Monday, August 8, 2011

"that jeep"

Let's talk bout "that jeep" for a few minutes this morning. It's really a piece of junk ya know, but not because it's a Jeep. Ya see, I bought this Jeep from a guy in El Paso, what his brother owned a used car lot. That should tell ya enough right there. This Jeep was owned previously by a young "off roader" feller what put all kind of weird crap on it. Jacked it up with a set of oversized tires and a high lift kit so's it could climb over big ass boulders and stuff like that. That wasn't enough for this guy, he had to install what they call a long arm suspension kit on it for extreme off road vehicular abuse. On top of that, he added a device to the on board computer system called a "performance chip". By the time I purchased "that jeep", it had been run through the mill...and sounded like it. To this date I have spent a total of no less than $1500 in repairs, new tires the right size, removal of the lift kit, new shocks, replacement of a water pump, battery replacement......all in a matter of just 2 years. And it's still a "that jeep" with new problems show'n up every day. To sell it is the next problem. Like MsB said, it's not worth a plug nickle. But at present, it's all I got since I sold the "little red bronco".

Ok, it's time for another ride up to the lake and check out that golf ball swak'n place and a little campground I fount on Google maps. More exciting adventures to come.......

1pm plus:
I headed off to the lake, the same route what I took yesterday. Passed the road go'n a hunnert mile a hour. Eight mile up the road I says...."ya missed da road....dumb ass". Well anyhows.....

Yeah, they got a boat ramp, but ya gotta carry your boat 100 yards to the water. No chance of launch'n a "bubba boat" from here. I give up on Lake Brownwood.
Now how would you like to be swak'n golf balls from here. This is the Hideout Golf Course just up the road a piece. May head up that way tomorrow morn'n and swak a few. Looks pretty good from my house.
Damn, now I all excitis (excited for ya yankees). Yee Haaa, gitty up go!!!

Back to that water leak on that damn "that jeep". I pull off to take a pic of the boat ramp (the one above)....water leak'n again. Get back to "da house" and not a drop. Go figger.

5:30pm...or thereabouts.

Spent a good two hours look'n at Texas Lakes and stuff. Boy howdy am I all excitis bout Inks Lake.


  1. Cold Chinese food left out all day and handled by every good ole boy in town. Sounds like a good way to get yourself sick. You gotta wait until tomorrow when they heat up todays left-overs.

    Now I understand why you have had so much trouble with "that jeep".

  2. Maybe that jeep is just sweating from the heat.

  3. Hey dad, Dizzy -Dick said it all, not much for me to comment on.
    Maybe I should start a blog about my travels here in hells breath.

  4. Packsaddle Golf Course is not far from Inks over in Kingsland.

    The finger of the lake down by the small pier near the tent camping area yielded me quite a few white bass in the past.

  5. Well first off that lake level is about average for anything in Texas now days, masybe even gots more water then some.
    Now I am not a mechanecic, but BB have you thought of the thermostat in da jeep, ifn it were sticking occasionally wouldn't the symptoms be something like you got?

  6. I had no idea you had sold your little red bronco. I guess you are stuck with "that jeep".

    I bet someone in Terlingua might be interested in it or would have been if you had not removed that off road equipment.

    Are you familiar with Desert Rose? She is a friend of Frann and Tffnguy. She sure oould have used a vehicle like that to get into her land.