Saturday, December 18, 2010


Someone asked me about the slabs. Well shoot, what is there to say?

If ya ever been out in the desert....you know, where there ain't no grass and trees, then you have an idea of what the slabs is like. But then again, it ain't at all like that at all. In the winter it becomes a city of r/v'ers from every walk of life show'n up in little homemade travel trailers, converted vans, old school buses and  makeshift tents....all the way up to high dollar Prevost motor homes.  As of today there may be only bout 2000 of them, but they are still coming. From everywhere. They come in droves from Canada and every State as far east as New Jersey. This place is known throughout the country as simply "the slabs".

Now why do people come from all these different places to this God awful place called the slabs? There's other places you can camp for free. Other places that are warm in the winter. But yet, they show up at the slabs. There's nothing special about the place other than it's uniqueness to anywhere else. There's no electricity other than what you make yourself with a generator or solar panels. There no water, no sewers, no grocery stores, no services of any kind....only emptiness, bushes, a few desert trees, concrete slabs for years past, trash piles here and there....a dismal look'n place. But it's alive. There's a church, a couple little makeshift clubs where campers congregate, two book exchange libraries, two outside live entertainment establishments where people hang out drink'n beer, smok'n pot, hoot'n and holler'n...hav'n a good ol' time.

Now if ya wanna do something at the slabs, ya could run over to the Salton Sea and look at the old abandoned buildings that were packed with tourist back in the 50's. Or ya could drive up the road a piece to Indio and Palm Springs...just to take a look see. If ya like to gamble, ya could drive up to the Indian Casino on the other side the sea. Or stop off for a world reknowned "date shake"...just up the road a piece. Actually, there ain't much to do any wheres close. Oh, there's hot springs all over the place, but who want to see an old hot spring? Then in February there's the donkey BBQ not too far from here. Yeah...they used to BBQ a donkey. Now it's a pig or two.

That's bout all I got to say bout the slabs for one day. Will try to post some pics on my next post.

Now I got to heat me up some that chili and a couple dogs before the campfire. See's ya laters....


  1. Dang, I was going to comment but after reading Ben's comment there just aint nothing left to say.

  2. Do you have any stories for us Billy Bob?

  3. I was watching the bweatherman this afternoon and he was showing a rain map that showed the sky falling on you guys at the Slabs. Are the Duck Puppies enjoying themself.