Sunday, October 27, 2013

How slow is slow?

Holy crap, you think my internet was slow yesterday, you should see it today. Don't think I will be able to publish.

To be continued....
This is funny, I got me three of 'em. "Yeee haw....you go Billy Bob".

Ok, now I'm gonna sit here an' write something.
Yesterday started out look'n miserable out there. No sunshine, clouds all over the sky, windy an' just a smig chilly. Later in the day...it was good to go....sunshine an' a might warm.

I grabs holt to a couple golf'n clubs an' swak me some balls all over the yard. Practice ya know. I'm think'n the OFM Barney is got him some competition lined up. "Ya see that Barney, my ball go in the hole".

I sit there look'n at the "billy bike". I'm gonna take a ride to town. I jumps on an' ride all the ways around the main camping area. "Damn.....my legs don't like that crap". That's as close to town I'm gonna go in one day.

The 277 North campground is open. That's where my fish'n hole is at ya know. A trip to town in "that jeep" for gasoline an' "look out fishes, here come the Billy Bob". Now I ain't gonna guarantee I'll catch me up some fish, but I'm go'n fish'n....guaranteed.

I had me a fish'n hole down in Port Aransas. Always catch me up a fish. I climb's out on the rock jettey an' start chunk'n lures at them fish. One bites....a big 'un. I reels him in an' put it in a 5 gallon plastic bucket. I'm gonna eat that fish for supper. I goes on chunk'n lures. My 5 gallon bucket is talk'n to me....that fish is try'n to get out I betcha. Oh no, a cat is got my fish an' headed into the rocks for "his" supper. I stop off at the local Dairy Queen an' order me up a hamburger. Dad gum cat!!!

As long as the weather hold up, don't get too cold, the old Billy Bob is gonna be right here in Del Rio. Unless the rangers don't run me out first. Two week limit ya know, but sometimes they don't follow that rule. Like last year, I was camped by the lake for close to 6 weeks....I think.

Ok....things to do....laters. 


  1. Stay as long as you can if the weather is warm enough for you.
    Good luck catchin some fishes.

  2. daddy, it's me again. catch me a fish too. So, you didn't make it to town on the bike. hey there a dude in our neighborhood that has him one of them their motor that go on a bike. he runs about 15-20 miles an hour. sound like he gonna blow up. I said to Mandi if Daddy was here and heard that thing coming and saw it, he would be get'n one. you stay warm and safe on the water, and carry and where your life vest. love you

    1. I love my son....he think bout his daddy all the time

    2. I like that, the boy's will always come and ask if you need anything...But a daughter she will care for your (ours) sorry ass till the end..Give a Amen on that BB....

  3. Howdy # 1 BB & Robert & Joey,
    Boy, #1 BB, you musta been some kinda daddy to have your kids be like that towards you...
    Robert, you're a good kid, thinkin' about yore papa... Joey mine WON'T.... Just wants to come, sit down & get waited on and tells you so in advance.......... Told me so..... But you're good too, also
    to let #1 BB sit in your yard and pet your pet goat !!!! GO CATCH A 14# BASS, # ! BB !!!!