Friday, August 12, 2011

A few more days????

Got up way early this morn'n so I could be at the park headquarters by 8am in an attempt to extend my stay. I like it here. Wonder if they would let me build a "da porch" right outside my door. Anyhows, the nice lady tell me to come back at 9am. Says there should be no problem. We'll see in 10 minutes....headed out the door.

Boy howdy, that didn't take long. That nice lady tell me "gimme money" for 5 more days. Glad I didn't make reservations at Lake Somerville. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well shoot, I'm gonna go out there on "da porch", sip me a cup an' blow up that "bubba boat". Put the charger on that Mississippi sternwheeler boat and wait for the wind to quit blow'n. What ya think bout that?

Since I gonna be here for 5 more days, it sure would be nice to have a surprise visitor come over for a cup of coffee an' some jaw'n. Gate fee paid by Billy Bob Inc. Inks Lake State Park...campsite #281.

Oh yeah, someone asked me if I heard anything from "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Well I sure have. He calls me every night right bout 9:30pm. But since I been on the road for the last couple days, I ain't hear from him. This week he said they are starting him to walk'n. He's feeding himself. Says he's feel'n good....no complaints. Been go'n outside for fresh air. Yeah, old Wayne is doing good. Hope to see him back home by the time I get back first of October. Gonna beat his ass swak'n golf balls ya know. Damn I hope that's true.

 See what I tole ya......blowed that "bubba boat" right up. Now all I gotta do is figger out how to get the damn thing to the water. I ain't "strong like bull" no more ya know an' it a quarter mile to the water. Well, maybe not quite that far....maybe bout a couple hunnert feet.

LOLOLOL....this guy insisted his young daughter and 2 big ol' dogs get in the canoe. Well one dog didn't want to go, climbed over the side....splooosh into the water. In the mean time, the canoe overturns...everyone in the water....boat sinks. Too late for a photo of the sunk canoe.

Mississippi sternwheeler is out of commission. Busted the "o" ring drive belt.

4:30pm.......Holy Crap Billy Bob, now look at what ya done went an' done......
 Them are breakers out there.....
 Yup....headed this way.
It rain'n over there........


  1. Congratulations on the extension. Things will get a little easier after the 21st because school starts in Texas.

  2. Don't forget to take a picture of that hog bass before you eat it.

  3. Barney, by the 21st, I will be look'n at the gulf coast. One more lake to do and it's south Texas bound.

    Dizzy, I don't eat bass. Just catch, if I'm lucky, and release. I guess you know, I forgot to get a fish'n license. Don't need one here at the State Park, but as soon as that "bubba boat" leaves the dock, I need a fish'n license.

  4. Great I will be waiting in the lower temperature but just as miserable climate. As you know there are lots of places Bubba Boat works well down here.