Friday, October 11, 2013

What's a blog???

What do you expect when you click on a blog? Entertainment? History? Enlightenment? A daily dose of humor? Sad trying times? A romantic interlude of life? Family practices?
Holy cows, the list gets longer the more I think of the reasons I click on a blog.

For so many of us that write blogs, what may have been a idea of a personal journal in the beginning, soon turns into "the story of my life" for others to read. It's the others that are important in blog writing ya know. You write for all the reasons listed above to grow an audience of followers and daily readers. You become involved in the lives of others through their comments and their own blogs with just a little clickity click. You get to know them. Their thoughts, dreams, sadness, happy times....another long list could fit here. Some ya actually get to meet in person "down the road a piece". 

I started my blog "Billy Bob's Place" for just about the same reasons as everbody else. A scary beginning into a strange new world of cyber communication. I was gonna write bout some the places I traveled to as a full time RV'er an' leave it at that. I soon became aware the "others" were more interested in my nonsense and daily experiences than that of a "normal rational person" writing dull travel stories. I rekon I could be one of "those" if'n I wanted to, but then....I wouldn't be "Billy Bob" would I?

As time passes me by, my thoughts change. My memory grows dimmer....."lights out Billy Bob". Childhood memories (stories) become lost in a maze of twisted and dying brain cells (good thing I wrote some of them down in my blogs). Things don't work so good no more. I'm get'n old an' there ain't a damn thing I can do bout it. That's life. Before I know it, I'll be sleep'n out in the pasture with them dad gum worthless cows what don't make milk no more.

It got a little bit nippy last night with a new cold front pass'n through. Overnight 40 degs, but it's already a beautiful 70 deg day...an' climb'n. I still using my little fall fleece blankies to keep me warm at night. I'm think'n winter blankies are just around the corner. I got me this one great big ol' blanket what would fit a super duper king size....gotta modify that sucker to fit my regular size bed. I modify stuff ya know.

"What's the possibility of a golf ball swak'n experience today Billy Bob"? The weather is beautiful, I don't feel too bad, I may just do that....but not right now. Maybe later.

One more update on my drugs. I went online an' read bout it. Then I look see the "instructions" the pharmacy give me. In giant bold letters, it says....DO NOT TAKE TWO. I'm think'n that's what I did. The ingredients for the generic is the same as name brand Coreg....with less mg. I think I'm good to go.

Google is still mess up. Todays post is not appearing on other blogs. Not on my computer anyhows. 




  1. I started blogging after meeting you, and Ben, and visiting The Field Lab. See, it is all your fault!!

  2. I am an arm chair traveler ,nice to see how other people weave their way through this life. You have a way with words you write the way I spell .So it's easy for me to read your blog!

  3. I read tons of blogs... I have a few that I look forward to and click on those first. I have a few that I've never ever commented on (lots of reasons)... and a few I comment on each time they write. I don't think my kids read my blog very often (the main reason I started it)... so, for me, my blog is still a way to keep track of our own journeys. I love having folks make comments, and I've met a lot of new friends.... but it's still primarily for me.

  4. Your blog always seems to show up on my computer, and I'm glad for that. I started writing my blog for myself to have a record, and my kids read it now and then. If it was posted on Facebook I'd have tons more readers just from my own family.

    You and I will probably be put out to pasture with that old cow at about the same time. Hope it's not for a while though.

  5. I always see your blog and look forward to reading your nonsense, keep up the good work Billy Bob!

  6. You had questions.
    To be there. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Na.

    I'm glad to have been able to help! :-)

  7. " Todays post is not appearing on other blogs."

    I don't understand what you are trying to say. You post to your blog not to other blogs and I see your posting just fine when I open your blog site. Are you talking about the Blogs I Follow list on other blogs or something else that I don't even know about?