Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family history an' Indians

Ha....stupit weather man. It didn't get cold last night like ya said it would (50 deg). For now, ya cain't beat this weather in "Indian territory" south New Mexico. Shoot, there was a Indian behind every mesquite bush, under big boulders, on top the mountains....they was everwhere. In 1910, or therebouts, Indians were still steal'n vegetables out my great gramma's garden an' butchering cattle on the Birchfield "KIL" ranches. Remember great grampa's horse "Snorter" I was tell'n ya bout not long ago? Silly Indian tried to steal Snorter. Knock that Indian slap on his buttocks.

On the south end of the Florida , pronounced Flo-ree-da, not like the State, was 4 more homesteaded Birchfield ranches, all part of the KIL ranch. My grandpa, great granpa and a great aunt Piepmeier homesteaded 4 connected quarter sections (480 acres) what they farmed...corn, vegetables an' stuff like that. After the Pancho raid on Columbus, March 9, 1916, 7 miles from the homesteads, most families temporary moved to Deming at the Birchfield mansion...fear of further raids. The homesteads are still there, in the same condition they were 100 years ago, minus the adobe houses of course. One adobe still stands what I believe to be the old San Juan ranch house. If not, I don't know who the hell lives there.

Ok, enough history for one day.

I been think'n since I don't know where to go, just head for Del Rio. I like it there, I'm comfortable boondock'n there, I catches up fish there.....so what the hell, why not? Well now, that could be a problem with the government shut down an' 800,000 federal employees sent home on paid vacation. Who gonna collect my $2 a day for a camp'n site an' who gonna mow my lawn, pick up my trash bags? Dang, I better do some research. I'm think'n ever thing gonna be OK before I leave Deming, but ya never know.

"What the hell you been eat'n Billy Bob, you fart too much"? Well ya see, I brew me up a pot of 15 bean soup a couple days ago....with a great big ol' ham hock in it. Boy howdy that some good eat'n. Last night, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne brings me a whole bag full of NM chilies. "Bet ya cain't eat just one". Holy crap, I eat up 3 of 'em....along with a big bowl them beans. That were some good eat'n. Then I start get'n belly rumbles....."Oh my god....fart!!!

Started pick'n up "stuff" yesterday....tools, extension cords, golf clubs, dirty dishes, a shirt the cats been sleep'n on....you know, camp'n stuff. I don't know how I do it, but I got half the RV spread out on "da porch". "Don't ya ever put stuff back when ya finish with it Billy Bob"? Well, not really, I may need it again. That's the way I live an' I ain't chang'n now. Period...end of story.

I don't know bout nobody else, but Washington needs a good ass whoop'n. All of 'em. We voted a bunch of idiots into office. If something don't work, ya fix it. Can ya here me now???  "That's all I got to say bout that"....Gump.

Ok, it's "da porch" time. I been sit'n here do'n nuttin...got stuff to do. Maybe straighten them bent golf'n clubs....clean 'em up a bit. Wash some golf balls for a round of golf ball swak'n in a couple days.


  1. That is a neat ole ranch house!! I can just see rifle barrels sticking out the windows and Indians circling the house whooping and hollering. If only that place could talk, I sure would sit and listen to every word it said.

  2. That only means that instead of paying $2.00 you get to camp for free :)

    1. I'm think'n they will go out an' buy a bunch of barricades for bout $600 each, hire 25 guards armed with AK-47's to arrest anyone try'n to camp for free or use one of the boat ramps. That what they do'n all over the place...spend a hunnert million dollars to keep Americans out. Can ya say "punish citizens"?

  3. Thanks for another great post. May the good Lord take a likin' to ya...(as somebody from our youth always said) Old RB

  4. Thanks for that history lesson, enjoyed the story.
    Where to go, hmm, good luck.

  5. The Second Battle of Agua Prieta was fought between the forces of Pancho Villa and those of the future President of Mexico, Plutarco ElĂ­as Calles, a supporter of Venustiano Carranza, on November 1, 1915, at Agua Prieta,[1] Sonora, as part of the Mexican Revolution. Villa's attack on the town was repulsed by Calles. The battle helped to establish Carranza's control over Mexico and directly led to his becoming, with United States recognition, president.[2] Villa believed that Calles had received tactical and strategic support from the United States since the town is located across the border from Douglas, Arizona[3] and launched his raid on Columbus, New Mexico partly as a reprisal.

    This didn't keep my grandparents from homesteading a place about 20 miles north of Douglas in 1916. Poncho never made it across the border at Douglas as he did in Columbus but no one knew when he might have.

  6. Don't know why you are so determined to pick up stuff and put it away, when I do that it takes me a month to find it again.

  7. Howdy # 1 BB,
    Load up lots of water, go to Terlingua and enjoy the Legion Hall bunch, they'll let you drink coffee...
    Maybe do a little bit of A/C work while you're there... Ain't no 'guvmint' shutdown there.... Go to DelRio and getcha a Christmas tree and decorations, IN OCTOBER !!! Or stay in Deming, sit on 'da porch', sip a cup, fuss with the neighbors and enjoy 'life'.......
    Hope ol' Pancho don't climb the fence and mess up your HAPPY DAY !!!!