Sunday, January 29, 2017

Retired life in projests and photos

Well let's start with a few project from the last 8 or 10 years.
I been want'n to do this for quite some time, but thanks to Louie, I'm gonna give it a try.
My God I done a lot of projects in such a short time I don't know where to start.

Ya see, I set up camp in Deming New Mexico back in 2005 I'm think'n it was. So let's start there.

But before we go that far into the future, lookie here what I builded an' modified.

This was when I made a trip to Ridgecrest Ca. to take care of my aunt for a few months when she broke her hip. I was bored an' needed me something to do.
 Today this airplane is stowed in a compartment under "da house".

I had a old 1984 Ford Bronco II what needed a paint job.

This is the one I called the "little red broncoII" All ya had to do was look at the key and the engine was run'n. Loved this old "jeep".

Have ya ever builded a sail cart? Take a gander at this one. I actually builded this while I still worked at The University of Texas. Finished it after my first year of travels 2002 an' 03. Crashed it into a tree and bended the long frame tube beyond repair. Dumpstered it.

 Somewhere's along the way I got into gold prospecting. I needed me a gold machine, so's I builded one.

This is called a drywasher 'cause ya don't use water to warsh the gold with. Ya use air instead.

 Here we are wash'n gold with air. My God, I ain't never dig so much dirt in all my life.

While camped at a RV park downtown Deming, I met Louie and "old pesky neighbor" Wayne. Me an' pesky mover out of town to another cheaper RV park an' I set up camp for a few short years. I was stuck in Deming.
Since I had me 2 dogs, Sadie Mae and Lug Nut, I needed a fence. And the old Billy Bob don't build fences without a porch. The "da porch" was born.

So what do you do if you got a porch an' 2 dogs. Ya build a dog house, that what ya do.

Ok, I been at this for a couple three hours look'n up pictures an' stuff. My fingers are tired. My eyes are tired. My feet are tired. I'm freak'n hungry.
Will continue this at another time.


  1. Loved your building things history. Did you find any gold with the air separator thing?

  2. hi BB.i remember the day it snowed in deming. how about that 3 wheel golf cart you had in deming nm. ? you did a lot of work on it and made it unique to say the least one of a kind after you got your hands on it ! there again your imagination is a work of art.. the other night i seen a tv show ( texas bucket list ) and they hard a little video on Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site in el paso county . do you remember us visiting that state park ? do you still have pictures of that visit ? anyway keep posting more of your work of arts they are so nice to see .

  3. hi BB. i moved in deming nm. the 2cd of october 2006 where i meet you shortly after . hey what about that solar oven you created ? do you still have pictures of that ? what did you bake in that oven ? was it a cake ? hey how is pesky neighbor wayne doing these days anyway ?

  4. Wow. I am getting my hopes up that maybe Billy Bob is going to start coming around more often.
    I have sure been missing him. Louie is right. You do great work. Lots of creativity. Striving to make every project perfect. I love how you had the idea to make the stone chimney on the birdhouse!
    What is that saying? You da man!!!

  5. hi BB. one of the rare days it snowed in deming nm. did you not go golfing with pesky neighbor wayne ? using an orange color golf ball ? or did i dream that ?

  6. Hey BB I remember some of them things, nice that you can go back on the blog and look them up. Looking forward to more projects that you have done.

  7. I love to see you posting. You do excellent work. Did any of your other sons besides Robert inherit your talent?

    Also wanted to know how Old Blue Eyes is doing?

  8. Was looking closer at the pictures of the doghouse and noticed the black stuffed creepy cat...jajajajaja...do you still have it?

  9. Love the grill peeking over the roof of the Dog House Bar & Grill.

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