the animal water'n hole. I look at the grade of that road what led down to the waters edge and says..."ya think this old jeep gonna climb that hill com'n out there"? Well it did. Spined the tires a little, but you knows I like that......burn sum rubber.

 I guess you can see that "da boat" is sit'n a little low in the back end and too high in the front. But I bet ya a buck old Billy Bob gonna figger out a way to fix that. By the way, the above photo is supposed to be a video. What ya gotta do Billy Bob when ya gonna take a video is turn that little knob thingy to "movie" not "shakie hands". Sheesh.....don't ya know nuttin???

When I got back to camp I got to think'n....move the motor foward. So's I breaks out my chain saw and cut a wall slap out the way. This where the new motor location gonna be. It's 4 inches further foward of where I put it first time, so this will move the balance point with it. But that still ain'n gonna be enough. Gonna have to add weight to the front end. Like another battery (battery box was built for 2 batteries) or something like that.

My mechanic came by today to reinstall the front drive shaft on "that jeep". Well the sucker won't fit no more after I took off the freak'n lift kit. The splines what is supposed to be adjustable won't move. The old grease is hard as nails. So here what I'm gonna do.....break out that big ol' torch and burn that grease slap out there. Then gonna swak it with a big ol' hammer a couple three times. It's gonna move....Billy Bob don't give up.

See what I was tole you??? Motor is installed. By the way...that's a Billy Bob homemade pulley ya look'n at in the last photo. I make stuff ya know. When I reinstall the missing wall, you'ld never know there was a 250 hp motor behind there.


  1. Put a jet engine in the boat.

  2. Well Blow da Man!!! You cheated Caption Neptune!! :-)

    Yea, find that little picture on you camera dial that looks sort of like a movie camera, that usually is the movie record setting.

  3. Billy Bob, you be careful now when you're handlin' a big ole blowtorch!

  4. Hey! Instead of adding weight that will only make da boat heavier and sit still lower, why not shoot a couple three cans of that low expansion foam stuff in the back. Well maybe part of one can at least.