Thursday, August 4, 2011

Laid back in Brownwood

Welcome to Brownwood, Texas!

Brownwood is a favorite Hill Country destination for leisure and living. We are home to legendary barbeque, Coach Gordon Wood, Lake Brownwood, a Downtown Historic and Cultural District, and year-round events and festivals.  Brown County is a sportsman's paradise, with miles of rolling terrain filled with pecan trees, live oak and trophy game.  

This bit of information come directly from the Chamber of Commerce web site page....or what ever. I had assumed, when I read their web site before partaking of this trip to Brownwood, that they would never lie to old Billy Bob. But it seems the City of Brownwood has scammed the "old Billy Bob" by their presentation into visiting a town that is not in the Texas Hill Country. Now don't that just frost your britches???

Speak'n of frosted britches, it's look'n like I gonna be frosted this entire trip....or until this heat wave passes. Weather thingy shows no relief from this heat wave that is devastating my trip thus far for another 10 days or so. 

Old Billy Bob usually don't make many mistakes, but I may have made a slight boo boo this time. Or maybe I didn't. Depends on how ya look at it. Before I head out on the open roads, I do a lot of think'n bout the the most adventurous route to take, weather conditions....all that good stuff ya know. Well I done all that before I hooked up "that jeep", but this time there was a condition I have no control over, no matter where or what way I go....IT'S HOT IN TEXAS. 

Ok, got to put my bones together and head off to town....look the place over. Maybe make a run up to the lake and check it out. 

Check back.....

4pm....boy howdy, this gonna be a long blog post. 
The first thing I want to clarify, after a little research, Brownwood is within 4 mile of the official Hill Country.

Took a trip up to the lake for that look see. Well.....it's a nice lake and all that, but where the hell is the water? Park ranger says the lake is down 14 feets, not the 17 feets I had posted before. 



Boy howdy....is all I can say. After 2 hour driv'n round the State Park, look'n at camp'n sites, stump'n through weeds and climb'n over big ol' rocks for places where I could get down to the water, I done got it all figgered out, launch'n that "bubba boat" is gonna be a chore. The only good place I fount is in the first photo above. And it's close to a nice shaded camp'n site. Only problem is, it's right next to the fish'n peir. And on the pier is a sign what says "no boats within 300 feets of pier". 

The only other place I fount to get down to the water is 100 yards from another shaded camp site, but ya gots to climb over some big ol' boulders an' stuff. I guy could fall on his ass and break a leg do'n stuff like that.

 So there you have it. What would you do??? 
By the way, there was only 2 campers in the whole park.


  1. I saw that misleading and incorrect statement in the COC propoganda. Some marketing person must be desparate for the tourist trade. I wish I knew a better place to direct you to.

  2. Yea, you are way north of the Hill Country, for sure. Let us hope that there are a lot of huge hungry bass in that lake. If'n there is anything left of the lake.

  3. Actually Dizzy, I am only bout 50 miles north of what is considered Hill Country.
    The lake is down, 17 feet I believe from the last time I checked. The bass will be in the deepest part of the lake, where you know old Billy Bob ain't gonna be in the "bubba boat".

  4. Barney....had to do some think'n before I answered your comment. It wouldn't make any difference where I went, it's still gonna be blister'n hot. My next stop from Brownwood will be Inks Lake State Park. Now that's definitely in Hill Country.

  5. Inks Lake State Park is a hot but great park to me.

  6. Your gonna like Inks Lake. Its one of my favorite places. Better buy you some corn. The deer last time I was there came right up to you.

    They say don't feed the animals but its hard not to when they think they are family. I had a squirrel come right up to me and just sit there with me. We shared some food & he went on his way.

  7. It is hot in the Hill Country too. It will probably cool off sometime in October. BB, two words to remember: night fishing.

  8. Thank you for the picture tour of the lake. I bet them fish are all concentrated in the deeper water now waiting for someone to catch them.

  9. Jim, I stayed at Inks Lake back in 2002. If I recall correctly, the camp store sold corn by the pound in little paper sacks. But then again, it may have been some other State Park that sold corn for the deer. My girlfriend was hand feed'n the deer all my carrots and veggies I were gonna make soup out of.

  10. since when is that thang u got considered a BOAT? lmaoooo.

  11. I sent my opinion on ur ticket to vanhornadvocate.com,,,the local paper. think it is: lsimpson@vanhornadvocate.com
    Their web site won't work either.
    SOOO everybody!!! flood their paper!!!

  12. I laughed so hard reading this post...imagine that someone actually lie to old Billy Bob :-D

    Thank you for the pictures of the former lake. On the news they said Lake Amistad is the only nearly full lake in the state (down 5 feet) but it is hot as hell here too :-(