Saturday, October 12, 2013

$5000 Jeep....broke again

Oh boy, we get to spend some more bucks on "that jeep". I've been eat'n hot dogs, peanut butter samiches an' boiled chicken necks to save money for this anticipated day....."that jeep" is broke again.

Ya see, I was fool enough yesterday to think I could swak a golf'n ball down the middle of the fairway. That's bout all I want to remember bout a "day of golf ball swak'n". Sheesh....it was a terrible experience. On the way back to "da house", after hit'n that damn little ball bout a hunnert times, I pushes on the brake.....screeech an' grind. Sound like I wake up a pissed off prehistoric sabre tooth tiger on the prowl. Something wrong I betch'a a dollar. Ok, so I ain't change the brake pads in a hunnert years....I'm gonna be do'n it now. So here's the deal. My Neighbor Mark just loves to change brake pads....that what he tell me anyhows. But he can't do it today. He say Thursday. By Thursday, I could be in Sinton, Texas, buy a new set of brake pads an' nephew Joseph be under "that jeep" do'n his favorite thing....fix'n "that jeep".

I'm not able to do that kind of stuff no more. Once I get on the ground, I ain't get'n back up. Like yesterday, I was check'n the water in the house batteries (check one more off the "to do" list). I sit's down in a patch of goat heads. My ass is so dead an' numb from sit'n on it, I never feel a thing. I adds a gallon if distilled water. Now I got to get up off'n the ground. I got goat heads in my ass, in my hands an' I bangs the shit out my head on the bedroom slide out. I ain't never get'n on the ground again.

Today is "payday" at the RV park. I been here near on to 6 weeks (Oct. 15th). This leaves me with a decision. Pull out on the 15th an' fix the brakes in Sinton, or pay for another 2 weeks an' fix 'em here. I'm good with either decision.

Holy crap, it's 5:30am when I get this dad gum leg cramp. I comes fly'n out from under the covers, stand'n on my tippy toes....I got to pee. What the hell, I'm up, it's dark, it's cold in "da house" (39 degs outside), I might as well stay up an' watch a sunrise. Brew me up a pot. Turn on the TV an' watch a couple hunnert hot air balloons take off up in Albuquerque. I been want'n for years to go see them in person. You know, park "Sally da house" in one them hunnert dollar a night park'n sites. But my god, I ain't got "that" much pocket change. TV coverage is almost like be'n there, maybe better. This year there is just under 600 balloons to take to the skies.

Holy crap....traffic jam.

Ok, here's what I'm not understanding. After I publish my blog post, I click on one of my followers blog site. I scroll their followers list. The post I just finished publishing does not show up on the top of their list. Then I scroll down their followers list and find my "yesterdays" blog post. I'm using Firefox, does that make a difference? That's what I'm talk'n bout....where the hell is my blog post for "today"? Grrrrrrrrrr Google Blogger!!!
Update, two minutes later. After I updated, it now shows up. I'm lost in a world of technology I don't understand. "Just forget bout it Billy Bob".


  1. Sinton sounds like the right place for you since the Feds are still jacking around Lake Amistad.

  2. When you click on one of your follower's blog site, click the refresh button to see if your latest post shows up. Don't tell me you really eat boiled chicken necks!

  3. Maybe you are faster than firefox have to wait for it to catch up with you and refresh you browser. Chicken necks can make a great soup, yummy!

  4. It took two hours for my new post to show up on several of my followers' blogs! I use IE. Sometimes, I turn on my computer and no one on my roll has a new blog. Once, this went on for three days. Finally, I started clicking on their blogs, and YES, most of them had posted a new post several days before. This morning my blog roll had no times of updates and I could only read blogs on feedburner. I have nothing I read on feed burner, except this morning.

  5. Those hot air balloons sure do look pretty but I sure would not want to be up in one of them.

    At least this time the Jeep fix is doable and you know what is required. Mom's mini-van is going on three months of being broke and dad's old car is showing signs of wanting to get sick :(