Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brake pad day....maybe

"WHAT THE HELL"???? I was lay'n there in bed, sound asleep, just mind'n my own business ya know. Holy crap, I'm freez'n to death. Ain't nobody tole me it was gonna get this cold last night. I get's up, head off to the bathroom, then I go check the Walmart special. It's 32 freak'n degs outside. Inside temp is 49. If'n I told ya onest, I told ya a hunnert times, I don't like cold.  If'n it would have been bout 5 degs colder, I would have used Sadie Mae's water for coffee this morn'n.

Well, what ya think? Are the National Parks open this morn'n? I would almost bet ya a dollar they gonna be closed for bout a week so's they can mow grass, trim the trees....stuff like that, before they let the public back in. Punish the public ya know. 

Did I go golf ball swak'n yesterday? Well hell no. Ya see, I was sit'n out there on "da porch" BS'n with the neighbors. The trees start danc'n. It was get'n windy fast. Somewheres bout 25 mile a hour.....I ain't go'n nowheres. Dust an' sand blow'n everwheres. Dust devils an' tumbleweeds.

Today, Mark my mechanic, is supposed to start put'n brake pads on "that jeep". But before I get all excitis bout that happening, let me tell ya bout his darling wife Linda. She the one that does his "chore" scheduling. She sit on her buttocks all day long watch'n "soaps" an' Fox news, while he's at work. Write down bout a hunnert little chores for him to do when he returns home from a 10 hour day. Then she grab holt to a comfortable chair an' sit there an' tell him how to do it. That grows feathers on the back my neck. Grrrrrrr!!!

I spent most yesterday....painless. I was like, "my god, my back an' hip don't hurt". Don't feel too bad this morn'n neither. Boy howdy, if'n it would stay like this, or better yet, not hurt no more, I would be one happy camper. If'n ya ain't never have back pain (sciatica), ya ain't never give birth to a 14 pounds baby.

Pigs feet??? I love 'em. I can open up a jar them things an' eat 'em all up in one sit'n. God knowed there would be people like me when he put feet on pigs. Bacon, bacon, bacon.....!!!!

Ok, here's the deal....."where my blog"? Ya see, I publish todays post, click view blog....there it are. Then I click on 4 bloggers what follow my blog an' what do I find? Way down their list is yesterdays post "Chicken Feet".

So I'm 'spearmint'n. I'll upgrade my post, see it'n that fix it. Then if'n that don't work, I'll post a comment on my blog. Hang on while I go see if'n that works.

Ok, none that worked. I'm now on Internet Explorer with a update.
That didn't work neither.

Try a reboot of computer......worked on some, but not all.

Now everthing is work'n just fine. What did I do to correct the problem.....I have no freak'n idea.
This has happened in the past with OFM Barney's blog. Was a couple three months ago, didn't show up. It do now. Dizzy's did it a couple times. Now MsB is hav'n the same problem as I am. WHAT THE HELL????




  1. Replies
    1. Tell me Billy Bob did ya pass??? Microsoft 8 I know you told me don't do it but got the Girlfriend new desktop computer and as you know anything new other Linux comes with that. I have reinstalled that printer every time it dose an update. I swear all I hear is Joey I can't PRINT.....Shouldn't of listen you to ya BB.....

  2. It is on my computer. But it says it just showed up 6 minutes ago. It got down to 58 here this morning. Quite refreshing but of course it will warm up later.

  3. My semi-educated guess (and I seem to have the same issue) is that whatever crawler that Google uses to see if the blogrolls are updated has been set to a longer time between checks. The posts show up, just not immediately. I personally don't really care about my stuff showing up the instant I hit publish on the blogrolls. It shows on my blog itself, which is what I care about most. If someone's blog doesn't pop up near the top after awhile I go check on them. If you do a post and then take it down it will still show up on the blog rolls. I think if you update a blog it may not renew the timestamp on the blogrolls, but I haven't verified it.

  4. Your blogging problems probably have something to do with Microsoft Windows. I have always seen yours and Barney's blogs on my sidebar.

  5. I have no probem seeing your blogs usin Google Chrome browser.
    Now Pickled pigs feet, love them!!!!!

  6. The post are always showing up for me, so I don't know what to tell ya.

    Glad you are having some pain free days!

  7. I use Chrome mostly. The time that I could not see my blog post, I even tried IE and it still did not show up. Next day it said I had made my post 6 hours before when it was more like 20...darn it all!!!!