Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Tower (???) is complete an' sit'n on a pole

Ok, here it is another day and I have very little news to talk about. But I'll give it a try anyhows.

Health issues are bout the same they was a month or so ago. Ain't no worse and ain't no better. I rekon I can live with that. Take all my meds ever day.....that's all I can do.

Well no, that ain't all I can do. I could go outside an' walk around the yard a few times for some exercise....but I probly ain't gonna do that neither. Walking causes me breath'n issues what I don't like at all. So NO, I ain't gonna walk around the yard. But I do get me some walk'n exercise walk'n from "da house" out to the shop an' back again bout a hunnert time a day. So all ain't lost.

For a short while I was hav'n to take aspirin for my lower back an' hip, but it's been over a week since I had to take any. I'm completely satisfied with the last ablations I had done. Bout 80% of the pains is gone.

There's a possibility I may have to have something done with this damn hernia. It done got bigger. But there ain't no pain of discomfort. We'll see what the next month has to say bout that.

The bluebird log cabin birdhouse is sit'n out there on the pole.
Guess what, you gonna see lots of pictures.....

Remember them rocks I was look'n for? Well I didn't find the kind I was look'n for. So I had to make my own....out of interior/exterior spackling compound. Spread that putty stuff on to the 2 X chimney frame an' with a tooth pick, I builded rocks.

This is a sample piece before I began on the chimney. Worked out pretty slick.

Smear'n on the spackling compound in sections.

More smear'n and tooth pick'n an' I got the front of the chimney completed.

Finished product. I did have to do a color wash on it to get the rock color I wanted. Look like sandstone to me.
 But, before I can install the chimney, there is lots of work to be done to complete the cabin.

Bedroom dividers were installed so's the birds would have some privacy. But you already knowed that. Make the door look like a real log cabin door. Stained the winders an' trimmed 'em out.....(not finished in this photo). Put a front porch on so's the birds could sit outside in the shade. Made roof removable for upstairs clean outs. Hinges add to the back of the cabin so the cabin can be tilted back for downstairs clean outs. Put it all together and added the finished and dry chimney. Mounted it on the pole and platform.

We in the stages of find'n a campground for a family Memorial day weekend. Here in the east ya got to reserve months ahead or you don't go camp'n. More on this later.

Oh, before I forget, "yo mama" an' HIL Harry went to south Texas. Robert has a new job location in downtown Atlanta, so he is home ever day


  1. That new home ought to make some birds very happy. Having Robert home every day probably makes you happy. Hearing you are off the aspirin makes me happy. You were just full of good news today.

  2. Awesome looking house ya built there BB.

  3. hi BB. i have lost track on all the wonderful creations you have made over the years , it sure would be nice to see all your works of art in a several picture package . i remember your tin roof porch you built in deming nm. and your wild west salon dog house . what did you do with that work of art ? 2 motor-homes 4 or 5 boats other bird houses the G nhome home ect.. sure would be nice looking at all those wonderful works of art all in one days blog . and about wonderful son robert . the reason he is so wonderful is that is was not home every day , now he will be home every day every single day , day after day like a wife , to much of a good thing is to much ! you have a great imagination on stuff like your outdoor plaster for the rock chimney ,who would of ever thought of that ? only a genius like you BB.

  4. Wow!! You did a fantastic job on that bird house.

  5. You never cease to amaze me Billy Bob...great job!