Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inks Lake bound

All good thing must come to an end. Today is "on the road again" day. I have to pull out of here by 11am, so I gots to get on the ball. Still have to make a quick trip to Walmart to replenish some my groceries I ate up in the last week and pick up some pocket change in case the State Park don't take a card.

As with most State parks, internet connection may be an issue for the next week. So, this may be the last post to Billy Bob's Adventures, or whatever it's called, for a spell until I'm back into civilization.  As you know, I can not take my laptop for a ride in "that jeep" to a WIFI down the road a piece.

Ok, I'm off to my favorite shop'n place....Walmart. Be back in a bit. Don't go way.

Back from an exciting hour an' a half trip to Walmart. Did you know you can actually find a parking spot up front at 8am? Filled my list in nuttin flat. Got my pocket change and am ready to roll. Looked at a brand spank'n new Toshiba laptop. No, I didn't buy it. Will wait till I find a Best Buy.....more choice ya know.

Will attempt to update....down the road a piece.

2:30pm......or there bouts:
We get'n close, I can tell.
Yup, now "that what I'm talk'n bout". See how purty blue that water is?
 Whoa.....want ya lookie here, is this a good camp site or what? Shade on the front end, sun on the solar panels......yeah man. Oh, by the way, it took me two tries to get back in there. The first try, I was in the wrong campsite....."sheesh Billy Bob....look the numbers".
 Ya rekon there any fish round that thar fish'n pier?
Is that a big ol' oak tree?

Ok here's the deal. Was a wonderful trip from Brownwood to Inks Lake. Could only install 42 gallon gas in the tank before I left Brownwood. Damn thing would only allow 2 swipes of the card at $75 a swipe. Still needed bout 10 or 15 gallon to top off.

Well shoot anyhows, old Billy Bob is where he intended to go and feel'n gooood. But.....there were only 4 campsites available and for only 2 days. Hope someone cancels so I can stay for the week as I intended, but that's unlikely with the weekend com'n up. Damn. The nice lady at the check in place say I got to be up there at 8am Friday morning. Don't she know old Billy Bob is only got one eye open at 8am....no matter what day it is.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell ya. My phone has no signal, but my Verizon air card is full to the brim with bandwidth. How bout that?

Total miles driven today...105.6
Trip counter 762 mi.


  1. How long u gonna be a neighbor? Inks Park just down the road, about 25 miles. NOW,, u will be in the hill country FOR SURE.

  2. Good luck in finding a good fishing hole. I need to run up to Huntsville State Park and see what condition Raven Lake is in. Since they stopped you from keeping bass, I bet they are getting some big ones.

  3. Trouble, I had planned on being here for a week, but.....it may be for only 2 days. Went outside an' sit on "da porch" (picnic table)....dang, I could stay here a month. Beautiful.

  4. I have found that my AT&T Cell phone would not get out,However; I could get out on my laptop with verizon and Cradelpoint just fine.

  5. you reckon if you hang some bears and critters in the entrance, that you may scare off the visitors. i hope that some one does cancel i want you to enjoy yourself. let the air out of your tires tell them you are grounded. lol