Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another day, spend a hand full of $$$$

Ha ha, I don't much feel like do'n this, but I'm gonna do it anyhows. Just 'cause I can an' so's I don't have to listen to everbody say'n..."where's Billy Bob". Please don't take that wrong an' thing I don't love ever one of ya, It just sounded good.

So, what's been go'n on for the last couple days? Well, yesterday I brewed me up a pan of sloppy Joe mak'ns, an' here come Robert...."Are ya ready for your tacos"? Oh hell ya, I love tacos. But I eat way too much. When it was time to break out the chocolate ice cream, I was still full of tacos.

Yesterday I had me a few areas what feel better than the days before. One stomach med I been tak'n I take at night. On the bottle it plainly states, take 1 hour before eating. Well I'm not gonna eat at 2am so's a couple days ago I started tak'n the med in the morn'n. Not certain, but I'm think'n I should have been tak'n it in the morn'n all along. Stomach feel a mite better.

This morn'n....or was it early afternoon, I goes outside to check out the a/c on the "billy jeep". It were pretty low on refrigerant, but I got enough in it to find a "new" leak. Auto parts stores do NOT sell "o" ring gasket kits for a/c compressors. But you ain't never gonna guess who does. Amazon....it's ordered an' on the way. Maybe bout 3 days or so.

You ain't gonna believe this dad gum cat. He's done let everbody know, he's a outside cat an' there ain't nobody gonna tell him to come inside until HE is ready. Only time he come in the house is when he wants a bite to eat or a head rub'n. Then pooooof, out the door he go.

I rekon I'm gonna have to make me a visit to a doctor bout my swolled up feet. This is happen'n way too much. Something must be wrong. Last night they hurted like hell, but this morn'n they don't feel so bad. Go figger!!!

Wil, I got me a idea for a new project, Just something to get me off my lazy ass....buttocks, if'n ya wanna be PC bout it.

Not for Sadie May, she lives in "Sally da house" with air condition. Robert has 2 big dogs and 2 small dogs. Think'n they might use this.

RunNRose....and Dizzy Dick....in answer to your question, yes I am kin to my son Daniel and my daughter Angela. Ain't we purty??? Angela's wedding.

Granddaughter Kaitlyn.

Just in case ya don't know, this is how a father giv'n his daughter away should dress like.
 Scooby Doo an' hollerweeen socks. Daughter would not allow me to wear white tennies.

A special thanks to TROUBLEnTExAS and MsB. We been hang'n out together from way back in 2008. Both have visited me in different campgrounds where we had some pretty dern good conversations. I sure do miss these girls. One day MsB, I hope I am able to treat you to that Taco Bell treat I promised you.

The rest of my followers, your are super special to me also.

Oh shit, I got all sentimental. I better get off here fore I say something stupit.
Love all my followers.


  1. Billy Bob if you had been my dad, I would not have let you wear white tennis shoes to my wedding either. Very nice pictures by the way.

    I loved visiting with you especially that first time at San Pedro where I made a MsBelinda sign just in case you came out shooting...jajajajaja

    Every time I drive by Taco Bell I think of you and smile.

  2. I have a friend who is a wedding photographer; he wears a 3 stooges tie. Garrison Keillor, of Prairie Home Companion fame, wears red tennis shoes everywhere--even with his tuxedo with red bow tie and cumberband.

  3. luv to read your posts bb. the pic are great - you clean up good. you should write some stories about more of your past adventures. you have a way with words and getting peoples' attention. you are da man.

  4. Hey BB you dress up pretty good, like me, I have Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ties , bright and loud, no loud socks though yet.
    Keep the stories coming.

  5. You look pretty good for an old guy! Nice pictures !

  6. hi BB. WOW ! i like to see your blogs more often and now i am hopeful that your back felling better to blog more . nice pictures . i did not know that an old red neck can be so sentimental and make me cry . i knew under that red neck there was a softy at heart .

  7. My sock draw is full of either white or grey socks. Since I usually wear boots, it wouldn't matter if I had a white sock on the left foot and black one on the right (grin). Actually, I mate my socks after I take them out of the dryer.

  8. Was just thinking about meeting you out at Inks Lake,, then read this... Good timing.
    Weve seemed to have the same back, hip problem since then. I got one of those epidural injections Wed in my hip, and ive NEVER gone thru pain like i did that night, about 4-6 hours worth. WOW... Then get up yesterday and it's like 99% better!,,, Why have they kept telling me, it wasnt my hip???? OMG. And maybe im counting chickens, but theres hardly any pain. Dont know what the next few days will bring, but have hope...
    Ive wished i could have met ol Ben, and still would like to meet DD and his wife, and a few others. Maybe some day.

  9. I hope by now you have your stomach meds working properly. You and Angela have the same sweet smile!

  10. Hi, BB. Good to know you are still kicking and I miss your 'often' posts. Hope your health issues soon straighten out for the better. That grandchild is a showstopper, an "oh so pretty doll baby". The socks? Ah, hahaha. I love your sense of humor -You're the man!

    Sissy (finally returned)

  11. Oh those are my favorite pics of us dad! You are so silly with those socks and tie. Haha I love you

  12. Just remember, Billy Bob, if'n you are anything like me, best make the doghouse(s) big enough for an overnight visit. I do suffer from a severe case of hoof in mouth disease...