Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dead battery???

Oh holy crap Billy Bob, "that jeep" won't start. All it do is nuttin, cept'n for when the solenoid kicks in with a definite click, but the starter motor don't run. 
I climbs up under there....I been under there before....and I swaks the starter a few time with a big ol' hammer. That usually fix a starter ya know. Well, this weren't one them times. So's I break out a bunch of tools and removed the starter for further examination. Let's see....lay the starter housing on the battery negative post and short across the two little wire hook up stud thingys to the positive post. Sparks should fly, go a hunnert mile a hour....bunches rmps, jump up an' down and stuff like that. But it don't. Ok, lets take the solenoid off and see what the hell go'n on. Actually I know exactly what is the problem....the little disc thingy in the solenoid what makes contact for the starter motor to run.....hunnert mile a hour ya know. But ya can't get to to that little disc thingy. So what ya do is reach in the end with a pair of needle nose pliers and turn the plunger thingy what the disc thingy is on the other end. "Temporary fix Billy Bob, ya got to get a new starter".
Ok, got all that done, starter back together, but it's too dark out there to be reinstall'n a starter. That's as far as I can go tonight.
If'n I get "that jeep" run'n in the morn'n, I ain't gonna never turn it off till I find a brand spank'n new starter.

Let's start this thing off right this morn'n......the damn battery is dead. If you recall, bro in law gived me a 12 volt, 45 amp hour AGM wheel chair battery for the "bubba boat". Well it were dead as a door nail when he give it to me, so I put it on charge for a few days think'n it were gonna be a good'un. Think'n that I didn't need the Walmart special battery no more, I gave it to my nephew Joseph. Now I'm up the creek with only a paddle and a dead battery.

Speak'n of dead battery, I drived down to the lake last night just before sundown to see if'n them fishes would bite my lure. Holy cows, they was roll'n right on the surface not more than 30 feets from as far as I could cast. Look like some big'uns too. Now if I only had a boat....and a fully charged battery. Walmart is only down the road apiece.....bout 35 mile or so. Will "that jeep" make it down there an' back with a brand spank'n new battery?

Remember I were tell'n ya bout that motorhome with the boat trailer? Well here it are. Now picture back'n that big sucker down a hunnert foots or more steep boat ramp.

And of course let's not forget a pic of the "redneck" camp'n rig. To each his own I rekon.

How bout we brew us up a big ol' steak an' baked tater? I mean to tell ya.....that were one good steak, an' that tater was out of this world.
Speak'n of baked taters, have ya ever had a Billy Bob baked tater? They ain't dry like most baked taters get when cooked on the grill. Ya see, I have a special way of cook'n 'em to retain their moistness an' they come out perfect.....every time. What ya do is put that tater in a microwave safe bowl....I use just any ol' bowl. Put enough water to almost cover the tater. Nuke that sucker on high for 8 minutes....no more, no less. Then ya wrap it in tin foil, be'n careful not to burn your fingers and toss it on the grill for bout 20 minutes....or until your steak is done. Some fine eat'n there I mean to tell ya.

I rekon everyone know that the OFM Barney pulled out this morn'n. He's headed to Del Rio for a couple days before he goes to the Big Bend and some serious rock climb'n. That one travel'n man that Barney is. Dang!!!

Now I gots to figger out what I gonna do for the rest of the day. Sure would like to catch me up one them 14 pounds bass. But like the old say'n goes...."I are a fisherman, not a catcherman".


  1. OOOOOO that steak!!! That's the first thing i'm gonna eat when i get this band UNfilled.
    You got it cooked PERFECT too.

  2. Get that battery and when the wind calms down, you can go catch a bunch of bass. Night time should be good around the shore line. They come in to feed at night.

  3. I kinda like that redneck rig. We all do what we hafta do to get by. I'll wager he has just as much fun as the guy wif a hunnert thousand dollar rig.

    Of course, it could be prettied up a bit but it looks like he has lots o' storage space. I'd invest a few bucks on some custom mods and make it look real purty.

    Steak and 'tater looks real good. Think I'll fry one up for mysef, later. Shor would be nice to see some bass filets on that plate, tho.

  4. Heck Billy Bob, when you get done there head on down to Big Bend with OFM Barney. Your more than welcome to park on one of my places down there.

  5. If you had a fly rod with the appropriate flies, you could be hauling them rolling fish in as fast as you could cast.

  6. LOL Bob, ya ain't never Billy Bob cast one them fly rods have ya? It ain't a purty sight.

  7. The built in solenoid on my 96 Dodge Dakota stopped working cuz the plate the washer smacked went to shit. Can't buy those kind of parts anymore so I made my own.

    It's been about five years and is still working just fine.