Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drugs, mind changes an' frustration

Holy crap!! Is it me, Google or the government shutdown? You might be ask'n yerself "why does Billy Bob mention the government shut down" on a nonsense blog. How bout we just put it this way....."I'M PISSED". And I have a right to be. And I'll stand up for my rights, not to be swayed by one individual that thinks his shit don't stink. There's your politics for the day.

I been notice a lot of changes to our internet experiences. Just yesterday Yahoo changed my "mail" set up with a "new experience". So they call it. "Ok Yahoo, how do I read my mail"??? I still don't like the changes Yahoo made to my "my yahoo" page. I had that sucker just like I wanted it. Pooooof, it's gone, just like that.....a "new experience". Google blogger continues to make little changes that some of us don't see. But it shows up when we publish a blog posting. On more than one occasion, I've discovered, not only my blog, but others too, did not publish for others to see the newest posting. It's there, you just don't know it. I suspect that's what happened to my blog yesterday. And then there's Windows with all their upgrades. Right now I have 750 megabytes of upgrades to download. This is a brand spank'n new computer, why would I have to upgrade?

 Damn, I only got bout two days to do a weeks worth of work. Not really work, but check'n stuff before I crank up "Sally da house" an' hit the road. Each little chore is only bout 5 minutes long, some a little longer. But you know how the old Billy Bob works with chores. Gotta take a break ever once in a while. Now the freak'n wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour an' I need to go outside....check battery water, drain an' fill my fresh water tank, empty black water tank, check tire pressures, check engine fluids....stuff like that.

Update on the "drug test". I'm think'n I may have passed. I took one them new medications last night....notice I said just one. I wait for 30 minutes for the drugs to kick in. Heart rate stay the same, blood pressure stay the same. I think I'm gonna live! Now if'n there was a drug to fix my aching back.

I'll never ever again let a chiropractor touch my back again. I'm think'n the last one, 11 year ago, is the reason for half my pain. Big feller....twist me up like a pretzel. He call it a "adjustment". Adjust "this" sucker.

Had a chiropractor adjust my neck one time. It was my lower back that hurt, why the hell he mess'n with my neck for? Anyhow, it go "pop", he grins an' says...."you fixed". For two weeks I couldn't turn my head neither way....just look forward all the time. When I go back for my next "workmans comp" scheduled appointment, I tell him bout my neck. He says...."I can fix that right up". I don't think so.

Then there was the time....I went to a chiropractor in Atlanta for a aching lower back. He take x-rays. I was headed for the door after he look at my x-ray an' say..."Oh my, you got a big 'un". What the hell??? This is a doctors office, not a side show. Chiropractors ain't all they "cracked" up to be.

Got a little cold front headed this way tonight an' tomorrow. Drop in temps bout 10 degs or so. I can handle that. Wonder if'n I can handle a couple more weeks?

Ya see, since I ain't got nowheres to go an' I ain't in no kind of a hurry, I been think'n bout stay'n in Deming till the end of the month....or therebouts. That's my thought this morn'n. My thoughts have been knowed to change. Monday was my planned departure date....will I or won't I???

Ok, I'm done. Hope this post is visible after I publish it. Did anybody see yesterdays post bout JoJo?

OK, the blog post did not publish or show up on other blogs.  How I gonna fix this????



  1. Got your post OK Enjoy reading it every day just another 71 young man here. Enjoy your blog.

  2. I can see your blog just fine, and it showed up on my list of blogs I read. I have a little Acer notebook computer and all I ever do on it is play Mahjongg. I played a couple of games last night and when I went to turn it off I got a message to not touch the computer or turn it off - they were updating. Took over 30 minutes. I was only gone 2 months! I don't know how anyone puts up with a Windows computer full time - you must be dealing with updates on an "every few days" basis. I'm not updating anything from now on - even on my Mac. Firefox wants me to update, and if I do I won't recognize anything. They don't update anything - they just move things around and hide some things!

  3. Hi Billy..got the 10/9 & 10/10 blogs okay. Keep up the great blogs. Rolling Earthquake.

  4. I, too, got both blogs. No trouble reading it.

  5. That depends, I got to read something but I don't know or can't verify if it was posted by you.Let me know if it wasn't you and I'll return it.

  6. I got both blogs as well. Enjoyed your JOJO the super dog story. Bundle up or your going to get cold I bet you.

  7. I am tired of all the little changes been made by Google especially this crap about joining Google+....I do not want to!!!

    Gmail is making me mad as well...grrrrrr!

    I think I saw your post but there is a blogger I follow that posts like three times a day depending on how drunk he gets and makes the other posts go further down my list.

  8. Opened and read your JoJo posting just fine yesterday. Have not had a 'New Experience' with Yahoo Mail and did not find the changes to MY Yahoo! to be much of a problem. I will admit that I had to change a few things but they were easy to change and every thing works like it did before.
    Yahoo in general has been a pain for the past couple of months as they make changes. Opens slow, back arrow is slow that kind of thing but compared to the web site for ObamaCare I guess Yahoo is right on top of their game.

  9. Howdy # 1BB,
    I DIDN'T GET TO READ THE JOJO BLOG UNTIL TODAY, because it was we we're GONE TO A BULL SALE and I didn't get to read my FAVORITE BLOGS until today !!!!!!!
    And here's sumpin' else, Mr. BB, MY YAHOO HAS CHANGED and YOU'RE THE FIRST to say their's has too, also !!!!!! Mine is now on a WHITE PAGE, the control buttons are at the BOTTOM, you have to click on INBOX to get OFF of the email, BUTTTTT the first day I DIDN'T HAVE THEM DAMNED ADS ON THE RIGHT SIDE, FLASHING ALL OF THE TIME, BUTTT THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!
    Sure glad you got'em too,also, cause I thought I was nuttiER than I am !!!!! Don't Leave in the middle of a Mew Nexico wind-storm or you'll blow right past INKS LAKE and wind up in Downtown Waco !!!!!