Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I are a cook

Well here it is another start to a beautiful day. Be like 67 degs outside, the sun is shin'n an' I feel pretty dad gum good this morn'n. I'm think'n I probly slept all night long....no leg cramps an' stuff like that. I attribute that to clean liv'n. What ya think???

Back to the battery issue I was tell'n ya bout not long ago. You know, I forgit to check the water an' run 'em pretty dad gum low. Well, I check 'em again a couple days ago. What the hell, water level is low again. Fill them suckers up all the ways to the top. Then I check the voltage for the next two days. Yup, it's low. Go down to 12.4 volts at night with only 2 lights on.....an' a computer, an' a cell phone charger thingy, an' the printer...and all the stuff ya don't see what uses 12 volts. This will be my last set of wet cell batteries I will ever buy for "Sally da house". EVER!!!!

We was talk'n bout "boiled chicken necks" the other day. I LOVE chicken necks, but not necessarily boiled. In a soup, I rekon you could call that boiled an' I LOVE chicken necks in soup. I can sit down with a bunch of "fried" chicken necks an' be in hog heaven. Fried chicken gizzards? Oh hell yeah.

As you can see, I ain't got nuttin to talk bout this morn'n. Nuttin excit'n anyhows. All the excitement in the RV park is all died down. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is behave'n his self. Neighbors ain't been fight'n. Most everbody been stay'n in the house.....but peep'n out the winders to see what the neighbors are do'n.

Holy crap, the "da porch" was busy yesterday. Not only neighbors drop'n by, but a couple from down the dirt road show up. An' I were brew'n me up a pot of beef stew soup while all this visit'n was go'n on. Burn the crap out it.....just like I done them batteries. Put too much salt in it. But I eat it anyhows. No "belly rumbles", so it must be good. Cats an' dogs like beef stew soup....right?

That reminds me the time.....I was a teen ager. Ain't learn to cook nuttin yet. I had me a big ol' German Sheppard dog. He was my food taster. If'n he didn't eat it, I sure as hell ain't. I figgered one night I was gonna make me some spaghetti. Company was com'n over for supper....my best friend Gerry. I didn't have no tomato sauce or tomato paste....didn't even know what tomato paste was. Didn't have no kind of seasoning but salt an' pepper. But I did have a couple cans of Campbell's Tomato soup. What could go wrong? I boils me up a whole pound of spaghetti. That should feed 4 people for a week...but I weren't mak'n it to last a freak'n week. Just one night would be fine. Well, I puts some this concoction in Duke's bowl. He take one sniff an' walks away. At this point I should have know better, but I load me an' Gerry up a couple big ol' plates full of Billy Bob spaghetti. "MY GOD, I ain't eat'n this shit". Later in life, I learn to make the bestest spaghetti an' meat balls ya ever eat.



  1. I put the turkey neck in the pot of stuff you boil up to make dressing and gravy, but I think I always gave the neck meat to the dog. I never did like gizzards either, but if ya cook 'em up and chop 'em real fine you don't know they are in the dressing.

  2. I prefer livers. I love beef liver cooked like a stake and served medium-rare.

    1. I don't think I would ever make spaghetti with chicken liver. You have a strange tastes Dizzy.

  3. Spaghetti soup. Might be able to sell that to McDonalds.

  4. Well you were just learning at the time...but spaghetti and tomato soup?

    I did you one better I made spaghetti sauce and used venison instead of ground beef...that was so bad...it went straight to the trash!

  5. Howdy # 1 BB,
    Sure am glad you had a peaceful night and NO LEG CRAMPS, BB.....
    Carolyn, you are probably a 'chicken-breast-only' eater.. When the only thing you have is chicken to eat and you're the last at the table a chicken-neck is better than nuttin'; there's some meat on it !!!
    Anything that has a little bit of fat or meat on it'll make soup...
    BB I would think teenagers would eat anything, regardless of the hound's opinion...
    Ms B, I can't believe anyone would throw-out venison, unless it was OLD, TOUGH and NOT dressed right, even in spaghetti sauce...
    BB, sure do hope you have a HAPPY DAY and think of somethin' to blog about, today !!!

  6. Gotta learn to cook sometime, just fool around until you can make it edible.