Monday, August 29, 2011

Dazed and confused

So much a'do bout these damn critter bites I got. I do appreciate all the suggestions and remedies, but I got to figger out what it is before I can fix it. I've had chiggers before, and like MsB says, they suck. But I don't think it's chiggers. I have only two bite in my lower extremities, that would be my ankles and feets. Four bites on my left arm with a brand spank'n new one this morning.  One bite on my right hand. Does that sound like chiggers???  What ever it is, them critters knowed what they was do'n....."let's keep that Billy Bob feller awake at night...he ain't miserable enough with just the heat".

One more little tid bit on them bites. That little hole I was tell'n ya bout, well at 3am I got up, takes a toothpick, sticks it in that little hole.....holy crap that hurts. Then I start squeez'n. Water come out that little hole....or something like that. Then the pain subsided. What the hell????

Now, as I always say...."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? I gonna tell ya right now, I ain't hav'n fun like I was expect'n. I got to think'n bout that and come to the conclusion.....old men should stay at home, eat oatmeal, take their Geritol, turn out all the lights and sleep. How exciting is that? But that's about what I been do'n for the last week. I don't want to move on to the next destination (???) 'cause I know what to expect when I get there.

As you know, I been travel'n east and a southerly direction. Actually, I could almost spit on Houston...if'n I had a slight breeze behind me. Steven F. Austin State Park is out of the question for a next stop. They booked up full. So here I sit with walk'n papers in my hand to leave tomorrow.

Ok, so let's look at what we got here. Poor old "bubba boat" is just sit'n out there on the picnic table. And you know, "bubba boat" is designed to be in the water do'n a hunnert mile a hour. That's what this trip was all about....get wet, catch a fish and have an adventure. But I got options. This was a planned 3 month trip. One month is dead and gone. I were gonna say it was a wasted month, but it ain't been.....I had a wonderful 2 weeks at Inks Lake State Park. One option is to head north bout 300 mile or so. I could be there in a couple days. I could jump my ass on I-10 and head back to Deming...stop'n along the way to enjoy another couple weeks of 105 degs plus temps. Or I could just continue on south to Port Aransas to the pure gold (99.999%) humidity. What ever I do it will probably be a bad decision one way or the other.

Boy howdy, is today's blog gonna be a long one or what? That what happen when ya sit in "da house" all day long with nuttin better to do. It's only 94 degs outside so maybe I better head for "da porch, sip a cup and do some think'n.
Be back laters......

See, I tole ya....I'm back. Now for the bad news. While I were sit'n out there on "da porch" just mind'n my own business, I get a hairy idea to put the "bubba boat" in the water since it were still kind of cool. I reaches up to grab a holt of it and "what the hell....where my air go"? The tube with the repaired hole in it has sprung a leak. Now don't that just shaft ya? Took a couple days for it to go down a little, so I ain't gonna "disassemble" it till I get to my next stop. Just a minor thang.

Speak'n of next stop, I were look'n on Wondermap and fount some cooler weather. Gonna be in the mid 90's in bout 4 more days. Lake Tawakoni bout 60 mile east of Dallas and 260 mile north of where I at now. I can be there in bout 2 or 3 days. If the State park is full up for Labor Day, I'll have to find a cheap rv park and wait it out. Done that before.

Got a word for ya today what I ain't hear in a long time....behunst. That means behind.

I just come back from read'n Troubles blog where she were mak'n a cake. Thought I would post my Cherry Chocolate Cake recipe for ya'all to give a try.
-------*popsters hand-made scratch cherry choc. cake*-------
Go to Walmart and buy a cheap $.97 cake mix, yaller or chocolate will do, a
can of cherries fer pie fill'n(Comstock), a can of that chocolate fudge frosting stuff
and three eggs if you don't have any at home.
The way I do it is to put all that stuff in a big old stew pot. Then I
mix the hell out of it with a egg flapper thingy. Don't be puttin no
water in there or you gonna have youself a huge mess. I use that egg
flapper cause that's all I got that will get it out of that big ol' pot.
Ya puts it in a greased up and floured pan, pop it in the oven and
walla, you be a bonified cake bak'r just like old red neck Billy Bob. I
lets it cool for 10 minutes afore I put on gobs of that frosting stuff. If ya
wait too long, it won't run down the sides and into the cracks.
Nothing left to do but jump in with a big spoon and eat em up!!!


  1. Seems like you got a dilemna on your hands. Anywhere you go in Texas or for that matter the south it is going to be hot and miserable.

    Too late now to suggest you have gone northwest from NM.

    There is a guy named Ara who travels with his dog Spirit on a motorcycle with a sidecar. He lives part time in Terlingua during the fall and winter but heads north as soon as it starts to get warm.

  2. Anyhow he has to keep cool since he camps out in his tent. His blog has a lot of suggestions for places to camp in the summer months.

  3. Weather guessers dart board says cooler weather around here about thur or fri with temps in low to middle 90s. Almost sounds like an artic front to me, wait and see, the checks in the mail, know what I mean.

    I know you ain't been now where to get um, but have you checked your mattress and bedding for them bed bugs, nasty sob's.

  4. Well MsB, it looks like old Billy Bob is gonna head north. But don't bet any money. I'm old enough to change my mind in a heartbeat.......but, I fount a lake east of Dallas what may be what I'm look'n for. If only for a week. Forecast for the next week beginning friday is bearable.....in the mid 90's.

  5. Bob, that thought also entered my mind....nasty bed bugs. But it didn't happen till I arrived at Lake Fayette.

  6. sounds like u better wet ur finger stick that thing in the air and see whats way the wind there blows. point the nose of thet there bus in thet direction and puther in cruse and gooooooo.
    not them there bugs. get a fogger and let it rip, go catch u some there fishes. u need about 2 hours of being gone. put your dishes in a box and set them out side.

  7. i ll tell u this much. my partner enjoys reading ur post. he says he can visualize what u look like and then he laughes. and says to me that i sound just like what u write. lol
    keep em coming.
    just so u know my partner is not a life partner that would be the wife.

  8. &%^%$#!$#%$ Now,,,what'd u do that for?,,,Put that cake recipe on there. I'm confused tho, u say put it all in the pot. Does that mean the frosting too? (Mine's a PIE)
    AND,,,i was gonna say bed bugs too., hahahahah,,The last camper left em there, just for u.
    Glad u found a place to go, hate to c u "homeless" for the week end.

  9. http://adayinmylifejaillife.blogspot.com/

    im going to give this a try