Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All alone again

Now I remember.....'Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid'.

The Old Fat Man pulled out early this morning.....headed west. I could'a swear he said 8am, but at 7am he were all hook up, Truck run'n and we was say'n "see ya round the next corner"....or something like that. Have a safe trip Barney.

I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup watch'n them fish jump. There some pretty good size fish out there. Don't know what they are, but they fish. I betcha someone what know all bout fish could tell me. Damn I gonna hate to leave here tomorrow. Inks Lake is like a wart....it grows on ya.

Not much to do today. Go up to the dump station and dump my gray and black water tanks. Fill up my fresh water tank. Check tire pressures, oil and stuff. Yep, it gonna be a boring day with out the "bubba boat".

Will see what trouble I can get into today....back laters.

"There ain't no use com'n back laters Billy Bob if'n ya ain't did nuttin".  That's about the size of it. Ate me up 2 big ol' ham and mater sammiches, lay down on the couch for a 30 minute nap an' wake up 3 hour later. Now that what I call a nap.

Still don't know where I go'n next, but I'm headed east. How I got myself so mixed up this trip, I'll never know. I never had this problem of "what ya gonna do now Billy Bob". I pretty much narrow it down to either Somerville Lake or Fayette Lake....even if it just to lay back and "do nuttin". I know how to do that ya know.



  1. Checked news, no word on yer boat sinking, should be as newsworthy as Titantic at lest ya would think. Glad you enjoyed yourself might be good area to think about relocating to, sure is pretty. May all your travels be good!

  2. Here I am nearly to San Angelo reading your blog. Don't worry you can find enough trouble without me there.

  3. Hope all goes well on the next leg of your big adventure to find a new front porch to set on.

    We will be heading for the River tomorrow morning, and will not be back until after the Holiday.

    Check out Porta-Bote in Craigslist in San Antone you should be able to find one reasonable priced.

  4. Didn't yall have enough "trouble" yesterday? Sure enjoyed my visit, meeting u 3,,Sadie Mae didn't talk much, was staying cool. All alone gives u the time to look around, check out more of the area.
    TC, be safe, where ever u be going.

  5. Those jumping fish may be carp. Those are what you fish for with a shotgun. . .

  6. Sorry to hear about your boat. Been awhile since I stopped in. Now that I got myself settled more, I'll be a regular again. Keep them amusing tales coming!

  7. BB you just crack me up, and believe me today I needed it.

    Trouble- glad to got to meet Barney, BB and Sadie Mae.