Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Golf ball swak'n

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob roll right out that bed early this morn'n. "Ah, what's go'n on Billy Bob"? I had planned on being on bout the 6th hole by now, but you know.....get that other eye open. Yeah I know, don't forget the camera.

See ya in a bit later.....

Well Boy Howdy, that didn't take long. Now why the hell didn't the nice lady tell me yesterday that the golf course is closed on Tuesdays? Grrrrrrrr.

Just for fun, I went out and popped the hood on "that jeep". Yep, it's still leak'n water. It appears to be coming from the thermostat thingy that the upper hose connects to. But holy cows, it's hard to see in there. I guess I'll go down to the local auto parts sell'n place and pick me up a new thermostat, a gallon that antifreeze stuff and "fix" it.....if that's where the leak is coming from. But not today. 

Holy Crap, I done lost some big bucks in the stock market yesterday. Make ya wonder if us old folks is gonna make it another 20 years or not. I were sav'n that money to buy a little piece of property and now half of it is gone....poooof, just like that. Well maybe not half of it, but a big chunk. It's like go'n to Walmart and los'n your wallet before ya get to the check out line.


  1. Know that feeling, same thing happened to me back in the 90s. Lost over 1/2 of mine, tho.

  2. Sorry you did not get to play golf today. I know you were looking forward to that.

    I was hoping to finally be able to buy my dream property in Terlingua this fall but doesn't look like that is going to happen now.

    I don't know what my generation is going to do. We are too young to collect social security, that is if there is any money leftover for us to collect when we reach retirement age. What little we do have of our own money is constantly being wiped out when markets tumble :-(


  3. You only lose money if you SELL it for a loss.