Friday, August 26, 2011

Rest and relaxation........

Boy howdy let me tell ya....old Billy Bob made a good choice of places to visit. For some of ya, you would probably not like Oak Thicket Park, but old Billy Bob is ate up with it. It's secluded, trees all around, quiet and most of all, a very relaxing destination to just lay back, sip a cup and "do nuttin".

Took a cruise around the park yesterday....what didn't take very long. Ended up toss'n some lures over there by the boat ramp. Caught me up a nice size bluegill....or something like that and a big ol' not quite keeper size bass.
This is the trail I took a short hike on. I say short 'cause it were only 50 or 60 yards long.
Here is where it led me to.
 And this very nice look'n fish'n pier. Let me tell ya bout this fish'n pier. I walks out there, just mind'n my own business, tak'n pics and stuff and "holy crap"....waspers come out from under that pier.....they was out to do some sting'n on old Billy Bob......what was haul'n tail right fast like off'n that pier. Never spill a drop my coffee.

Gonna break out the "bubba boat" after while and see if'n my patches will hold air. Over by the boat ramp is a delicious look'n place to catch me up a passel of fish. Don't even need a hunnert horsepower motor for over there.....see....lookie here
Ok, gonna go outside, sit on "da porch", sip a cup and put "bubba boat" back together.

Whoa boy howdy....I sweat'n like a bore hog.....or something like that. Smell like a goat.....shower maybe?
Ok, "bubba boat" is all put back together. Ain't no air leak'n out....that I can tell. Made a slight modification to the motor mount an' took that damn "gunny sack" look'n thing off the back of the seat. Naturally I broke one the mount clips.....DUH!!! Now I got to make some modifications to the back of "that jeep" so I can load "bubba boat" in there all blowed up and ready to go. Golf clubs, where I gonna put my golf clubs?

Did someone say NAP?

Here's to the end of another beautiful day. The sun is bout to go down. Done went fish'n. Ain't catched a thing. 
Seen a whole herd of elk on the way back from the fish'n place. This is the head honcho of them all. His wimmins are out there in the field pee'n in the grass and mak'n fools of themselves.
Speak'n of elk.....I have not seen a single bird or a critter of any kind in my camp. There are no critters at all. What the hell is the deal with that?


  1. GREAT looking place! But,,,where's the pics of the fish? huh? Guess u were running too fast from those wasps to get one? uh, ummm,,,i believe ya.

  2. Glad you found a place you like. Rest up and wage war on the fish.

  3. Trouble, I got me one them 'gargantuan' cameras what is too bulky to carry in my pocket. Boy howdy you betcha I were run'n from them waspers.

    Dizzy, you betcha I like this place. Not that I need a rest, but it sure is relax'n. Humidity is high though....something like pure gold....99.999%.

  4. Looks to me like you need to do some serious fishing now. I know that lake is full of good fish.

  5. The water looks nice and COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I'd be carrying one of those shooter cans, for those wasps!,,And,,found this works, last time i was stung, got it twice in 2 weeks by those &^%^#!$#! yellowjackets, the 2nd time, had no pain nor swelling. U hold a penny on it for 10 mins. read that, thot, hmmm, ill try anything, IT WORKED.

  7. Oak Thicket Park looks right up my alley. I like quiet secluded places. Plus you have the added bonus of TREES.

    Now get to the fishing!!

  8. TroublenTX- is that pennie cure real or is it a joke?

    Last year there were bees everywhere in Terlingua. Got bitten twice and boy did it hurt. Was "forced" to drink some tequila to numb the pain:-)