Friday, December 17, 2010

Bored at da slabs

Somebody was tell'n me "ya gotta update your blog". Well hell, update it with what? I ain't been do'n nuttin.

Tuesday I was sit'n here think'n....let's go golf ball swak'n. That what I did. For such a small town, they got a BIG golf course (6100 yds). Trees and stuff in the way. This course was designed for "young pups" what can hit a ball a mile or more. Us old farts can't even see that far, much less hit a golf ball over 180 yards. Old Billy Bob was hit'n 'em straight and true, putt'n like a pro for a nice 92. Cain't beat that wit a stik.

Broke out the old remotet control car just for something to do. Boy howdy here come the dogs say'n...."what the hell is that"?? They was chas'n it like they was gonna eat it...but they was skeered of it.... not know'n if it bites or not. Anyhows, that got boring so I just sat in my chair sip'n a cup and think'n..... "now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

Old Tennessee Ken got caught down at the hot spring with no clothes on. Sheriff ask him where his clothes was and he says.... "at the house".

Speak'n of no clothes on....I remember one time I was down on the beach drink'n a few beers when up pull the local law enforcement shining a big ol' bright light on me. My God, somebody done stole all my clothes...that what I told him anyhows. I were stand'n there stark neekid with a fish pole in one hand and a beer in the other. Just thought you'd like to know.

Been lots of people out here what been sick. Some kind of "bug" go'n round or something like that. Well old Billy Bob ain't gonna get sick too, so I takes me a whole hand full of vitimin "C". If'n ya takes mega dose vitimin "C" ya ain't gonna get "da bug". Been over 17 years since old Billy Bob had sniffles...knock'n on anything made out of wood.

Been watch'n the weather all over the place and hehehehehe.....let me tell ya. It been it the lower 50's here at night and a few days in the lower 80's. Now where else can you find weather like this?

Ok.....that's the news from the slabs in southern California.


  1. People don't believe me when I say I haven't had a cold in years, but I take one 1000 mg Vitamin C tablet every day. Glad to hear you're staying well too!

  2. BB, I would like to see and hear a lot more on your opinion on the slabs area and the surrounding area. From the conversations we had back in Deming, I know your take on an area seems more realistic than most folks.

  3. Thats funny about KEN Ive never seen the sheriff goto the hot springs unless there was a report of a dead person ( floatie ) in the springs.

  4. Gypsy....when I feel one com'n one, I take 8,000 mgs thee first day and drop to 3,000 for the next 3 days....then it's 1000 a day.

    Oh come on Ben, you know I'm happy no matter where I'm at. Unless it get cold...then I'm out of there.

    Gee Barney, do ya think anyone would listen to someone with a name like Billy Bob? See what I can do for ya.

    Well Nick, I didn't tell ya the whole story. Ya see, Tennessee Ken went down there with a bunch of other people. From what I understand, some girl was shoot'n a gun....that why the sheriff show up. Now that's just what I heared, so don't quote me on that.

  5. Hey there Billy Bob... how long you hanging around there at the Slabs? We are thinking of stopping in there sometimes in March.

    Karen and Steve
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