Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby JoJo

This is not a good day. Grrrrrrrr at the world. "Well shoot Billy Bob, don't read the news".
Armed Park Rangers. Park Rangers issuing "tickets" at $100 a pop. Illegals allowed to protest/gather in parks closed to veterans. I don't care if this is a Obama thing, a democrat thing, a republican thing or just a bunch of idiots thing....this crap ain't right.

Well, I made another, probly stupit, decision. I ain't go'n to Inks Lake. Simple as that. It ain't 'cause I don't like Inks Lake or nuttin like that, 'cause I really do. Probly my second choice of lakes in the big State of Texas. Well, maybe third choice. No....second. "My god Billy Bob, make up yer mind".

Ya see, I ain't got it in me no more. I'm tired of travel. But I been tell'n ya that for two or more years....right? My little health issues, an' a dose of depression is got me down.....knock me slap on the floor. Today, I just don't give a fly'n flip. Maybe tomorrow or so, I'll go to Inks Lake.

So what about JoJo? When JoJo was gifted to me back in '95, he was 5 weeks old. I tiny little thing what would fit in one hand. He was a feisty little thing from that day on. Make ya wanna laugh at his antics an' clumsiness....side'n across the floor bump'n into stuff. We moved to the boat. He took to boat life with a gusto. Run'n up an' down the teak decks, bump'n into stuff....bark'n at sea gulls, or anything else that caught his eye. 

JoJo was the protector of the boat. When me an' son Daniel moved aboard "Coyote", it was still under contract at a local boat sell'n place. This mean people come to look see "my" boat for a couple months even though I sign a contract with the owner. The assistant marina official guy bring people on board to look her over. JoJo bite the assistant marina guy two times while I was at work at The University of Texas. Tored his britches an' drawed blood onest. An' JoJo was only 4 months old. He never come back to the boat with people an' he keep his distance from JoJo ever time he see him.

One dark evening JoJo took his first plunge into the black waters below. I can hear him splish splash'n with his little paws, but I can't see him. It's dark in here. "The flashlight Daniel, git the flashlight". Where the hell is my dawg? Oh, there he is, sit'n on top of the rudder what stick out the water a couple inches. Rescued JoJo with a fish dip net. Poor little bugger.

I come home to the boat with a order of fresh deep fried shrimps. Great big 'uns....four bite size. I sit my plate of shrimps down in the cockpit to get a cup of coffee. I comes back, four shrimps is gone....pooof, just like that. "JoJo, did you eat my shrimps"? Up under a tarp on the starboard side of the boat, I fount my shrimps. He ain't took his first bite. He was just play'n a trick on me....right!!!

I don't go nowheres without my JoJo. I pulls up in front my favorite eat'em up place. I'm sit'n there sip'n up a cup an' here come the waitress...."Isn't that your car in the middle of the street block'n traffic to the ferry landing"?  Yup it sure were. JoJo had knock the gear shifter thingy out of park an' roll backards....into the street. When I get to the car to pull it out of the street, JoJo says to me...."We go ride daddy".....tail wagg'n.

Tie JoJo to the car while I'm sip'n up a cup at my fav eat'em up. A guy come in...."that damn dog out there bite me". He show me...."it's superficial, no problem....go sit down".  Ya see, the guy was too close to daddy's car an' he tried to pet JoJo. That's a no no for strangers.

My daughter Angela, her friend Jennifer, JoJo an' me was ride'n down the beach in the Buick. The girls holler'n at boys, JoJo bark'n at sea gulls an' me scope'n bikinis. Just look'n ya know. JoJo was in the back seat with Angela's friend Jennifer. I hear Jennifer screech...."my god, JoJo is hump'n my leg". JoJo was com'n of age ya know. Port Aransas is a small town, news travels fast. To this day, Jennifer gets red faced at the mention of JoJo. 

A trip to Galveston with JoJo........Oh wait, go here....save me some typing. JoJo Super Dog.

JoJo Super Dog


  1. What a wonder-dawg!!...I bet it lifted your spirits some telling us about him....You must have more stories...Thanks,

  2. I like ol' Jo-Jo and I never even met him! Must have been a great traveling mate!

  3. Your JoJo, a furry doll. What would we do without our four-legged family ?
    I had a beloved dog, JoJo too. Black Pomeranian/Yorkshire. Wrote about him. Stolen twice by the same thief. One day he disappeared again and never reappeared; guess another JoJo admirer got him. I still ache for him, 17 years later.

  4. You know Billy Bob that us the best story you have ever told, even brought tears to my old eyes as my little 5lbs Yorkie-Poo laying on the recliner between my feet. Make me think of Taffy the wonder dog trying to cross over to another boat as we were rafted up on the bay and plop if she didn't have here little vest never would be able to hook her with the

  5. I enjoyed the story of Jojo and also the little tribute you made for him at the link.