Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ok, what am I gonna do today???

Yesterday turned out to be a total flop when the propane guy didn't show up. He had come around the week before passing out these bright fluorescent green signs, see 'em a mile away, what ya put in your window tuesday morning. Well shoot, he never showed up to see the little fluorescent green signs.

I guess winter is finally over. It's been a hard one out here at the "slabs" from day 1. I recall one night the temp got all the way down to 37 degs when an Artic cold front came bearing down on us. But that only lasted a couple days. Now the night time temps are in the 50's with wonderful "hot" day time temps in the lower 80's. Anyone for air conditioning?

Boy howdy, what happen this morning? I pop my eyes open this morning and look outside. It's still dark. What the hell??? I ain't been up this early in a couple months. But then last night was the first night I went to bed before midnight. 

I was sit'n round yesterday do'n a little think'n. Seems like it take a long time to do things now days what I used to get done before breakfast. Maybe I'm just get'n lazy at my old age. The things I used to want to do just ain't there any more. Or maybe it's that I can't do them at all.

Ok.....got things to do. Freak'n laundry basket been sit'n by the door for a week. Off to town.


  1. You may want to move that florescent green sign to a window facing the road (grin). Enjoy the weather, wish I were there with you.

  2. Earth to Billy!!!! You lost out in the desert again? or fall in that lake and Sadie won't go for help?

    Or did you get to spraying paint on that boat/submarine and inhale too much and pass out?

    Check in or we gonna call CHPs