Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google booglie booglie

Ya know what really hisses me off? People that don't know how to spell Wile E. Coyote. If they are old enough to have watched cartoons, they should know how to spell the name correctly. Now how is that for a rant to start off the day....huh?

Yup, it's pull out time in Sinton, Texas. Got the slide in, Joseph is wash'n the windershields an' the "old Billy Bob", is watch'n.....just to make sure he do a good job. I'm good at that ya know.....make sure stuff is done right. Holy cows, he's wash'n the whole font end.

What about Google? Holy cows, blogger is get'n worster every day. I thought they had all the bugs worked out and they slip in a "micky"....double word verification. Some ya may not be aware, but Google has a new privacy policy. You have no options. They collect your information. Not you back account info and stuff like that, but they know all bout the sites you visit, what online transactions you make, who you are and where you're at. The Google "eye in the sky" is on ya. Be very very careful.

Ok....I gonna cut this short so I still have room to add something later down the road a piece. Verison better work when I got to where I go'n. Would be the pits if I didn't have my internet.....like in Del Rio.

3pm .....
Well here I are at the Falcon State Park, just like I was tell'n ya, four hour. I makes me a turn into the park an' almost run slap over the OFM Barney rid'n his bicycle down the middle of the street. 

Weren't a thing happen on the trip what could be considered excit'n. Well, yeah there was. Ya see, when I get to Zapata, I turns off to the left on the highway what takes ya to Falcon State Park. Whoa lookie here, it's 4 lane.....oh wait, no it ain't. Oh Oh, they fix'n the road....for the next hunnert mile or so. Not the best fix in the world, but they got half the 4 inches deep holes filled with old smushed up beer cans, rocks and some new blacktop. Redneck fix if'n ya ask me. Poor ol' "that jeep was back the say'n...."slow this big sucker down".

Ok...I'm done for the night....


  1. Internet at the park office where this is being written. 71 this morning with cloud cover.

  2. Heck, just get to catching fish and tell us all about it after you get them all cleaned.

  3. Had to check out that double word thang,,and,,i SEE what you mean!!!
    I can't read em...lololol. maybe it will give me 2 more.