Monday, October 7, 2013

Where to go an' a broke mast

Oh boy, don't know if I can do this. Any time the old Billy Bob ain't got nuttin to say, something is wrong. I always got some kind of story to tell....spiced up a bit for flavor, but dad gum it, I ain't got a darned thing this morning...again.

Holy crap, it's freak'n winter. It were 36 degs last night an' 37 the night before. I base my temps on after the sun goes down 'cause the day time temps are absolutely perfect for what ever ya want to do. Right bout 3 a clock this morn'n I waked up pretty damn shiver'n cold. Went look'n on the floor for my blankie. There it were, lay'n in a pile at the foot of the bed. Gonna get me some velcro an' velcro that sucker to my chest. This keep up an' I gonna head for warmer temps further south.

Well I see I ain't the only one indecisive as "where to go". Did some more research yesterday. Odessa with it's 5 golf courses is out. Ft. Stockton with it's 5 RV parks is out. Sanderson ain't got nuttin, so that's out too. Where in Gods name is the old Billy Bob gonna go? I'm think'n I only got two choices left. 'Left turn, right turn, spit in hand' or 'Ink's Lake'. Kind of lean'n to the first choice.....end up in a damn snow storm somewheres in Montana or something like that.

Was plan'n on a golf ball swak'n day this afternoon, but looks like that may be out. I'm out of my essential medications. That means a trip to Walmart. And you know the old Billy Bob an' Walmart. At least two hours of roam'n the aisles. Bump'n into people, Grrrrr'n at others, a few choice words....I love shop'n at Walmart.

Had to fix my dad gum awning. Ya see, it were loose, didn't roll up like it was designed. "Ya got to tighten the springs Billy Bob". Have ya ever tighten a spring on a awning? Ain't no easy thing when ya ain't got no help. An' if'n ya don't know what you do'n, it's a dangerous operation. Most people would leave the task to a professional....and pay a hunnert dollar. Not Billy Bob, he tackle anything. It's fixed, roll up just like a brand spank'n new one. That dad gum Billy Bob fix anything!!!

My mast broke one time. That sucker stick up in the air 55 feet. A wooden mast, glued together with some kind of "fish" glue or something like that. It just come slap apart....pieces of Sitka spruce all over the place. I were expect'n all kind of damage to my boat and to the neighbors boats. Well, I want you lookie here....no holes in the deck....weren't no damage at all. Good liv'n ya know.

Sister ship S/V Westfalia

A work in progress....S/V Coyote, 41 foot Formosa Ketch.


JoJo the "Super Dog"....boy howdy I could tell ya some stories bout this dog. 



  1. Good think you got that awning fixed and I suppose you fixed that mast your self too.

  2. If I had a boat I would be on my way to Falcon Lake and a 14 pound bass at 0700 tomorrow.

  3. Nice looking boat you had. Hey, let's hear some of JoJo the Super Dog's stories. I bet they are good-uns.

  4. The doggie looks like he's ready to go!

  5. I'm with them...Lets hear about JoJo.......

  6. Did you make anyone walk the plank?