Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The dark side....

"Holy crap Billy Bob, it's dark out there". Yep, you guessed it, I got up way to freak'n early this morning. There ain't nobody what gets up before the sun comes up.....is there? If so, my question is WHY??? What the hell can you do in the dark?

Got most everything done for my exciting trip today. Check the oil and stuff, tires look Ok, trash is out, water tank filled, "bubba boat" all stowed....ain't much left to do. A few dishes to wash up, bring in the slides, crank up and go. Sounds simple enough.

If any of ya happen to be hang'n around a corner hold'n one them "work for food" signs and ya see "da house" com'n down the road, give me a wave. I'll stop and buy ya a cup...and a bite to eat. Look'n like I gonna be driv'n through Georgetown somewheres bout early afternoon. Headed to.....still don't know.

Ok, I got my route all plan out. I'm headed to Lake Somerville to check it out. If I don't like it, I'll move south to Lake Fayette. And if I don't like that...."now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

Everything all pack up and stowed. All I got to do is hook up "that jeep" and head for the dump station....then "on the road again".

Oh, forgot to tell ya....went over there to the park store and bought me up some stick on patches for that Dracula bite in "bubba boat". Don't know if they gonna hold, but they sure are sticky. Like to never got one back off what had an air bubble under it. Fingers crossed. 

See ya down the road.....
Well that didn't last long. Didn't even get out of the park...well barely, and my auto park light come on. Now if you know anything about auto parking brakes, you know I got trouble. Once ya put it in park on the shifter, ya ain't go'n nowhere till you fix something. Well now, we talk'n bout old Billy Bob "the fix it man" can fix anything. I've had this same problem a few times before, so I carry a couple spare parts. Fortunately the one last spare was the one I needed. Replaced it and back "on the road again". In case you're interested, it was the "rotton green switch" (RGS) what controls the high pressure hydraulic emergency brake.

Guess since I'm sit'n here, I may as well fix me up a sammich. 

"OH look, Walmart....pull in....now". "look out that car"...."damn, ya almost hit that car". I'm sit'n in the Walmart park'n lot. Gonna go buy me some stuff. A few groceries and some fish'n toys. 108 degs out there.....holy cows. Half ways to where I go'n or something like that. Laters......

5:30....almost there. I may lose Verizon air card coverage.....so, see ya when I can.
6:30 and I'm here. Not where I wanted to be, but here at Rocky Creek Park. The YaddaYadda Creek Park was closed for construction. But it makes no difference, the lake has no freak'n water in it. I can put the "bubba boat" in the water, but it's a god awful long walk....like bout 250 feets.

As it cools off this evening....101 right now, I'll take a spin around the park in "that jeep"....look things over.



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  2. OK, got to go find my majic marker and a peice of cardboard to make my "work for food" sign. Is it ok if insert the word "don't" in front of the other words?
    Deleted the first one since my fingers were not on all the keys (grin)

  3. Sounds like maybe you are meant to stay where you are! I hope you get outta there before something else happens.

  4. At least you know how to fix your motor home and don't have to rely on hired help.

    Hope the patch works on Bubba.