Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Plenty of sunshine

Holy crap Billy Bob, is it beautiful out or not? It sure is nice to wake up in the morning to sunshine and warm temps. Try bout 47 degs outside for the last two mornings. Cain't beat that wid a stik.

Well, I guess by now everyone is get'n tired of listening to me bitch bout all the computer problems I been hav'n. Either that or you're hav'n a good laugh wait'n for the damn thing to blow up in my face. So here's the deal....I ain't tak'n this thing apart. After read'n the "manual" on how to take it apart....holy crap, forget that. There's 107 screws, every component has to be removed and disconnected....just to get to that noisy fan. Forget that!!!

Later sometime today or maybe in the next week I'll restore the operationg system back to like the day I bought it. But in the mean time....forget that too. Think'n maybe I'll just take it to someone what know what he's do'n. What ya think???

Ok, let me tell ya bout that big ol' pot of chili. Ya see it's like this, I brewed me up a great big batch....bout a couple gallon. I set it to "rest" after it was done cook'n, but I stole me a bowl just to see if it's was "right". You bet ya it was right....damn it was good. After it rested for a few hours, I says, I want me some more that chili and crank up the burner. Well, everybody know how that works, ya forget about what ya do'n and then ya smell something burn'n. Yep, I done burn my wonderful south Texas chili. Dug me out a bowl and it don't taste the same......Hmmmmm....tastes kind of burnt. No....I ain't gonna throw it out...gonna eat it.

Ain't much go'n on at the slabs. You know, just lay'n round "do'n nuttin" most the day. The bombing range has been quiet this year compared to last year. Hear a few gattlin guns and a couple bombs explod'n, no earthquakes yet.....yup, been pretty quiet. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....me and Gerry was out chukker hunt'n up in the desert and we fount an old miner cabin. Inside the shack was this half a box of dynamite. Well we done figger out a way to blow that stuff up. Yep, it blowed up. Set us on our ass too. Holy cows, no wonder that crap is dangerous for kids to mess with.  Never see a chukker the whole day.

Never tell ya bout the time I went mountain lion hunt'n did I?? We was camped up at Robbers Roost for the weekend....bout 5 of us as far as I can remember. Ya see, Robbers Roost was an outcrop of great big ol' rocks where the outlaws used to hang out wait'n for the stage to come across Walkers Pass in the Sierra Mountains. Then they would ride out and rob the stagecoach....stuff like that ya know. We used to drive down Walkers Pass in Mexican overdrive back then. Don't know why, but we was go'n bout a hunert mile a hour when we got to the flat area of the highway before it dead ended into highway 14. Boy howdy, what a ride.

Ok....got things to do.....change the battery in "that jeep". Then go for a ride look'n for my Texas flag. Still can't believe someone stole my flag. Why don't anyone like Texas except Texans???

Update......when for a ride....nope, ain't no Texas flag fly'n nowheres. But I did stop off at Solar Mikes and bought me up a brand spank'n new 600 watt pure sine wave inverter. There goes sav'n a buck. Installed it and now I can run anything I want....as long as it's under 600 watts. Ya see, it's like this, my old inverter was a 2500 watt modified sine wave....what ya can't run a fan off of and it mess up audio equipment an the little fans don't work no more. Now I'm set for life.
Oh yeah, Solar Mike says my batteries in "da house" are just fine. How bout them apples???

Speak'n of audio equipment, I fount me just what I been look'n for at Walmart. Or I think it's what I been look'n for. Will do a little research before I buy it. I like to buy stuff ya know.


  1. Sorry bout your chili getting all burned up!! oh well, save what you can of it I guess.

    About your on going computer issues, Don't even bother to do a restore or reload till you get that cooling fan fixed. When that fan fails, it's gonna fry up the whole thing anyway and you'd just have to restore all that valuable stuff to the new one.

  2. Anyone who would steal a mans flag is a lowlife Sorry to hear that. keep looking, you may find it or one of your friends will see it flying once you leave and they think it's safe.when you buy the next flag get a waterproof pen and put your name and cell # on it.
    Have a good one

  3. BB, paint a Texas flag on the side of your RV.

  4. Don't forget, 600 watts means you should keep the output under 5 amps.