Thursday, January 12, 2017

Log cabin? Why not....

Ok, I'm gonna give this a try.
"Oh yeah, we gonna give this a try when you don't got no idea what ya gonna say" "You go Billy Bob".

Well shit, how long has it been? What have I done to write about, Nuttin. It's very very hard to sit down an' write when your life is just a day by day thing.

Went off to see the breath'n doctor a while back, bout a week or two ago. Very little improvement in my lung capacity....like 1 point. From 37% to 38,4%. Whoop-tee-doo, I can breath again. Staying onthe same 3 puffers and nebulizer stuff for the next 4 or 6 months. Hell, I don't know....puff puff puff. Weight still bout the same, 13# low.

We had a pretty nice time through that nasty storm thingy a week or so ago. Lowest temp at "da house" got down to 16 degs one night. Mostly in the lower 20's at night and mid 40's daytime. Mr Heater and 2 electric heaters kept me more than comfortable. Ha, you should see the heavy thick blanket what sleeps with me. That sucker would handle Alaska winter weather.
This week has been beautiful, as will next week be also. Mid 50's at night and....wait for it....upper 60's and lower 70's daytime. You people up north can have all that snow you want.

Oh crap, forgot....had to buy another computer. Bet ya never guess what operating system it has on it. Windows 10. And it upgrades at least 3 times a week. What the hell is Bill Gates think'n? I am NOT at all happy....but at least the letter X works on this one. See...xxxxxxXXXXXxxxxx. No more cut and paste ever time I type a word with a X in it. Like EXCITIS.

I went to another doctor, but I think I may have already tole you. I don't have cancer. It is just a normal growth people get when they reach a certain age (any age) and from eat'n too many pinto beans. I'm think'n pinto beans.

Ok, I may have me a new project. I been think'n bout it for some time an' now I'm think'n serious. A two story log cabin bird house for the blue birds. Now where am I gonna get me a truckload of old pallets. Pallet wood is perfect for build'n log cabins.
Here is one I really like. Rustic and room for bout 6 bluebird apartments.

Shoot, I could live in this one....if'n I never had to go upstairs. I love log cabins, yup I do.

Or maybe something like this but with a rustic look'n wood roof.
I could easily live in this one too.

Everbody want'n me to go back to Texas. As much as I would love to do that, it's just not possible. My health issues would never allow that. As long as I have my son Robert, "yo mama" and HIL Harry to care for me, I'm stuck in Georgia.

Sorry I don't have much to say this trip, but this is all I got. Until next time, I love ya all.


  1. So glad to hear from you BB!!! Can't wait to see the finished birdhouses.
    Jool - North Texas

  2. Yipee! You're still breathing! Nice to get an update.

  3. Glad to see that you finally published a blog. Don't stay away so long anymore, you hear? I like the house in the first picture. Think that design would make a great bird house.

  4. Loved seeing your blog when i logged on! Wish i could do em more often. Love those bird houses..

  5. Yay! A new project to post updates about. :)

    Glad to hear you are feeling up to doing that.

  6. I'm thinking it's a good thing to stay active, like you are. Those projects would sure keep ya out of trouble, I reckon.

  7. It's good to hear you are up n at 'em. Build a beauty!Be sure and tell us when your newest house becomes occupied. That chimney worries me though ...Haha yet it is a masterpiece far as I can tell from long distance. Didn't realize you master out as a rock mason.

    Cancer? First I've heard of this thought from you, yet I imagine everyone these days have their unspoken worries about this horror of a subject. Our mind can certainly conjure up a lot of stress - I'm so good at this exercise. And what's this about: you say "a normal growth people get when they reach a certain age (any age) and from eat'n too many pinto beans." I LOVE PINTO BEANS! I grew up on such fare, along with delicious cornbeard and slurping good squash relish (tops the chow-chow. Do you think I'm in trouble or worse,dire danger. Haha.

    Often in hindsight, we realize our decisions made were for the best. You are blessed to have those who care for you with their love. What can beat a nice meal being delivered to one's door - "Ring, ring, knock,knock, open up, soup's on".

    So, Billy Bob, when you take a notion, tell us how all the fur babies are doing and are certain ones relishing their new dog house?

    And stay ever cautious with those tools. Wounds hurt.

    Hopefully, you are enjoying sunshine today. I'm needing a dose of it about now. Durn to grey cloudiness.

  8. Billy Bob, it is good to hear from you. Glad to hear that you are doing well and thinking about this new project. We left Texas the first of the year and are now in Quartzsite for a while. Max

  9. hi BB. you are a lot better off staying in georgia than coming back to texas .here in south texas it gets up to the high 80's every day 88 , 89°f . it is getting a little tiring , it's always too hot here , i think i should come to yo mama's and hil harry's back yard rv park and camp out beside you where as far as the temperature go's i can live in paradise .between you , wonderful son robert , hil harry , and yo mama we can set me up a separate electric meter and 2 or 3 plastic 45 gallon barrels dug into a hole in ground a make a home made septic tank and field . what do you think about that idea ? can't wait to see your new 2 story log cabin bird house apartment construction . take care BB.

  10. Hey there BB nice to hear you still upright and breathing . Building a log cabin sounds like fun, some pictures of the progress would be wonderful...

  11. This morning the preview button is not working on Blogger and my comment just went to "comment heaven"....grrrrrrr!!!

    Anyway I will just type from memory (like if mine was so good). First I am happy to see a post from you. Second I think a bird house project is right up your alley and both cabins are pretty.

    You are a very lucky man Billy Bob having loving family willing to look after you. Even HIL Harry, I think the term "husband-in-law" is absolutely hilarious and only you could coin such a phrase :D

    Take care and don't be a stranger...I miss you!