Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Agenda? What agenda?

See.....I tole ya. A big ol' motorhome back'n down the boat ramp.

As you may surmise from today's title, the old Billy Bob ain't got the slightest idea what he want to do today. But that ain't a bad thing.

I get all tickle bout some the comments I receive. "Why don't ya buy some fish"? In answer to that question, if'n I was to buy a fish, what the hell I gonna do with it? Ya see, fish'n ain't got nuttin to do with tak'n a fish home to eat....or have it stuffed an' hang on the wall. It's all bout "catch'n". And if'n you're fortunate enough to catch one, ya turn it loose....so's ya can catch it again. Now if'n I was to latch on to one them 14 pounders I just might think twice bout turn'n it loose....take that big sucker home an' hang it on the wall. Uh huh, that what I'm talk'n bout.

What started out to be a nice sunshiny day is turn'n into a cloudy windy day. Since I ain't got nuttin on my mind other than fish'n, it look like today is gonna suck. Took that braided hi dollar string off'n the fish'n reel what the OFM Barney give me and loaded it up with some Trilene monofiliment....12 pounds test. Drove down to the lake and did me some test cast'n. Holy cows, that sucker casted a country mile....ain't got no "pooof" hair ball to untangle.

Took me a trip to Rio Grande City to Walmart yesterday afternoon. Was get'n low on meds, needed to restock the freezer with some meats an' just want'n to get away from "da house". Was only bout 70 mile round trip, but it took me bout 4 an' 1/2 hours. Don't ya just love Walmart? I do too. But I always seem to get all piss off when I can't find what I want. Start cuss'n an' stuff like that. You know what I'm talk'n bout.
Now I got to bag all that meat to put in the freezer. Hate that job.

Still no Minnesota Mike....was surprised MsB remember that name. May take me a run down to the County Community park check see if'n he parked down there. Probably pick me out a campsite for a few more days. At $2 a day, ya can't go wrong. But before I do that, I gonna go to the State Park headquarters and buy me up one them annual park pass thingys for $60. That just covers the entrance fees to all Texas State parks. Ya can't beat that with a stick if'n ya go to enough state parks in a year. Pay for it self in nuttin flat.

Ok....got things to do....laters.
Well, I were attempt'n to make a comment on one them blogs what don't work on Firefox. I got so upset with it, I downloaded Chrome. What the hell? Is this a browser? Guess I'll just use it for blogs and nuttin else since it corrected the problems with the white pages. To skeered to try the latest version of Firefox. Done deleted it one time before.

Guess I'll run down to the lake an' look at the water. That's all I can do with this wind blow'n up a storm. Yeah I got all that meat bagged and in the freezer. Yum boy howdy is Billy Bob gonna be eat'n good for the next month or what.


  1. I stay away from Walmart because I can never find what I want, and all that getting pissed off and cussin just raises my blood pressure.

  2. Walmart carries most things i want, they just don't keep em in stock. Not in Marble Falls, anyway.

  3. Here's what I'm talk'n bout. Remember the La Choy soy sause I were look'n for back there in Corpus Christi? Well, they don't got it here neither. But what make soooo mad....like a dog, is that they carry all the other La Choy products. An' I don't particularly like Keek-e-mon soy sause.

  4. Why were you surprised I remembered Minnesota Mike? I guess some things stick and some do not.

    Just like Barney OFM when he wrote on his blog "back when a house owned me"...that one has stuck with me for a long time bet he wrote it about two years ago.

    Glad you got your meat all packed up. If you are bored you might try doing your favorite chore, washing dishes :D

  5. Oh my God no MsB. Dishes can wait till I run out of forks.

    Fount Mike....hee hee. Gonna go catch me up a big fish in bout a hour or so.

  6. Hope you and Mike catch a lot. If not, enjoy yourself anyway.

  7. BTW, BB, I don't have Chrome on this tablet and it seems to work on all the blogs.

  8. I was not suggesting anyone go to work as a Gate Guard....I know my wife could never stay up past 1000pm and she is not going to stand out in the weather. I just think that his Blog has a lot of humor and good information.

    I did see a Camp Host job down around Del Rio I think it was on RVnet.com in the Workcamping section.

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  10. I just saw on TX parks, that that pass was $70.00 now. Does that give you discount on camping?