Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Medication problem.....maybe

Holy crap, what go'n on? Ya see, my doctor, Dr. Fronkinsteen changed one of my medications from brand name to generic. I had been out of this brand name for right bout a week....keep this in mind as I continue. The medication in question is Coreg. I have tachycardia what makes my heart rate soar to extreme 160 to 180 beats a minute. That's not good. Coreg lowers my heart rate allowing me to function as a normal human bean at a heart rate of 70 to 80 bpm. Well this generic stuff what I took last night ain't right....maybe. I start see'n funny, kind of dizzy an' light headed. I check my blood pressure....it's up, 154/85 with a heart rate of 110. An' I was just sit'n here do'n nuttin. I'm think'n...."what the hell, ain't tak'n no more that stuff". 

There's three possibilities. Since I been out of Coreg for a week, I may have had a minor tachycardia attack....but not likely. Maybe I took too much. Now that's a possibility. It says...."take one tablet twice a day". I took two last night. But wait a minute before ya scold me an' throw stiks at me, the mg for the two generic is less than the once a day Coreg. And last but not least, generics suck.
I'm just fine this morning. Sleeped it off I betcha a dollar. Today I will take one in the morn'n an' one at night. If I still have a problem with heart rate go'n up instead of down, like it supposed to do, me an' Dr. Fronkinsteen gonna have us a talk.

I was gonna tell ya the story bout JoJo, what I called "super dog", this morn'n, but it's already late. No JoJo story this morning. 

Spend a freak'n hour on line last night try'n to pay the insurance on "Sally da house". GMAC, what is changed to another name, National General Insurance, made some changes on the website. I had to walk through walls, swim the oceans wide an' climb a freak'n mountain before I finally fount where to make a payment by electronic check. But anyhows, I'm insured for another 6 months.

I been look'n for a place to go ya know. Still ain't got it figger out. When I research a area, I'll look'n for water for the "bubba boat" an' a nice fresh cut fairway to swak golf balls. Some place have both, some have one an' others have none. Although sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin has become my favorite past time, I would still like the option of catch'n me up a fish or swak'n some golf balls. As of today, Inks Lake State Park continues to pop up as a destination. Now if'n our wonderful representatives in Washington would get together an' fix stuff, I will be in Del Rio quicker 'an a flash. I only got bout 4 or 6 days to decide.  

Ok....I got to go outside to "da porch". I'm all thinked out, so I rekon I'll just sit there an' sip up a cup.


  1. I enjoyed my stat last year at Ink's State Park. Pulled up facing the lake. Sit on the couch, look out the big front windshield, and watch the ducks and the fish jump. Nice place, with good fishing and deer to be seen. Gonna have to go back there one of these days.

  2. try this on for size http://www.texaskayakfisherman.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=205509

  3. I believe that overall, generics are something like 85% less effective than brand name drugs, and can be inconsistent in their manufacture. If you have problems with a generic version, the doctor can prescribe it "brand name only" but you will have to pay more for it. I have one medication that I can only tolerate in the brand name form.

    I hope you can find the perfect place to go next, with fishing, golfing, boating and other possibilities. Oh, and great weather1

  4. Daddy... glad you made it to the doc.s office and got checked out. hope the med's get worked out. Now... you ask where to go. how about some place you haven't been. Like South Louisiana, you said in your blogs before about going there. maybe Ms. or go where your heart tells ya. just say'n . well I read your blogs and North is on place you want to go, can't blame you there. have to tell you about my golf game at St. Andrews I shot a 93 with 7 pars. short game war on. but when I mess up boy do I mess up. still had fun and hope to play better. you better watch out. lol...Ok write you later. Love you...

    1. Was get'n worried bout ya son. It makes a old fellers day when his son shows up unannounced.
      Ain't a thing wrong with a 93 on St. Andrews. Just last night I was think'n bout you an' me play'n there....I won of course.

  5. If I could only find my lot along the banks of the Rio Grande you could stay there for free and fish to your hearts desire.

    I have blogged about it before. Thirty years of neglect by my out-of-state neighbors and I... have resulted in dense carrizo growing there and probably home to a bunch of snakes. No sane surveyor would probably touch the place so I do not know what area to clear :(

  6. Sure is nice that you did hear from Robert, nice of him to keep in touch.
    No comments from my three at all.

  7. Taking two pills when you missed one earlier is not usually a good idea but you are the doctor. Taking one in the morning and one at night to see if that works and talking to Dr Frankenstein about the generic if that does not is a VERY good idea.